Is Feetify Good? A Detailed Feetify Review

Is selling feet pics an excellent way to make money? Is Feetify good?

If you are looking for answers to the above questions, you are in the right place.

Selling feet pictures has become a convenient way to make money online.

Media houses, models, and fashion houses are the biggest buyers in this fast-growing industry. To reach sellers faster, the buyers try to find a feet marketplace to get a variety. One of these platforms is Feetify.

Feetify has become famous amongst foot lovers.

In this Feetify review, we shall look at how it is set up and whether it is a good marketplace on the internet.

What is Feetify?


Feetify is a platform that accommodates a marketplace for sellers and buyers to sell and buy feet pictures.

The platform has its headquarters in the USA in Carson, Nevada.

You can only access the website online. For both users, you must create an account that distinguishes you as a seller or a buyer.

The platform distinguishes the feet pictures based on various categories in alphabetic order from A to Z.

These include: Arched, Asian, adorable, adult, African, agent, amateur, amazing, American, angel, angry, animation, anime, Arab, Asian babe, ass, athlete, babysitter, bar, ballerina, bathing, beautiful, bimbo, big butts, bedroom, belly, bear, bed, bikini, birthday, bisexual, chubby feet, cash, classic, chubby, club, coed, collar, college, competition, Colombian, cosplay, costume, curly, curvy, cute, cowgirl, dancer, dirty feet, daddy, dancing, dare, dumb, Dutch, dungeon, dirty, drinking, dress among others.

These various categories allow you to tap into this opportunity for anyone to make money.

This market has buyers like fashion houses, foot enthusiasts, and magazine houses.

How does Feetify work?

The website has a tutorial on setting up your account to sell feet pics.

Note: all accounts on the platform are ID-verified, meaning you must present a valid identification document.

The steps to joining as a seller on the platform is described below:

1. Create an account with the platform.

Registration is free. Click on the “Let's get started” or “Register” button to create an account.

Enter details like your username, email address, password, birthday, gender, mission, city of residence, country, feet size, and confirmation of whether you are over 18 years of age.

According to the settings on the platform, you can allow or deny people the ability to see your personal information.

After filling out all the forms, you can then sign up. You shall receive a confirmation email. After confirmation, you can log in using your username and password so that you can start selling feet pictures.

The platform uses a payment system known as Segpay. As you create your Feetify account, you have to set up a Segpay account too.

Your credit card statement shall display all transactions as “ FLRT Inc.”

2. Start Uploading Pictures

Start uploading really good feet pictures and videos to tap into this large online market. There are several styles you can choose to take these pictures. Remember that the website has a category list for all its sellers.

This means that customers can easily find you if you register for a certain category.

3. Start Selling

After uploading several pictures, connect with your audience and see whether you can get buyers for your pictures. The platform mandates you price your feet pictures yourself. (This means that your earning potential is unlimited.)

You can also bill customers for connecting with you through chats or messages.

As a member of Feetify, you do not pay any regular monthly charge.

The only charge incurred is a 20% fee for all your earnings over a month.

This means you get to keep over 80% of your revenue to yourself. To receive all your earnings, you can choose to go premium.

With the premium subscription, you have to pay $49 for six months.

Other features of the premium subscription include the following:

  • An unlimited number of your feet pictures
  • An unlimited number of your feet videos
  • Feetify pays the most active premium sellers every month who post the best quality content if they are not paid by any buyer.
  • Your pictures or videos won't be deleted if/when others are
  • All buyers can view your profile
  • View and contact buyers directly.
  • Receive messages from all buyers
  • Reply to all messages from all buyers
  • Receive cash gifts from buyers.
  • Sell your customized feet pictures to all buyers.
  • Sell your customized feet videos to all buyers.
  • Get your profile/pictures rotating as “featured” on homepage.
  • Get much faster responses from the Feetify support team if/when they have questions or issues.
  • You can be among those “featured” on our ads on big sites for increased exposure.

Going premium puts your content in line to be added to the “Featured members” page.

This page contains all the pictures and/or videos of the highest quality posted on the platform every month.

The page is promoted to buyers every other day so that you can get more of them to connect with you, pay to message or chat with you, and most likely purchase your customized pictures and/or videos.

Even if you do not get anyone to purchase your content, you are still paid for being featured on Feetify every single month.

However, you can only qualify for this program if you are active over the span of a month and post high-quality features and/or videos.

Upgrading to premium requires you to use cryptocurrency, as this is the best way to protect your privacy. This means Feetify staff do not know your personal details.

According to the website, your crypto purchase gets you 12 months' premium access.

If you are active on Feetify and follow the rules to the dot, your membership can be extended to 24 months for free.

Feetify Rules

As a user of the website, you have to adhere to certain rules. If you go against any of the rules below, you risk getting banned from the platform as well as having your account suspended.

Therefore, the rules below apply:

  • You have to be at least 18 years old to open an account.
  • You have to upload your own feet pictures on to your account.
  • You must upload images and videos of the highest quality.
  • Do not use a fake profile picture claiming that it is yours.
  • Do not post your personal contact information.
  • You should treat your customers well.
  • Do not post pictures of minors or anyone below the age of 18.
  • Do not mass-message other members, especially buyers.
  • Do not harass other members.
  • Do not post repulsive pictures or videos
  • Do not post low-quality pictures and videos.
  • Do not post celebrity feet pictures/videos or those you find on Google.

The platform takes adherence to these rules seriously as they employ a team of moderators that regularly check member profile pictures, submitted pictures, behavior, and activities. They report anyone caught breaking the rules, so they can get banned easily.

Feetify Referral Program

The referral program is relatively new to the website, as its effective start date was June 21st, 2022.

This is an excellent way for the subscribers to make an extra buck from the platform.

You get a commission of 10% from the payments made to the website (note: this commission is not deducted from the monies earned by the user, but from the 20% remitted to the company). For example, if user Q refers user W and user W makes $100, they keep $80 and Feetify keeps $20. Of the $20, user Q gets $10.

To access the program, you must register as a seller on the platform.

You cannot join the referral program if you do not have an account with the platform. Also, you should add a bank account or payment method details to receive our referral payment monies.

After registering for the program, you have access to a unique referral link that you can share with other people.

The website requires you to disclose the methods by which you share their referral link.

The program's rules are:

  • Those who lost their membership with the platform are ineligible to participate in the referral program.
  • You cannot use Google ads, search engine advertising services or any similar advertising platform to share or promote your referral link.
  • Referral payments are only attributed to you if the user registers with the website using the same browser they used to click on your referral link.
  • The referred user must not have opened an account with the platform.
  • You can only receive referral payments for only one account, even when the referred user opens multiple user accounts.

Feetify Pros

There are glaring benefits of using the platform for both buyers and sellers of feet pictures and/or videos. Lets discuss some of the best benefits below.

1. Free to join and easy to use

You pay no fees to become a seller or a buyer on the platform.

The joining instructions are clear, making signing up quick and easy.

This helps you get started with selling feet pictures as fast as possible so you can earn more money.

2. Premium sellers keep all earnings 

Only premium sellers keep all of their money. To become a premium seller, you only have to pay $49 every six months. This means that there is no limit to the amount of money you can regularly collect from the platform.

However, basic sellers must share part of their earnings.

3. Freedom to set prices

As the “sole producer” of your “foot products,” you get full control.

This means you manage the quality of the pictures, volume released from time to time, and above all, the price. This gives you the ability to set your profit margins based on what you think your feet are worth as compared to the platform setting them for you. You can start as low as $5 per picture to as high as $50. 

4. Good customer service

The platform always has a customer service representative to answer your questions.

However, for premium sellers, the customer service department treats their issues as a priority. This means that they are helped faster as compared to the non-premium seller. You also have access to a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page plus a blog to give you answers to simple issues.

5. Receive tips from customers

Customers, in this case the buyers of feet pictures, can give you tips after accessing your account.

So even if you do not get any direct buyers for your products, you can tap this additional revenue stream.

Tips can also be added to the overall purchase price of the pictures when the buyers are satisfied with the product.

6. Feetify handles all payments

As the intermediary between the buyers and sellers, Feetify helps you easily transact on the platform while keeping your anonymity. This also helps in preventing fraudsters from getting more information about you.

7. Premium Membership

You have the option to upgrade from the basic membership to the premium membership. All you have to do is pay up a $49 fee for a period of six months.

This gives you access to a lot of perks, like access to the featured page, an unlimited number of pictures, and cash gifts from buyers.

Feetify Cons

Despite the various benefits, there are some areas that need improvement. Let's have a look at these issues below.

1. Costly to upgrade to premium. ($49 for six months).

While upgrading to the premium package is good, it is costly for first-time customers on the platform. Most customers would prefer if the fee were collected in a different manner since this is a burden, especially for first-time customers.

2. The platform takes a 20% cut 

You lose part of your earnings if you do not pay for a premium membership. All feet picture sellers must pay a 20% fee off their monthly earnings. If you don't earn anything, the fee does not apply.

In addition, you have to calculate taxes off your earnings as it is not calculated as the 20% part paid to the Feetify platform.

3. Limited company information

Most companies have their information made public to make it easy for their customers to trust it. However, for this particular platform, it has proved difficult to find any company information. This has raised many concerns as they need to know who they are dealing with. Such information needs to be made public to gain user confidence.

4. The audience may be poor if you do not come from tier-1 countries 

A lot of sellers complain it is hard to get customers if you're not residing within Tier 1 countries, (like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia). This can be challenging to anyone trying to sell feet pictures.

The possible remedy would be to try and change the search filters in a way that the geography of a seller does not matter. This gives everyone an equal chance to get access to this opportunity.

How to make money on Feetify?

The platform allows all its users to make money by selling foot pictures. The most important thing to do to keep making money is to stay a member of the platform.

You can do this by remaining active, posting good-quality pictures, and following the rules.

Other ways to increase your earnings are:

  • Take good feet pictures. Invest heavily in your photographic equipment. Take photos with a phone camera so that you can provide high-quality pictures.
  • Participate in the Feetify referral program.
  • Adhere to all rules on the platform. The platform has a strict set of rules that one has to follow to avoid loss of membership on the platform.
  • Run keyword research on the most searched feet categories to tap into a certain market.

Conclusion: Is Feetify Legit Or a Waste Of Time?

Feetify is a legit platform. Firstly, the platform has a 4.7 overall score on Trust pilot from over 2000 users.  

The good thing about it is that there are over 50+ categories that you can work with to make extra money.

The platform is safe and keeps most of your personal information to itself. This means that the buyers do not know a thing about the customer.

They have a proper payment system that makes it convenient to receive your money quickly.

Feetify is one of the best platforms to sell your feet pictures. In addition, the platform has no part to play during the negotiations between the buyer and seller. This gives you the freedom to select a price on your own.