Father Refuses To Pay for The Wedding of His Youngest Daughter and a Man Twice Her Age

A person's wedding day makes up one of the most special moments in their life. Women are more likely to fantasize about this day, with some dreaming about it since they were kids.

It's also a big day for the parents of the couple. After all, it isn't easy to officially hand over your child to someone else, hoping their partner would continue treating their child with as much love as they have.

Parents dread the day and, at the same time, wish for nothing more than for their children to find love. There are very only a few reasons a parent may disapprove of a union. And one of those reasons is when they feel like their partner made the wrong choice of partner.

Creepy Old Man

OP has two daughters. The older one is already married, and he paid for the entire wedding as the incredible dad that he is.

Congratulations may again be in order as his younger daughter recently got engaged. However, it looks like it may not really be a cause for celebration. They say lastborns give the most trouble, and this one is definitely a handful.

He was happy footing the bill for his eldest daughter's wedding. She and her husband have been together since she was 20 years old, so they know each other well. He knows him well, too, and thinks he's a good man.

He can't say the same for his younger daughter's fiance, who is way older than her.

Every father would not be comfortable with handing his daughter over to a man of the same age as him, especially when the relationship seems…shady. He initially couldn't believe his daughter was dating the man, who was divorced and had kids that were already teenagers. OP has disapproved of the relationship ever since his daughter introduced them to each other. That must have made for one awkward meeting.

Apparently, he's not the only one who feels that way about the relationship.

He and his eldest daughter have tried talking to her about how creepy her boyfriend is, but she insists that she is an adult and can date whomever she likes.

Bills, Bills, Bills

OP's daughter doesn't need her father to pay her telephone bills or buy her automobiles. However, she expects him to foot her wedding.

When she announced her engagement, she asked if he would pay for her wedding, too, as he promised. Guess it's a good thing that promises can be broken.

He told her he would not pay for the wedding because he disapproved of the relationship. She was making a terrible mistake. Didn't she say she was an adult and could do whatever she wanted? He reminded her that it was time to face the adult consequences of her action. If she wants to marry without his approval, she must pay for everything herself.

She turned a deaf ear to his wise words, cursing at him and accusing him of favoring her sister. He tried explaining why her sister's marriage was different, but she wasn't listening.

Does He Have To Support Her?

OP's parents think that he needs to support her to show love. If she later realizes her mistake, she will trust that he will also support her. But it is because he loves her that he doesn't want her to make a mistake.

He thinks she shouldn't feel entitled to his money if she doesn't want to listen to his advice. She knows how much he loves her, but it doesn't mean he has to support her poor choices.

Reality Check

Is OP the villain in this story? Certainly not. Any parent can relate to this: he wants what's best for his daughter. He's not even using force, which most fathers would. He's just trying to get her to listen to him. Why should she not care about getting his blessing but be insistent on his money?

Other people also think her fiance should be able to afford a wedding at his age, and if he can't, well, more reasons she shouldn't marry him.

“Honestly, it might be the reality check your daughter needs to hear, ‘I'm saving the money as an emergency fund for when the middle-aged man grooming you shows his true colors,'” one person wrote. “This man is twice her age. There is something innately wrong with him if he's willing to date her.”

Many others called out how creepy it was that she was dating a man twice her age. Do you find it weird, too? How would you feel if you were OP, knowing your son-in-law is old enough to be your brother?

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