12 Favorite Celebrities Who Are Genuine Nascar Fans

Famous people from other spheres of life, including many well-known celebrities, are major NASCAR racing fans. NASCAR draws fans from all walks of life, musicians, athletes, actresses, politicians, etc. People recently gathered and posted several well-known celebrities who are true NASCAR fans online.

Who likes NASCAR the most? Let's find out!

1. George Bush

George W Bush holding megaphone
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Former president George W. Bush is absolutely a fan of NASCAR. In fact, he visited multiple races while he was president and served as the Grand Marshal for the 2004 Daytona 500. Bush was a co-owner of a race team in the American Le Mans Series, demonstrating that his passion for racing goes beyond NASCAR.

2. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan
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A rumor is circulating that basketball legend Michael Jordan is a devoted fan of NASCAR. Despite his success on the basketball court, Jordan reportedly enjoys following the high-speed action of the racing world.

3. Pitbull

Pitbull's New Year's Revolution
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Someone shared that Pitbull is also a NASCAR enthusiast. They noticed that the rapper has been mentioning NASCAR in many of his songs lately. Another user added that Pitbull's upcoming album is reportedly titled “Trackhouse,” which is a curious coincidence and could be a nod to his love for the sport.

4. Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz
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Actor Frankie Muniz has reportedly been spotted at multiple NASCAR races this season, claims an individual. Nevertheless, it appears that Muniz has long been a devotee of racing, even before participating in the ARCA. Muniz even had the chance to operate the pace car for the 2001 Daytona 500, which was telecast on Fox while he was a cast member of the well-known comedy series “Malcolm in the Middle.” It's interesting to note that Muniz also revealed that, before his terrible death, he was among the final individuals to see NASCAR star Dale Earnhardt Sr.

5. Drake

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Recently, Drake, a well-known artist, was spotted donning a jacket belonging to NASCAR racer Mark Martin. It means that he enjoys watching it. Even though this may not be all that intriguing, the user finds it amusing because of Mark Martin's past remark about Drake. Martin allegedly described Drake as “soft like tissue” ten years prior.

6. 3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down
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American rock group 3 Doors Down enjoys racing. This resulted in creating the music video for their song “The Road I'm On,” in which Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Tony Stewart of NASCAR are featured. It's wonderful to see musicians promoting the game.

7. 50 Cent

50 cent
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Another commenter wrote that rapper 50 Cent was a great fan of Mark Martin, a NASCAR racer. In fact, they were close friends, and 50 Cent frequently appeared in public sporting Martin's racing attire. The artist inspired even the rapper's 2009 album “Before I Self Destruct” cover, which included Martin's face. It is obvious that 50 Cent truly loved the sport and the drivers.

8. Eric Church

Eric Church performing
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The famous country music performer Eric Church enjoys NASCAR because the sport is mentioned in several of his songs. The church even created the ballad “Talladega,” where he speaks of his adoration for the Southern Belle racecourse.

9. Donald Trump

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According to another observer, former US President Donald Trump reportedly attended a couple of Daytona 500 races and even issued the order during the 2020 edition. His enthusiasm for NASCAR seems real, which may surprise some people. During his presidency, Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to NASCAR legend Roger Penske.

10. Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon
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One user mentioned that Angie Harmon is a NASCAR fan and was once neighbors with Jimmie Johnson, a seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion. Harmon has been spotted at various NASCAR races over the years and has even driven the pace car at a few events.

11. John Cena

John Cena
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When we talk about NASCAR fans, John Cena is a name to remember; this is what an individual said. Another user jokingly responded, “That's why those seats look empty…lol,” because Cena is known for his catchphrase, “You can't see me.” Cena has been spotted at various NASCAR events, including the Daytona 500 and the Coca-Cola 600. He has also served as the honorary pace car driver at the 2016 Daytona 500.

12. Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer
Image Credit: TBS

Kreischer, who is a well-known comedian and podcaster, has been spotted at several NASCAR races in recent years and has spoken about his love for the sport on his podcast. In fact, he even went on a ride-along with driver Kurt Busch and had a chance to experience the high-speed thrills of a NASCAR race firsthand. Kreischer is one of many celebrities who have a passion for NASCAR and enjoy being a part of the high-octane action on the track.