FBI Agent Who Cleared Trump of Russian Ties Arrested for Russian Ties

The FBI agent who once led an investigation into former President Donald Trump and Russia — and found no evidence of any ties between them — was arrested today on charges of money laundering and violating sanctions against Russia.

Charles McGonigal, who retired from the FBI in 2018, was arrested without incident at New York City's JFK airport on Saturday. “Mr. McGonigal betrayed his solemn oath to the United States in exchange for personal gain and at the expense of our national security,” said Donald Alway, the FBI's Assistant Director in Charge.

According to Fox News, McGonigal spearheaded the investigation into Russian election interference when Trump was originally running for office.

Twitter Weighs In

This is the latest development in the seemingly never-ending loop of stories revolving around Donald Trump and his alleged ties to the Kremlin. As is the case whenever the former President is trending on social media, users on Twitter had plenty to say about the latest news.

United States Senator Marsha Blackburn says “you can't make this up” as she is shocked at the latest news revolving around U.S.-Russian relations:

Former President Trump has been accused of having ties to Russia in the past, and there are many users like this one who feel that this latest news is vindication for politicians like Nancy Pelosi, who have believed Trump has been involved with Russia for years:

Twitter user MAGAIncWarRoom looks at this from a different angle, suggesting that this latest arrest is further proof that Trump unequivocably has no ties to Russia:

Many users have pointed to the FBI itself as failing to properly operate as a government agency:

This user believes that Trump was “falsely exonerated” before the 2016 presidential election, and says it is a failure of the entire U.S. Justice Department:

Twitter users like TheSizzleReport can always be counted on to link Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump whenever possible:

Can The FBI Be Trusted?

Public trust in government agencies is a hot topic on social media after this news broke, as users like CollinRugg are at a loss for words:

Twitter user TaraBull808 calls the latest developments just another instance of the deep state “always projecting their guilt onto others.”

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