10 Movies That Will Make You Wonder How Anyone Could Dislike Them

Do you think everyone universally loves some movies? You're not alone. A Redditor asked, “What are some movies that nobody hates?” Reddit responded to deliver this list of top-voted movies that everybody enjoys.

1. The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

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Redditor x0Rubiex0 admitted, “I teach the 6th grade, and anytime we have certain days when we have free time, I'll put this movie on. And any other time we watch a movie, I'll put this movie on. My students may hate me for it, but I sit at my desk and laugh out loud every time.”

2. The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

two men crouching in prison
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MangaMaven admitted, “When I first watched it, all I knew was that Stephen King wrote it, so I assumed it was a horror. I know it's not a horror now, but it works incredibly well as a horror! It doesn't matter if you're innocent. Even you can go to prison!”

Another user said, “Yup. If you don't like The Shawshank Redemption, I don't trust your taste in movies AT ALL!”

3. Up (2009)

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GalileoFigaro1 nominated Up, “Those first ten minutes will always soften the hardest of hearts.” Redditor jademenagerie admitted, “I've wondered what tough guys have seen Up because I don't know anyone who has gotten past those first ten minutes, myself included.”

Finally, waqas_wandrlust_wife confessed, “I always, always cry in the first eight minutes. Every time I see it, I think I won't cry this time. Dang, when the old man sits alone with a balloon in hand, onion-cutting ninjas would come.”

4. Mean Girls (2011)

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Reddit user imboredlmaoz confessed, “I've never seen someone hate Mean Girls.” Redditor avoozl42 agreed, “I watched it for the first time recently as a 38-year-old man, and I thought it was great.”

Finally, hO97366e6 shared, “I made my 80-year-old parents watch it for the first time on vacation recently. Five minutes in, my mom was rolling her eyes about how dumb it was. By the end, though, they were paying full attention and admitted it was pretty cute.”

5. The Mummy (1999)

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SoggyPastaPants admitted, “I watched it a couple of months ago, and my wife and I thought, ‘They just don't make movies like this anymore.'” IAMJUX agreed, “Those sorts of campy films are a lost art.”

6. Shrek 2 (2004)

Shrek and Fiona from Shrek 2
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MrBobbos-Jam confessed, “Although Shrek is good, I believe Shrek 2 is better.” Redditor amboandy added, “And the soundtrack is arguably the best in cinema history.”

Finally, deusasclepian admitted, “The ‘I Need a Hero' sequence in Shrek 2 is genuinely one of my favorite movie moments of all time.”

7. Galaxy Quest (1999)

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Redditor absherlock exclaimed, “By Grabthar's hammer – Galaxy Quest!” Darnitol1 admitted, “I tried to make my Reddit username u/Gorignak, but the username was already taken.”

EatsOverTheSink added, “Yep, this. My wife says she hates it and then laughs her head off whenever I have it on.”

8. Jumanji (1995)

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AlbatrossSenior7107 stated, “They are all great, and I think Robin Williams would've loved the newer ones. The Rock did him proud.”

Redditor rantaures said, “I watched the first one with my Grade 8 class. At first, they complained about how the newer ones were better, which looked lame, etc. After it finished, the kid went, ‘Well, I guess that was cool too, Miss.' Yeah, I bet it was.”

Justaddpaprika added, “I watched the first new one expecting to hate it (because how can you remake that?!) but ended up liking it so much I bought it, and it is now a comfort watch.”

9. Toy Story (1995)

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ImScaredOfButteflies answered, “The new ones are not great, though. But the two first. Love them.”

Foxy_Morons added, “I've never met anyone who doesn't like Toy Story. Yet, I have never been a fan, strangely enough. I've watched all the movies once, and I'm not interested in seeing them again. I don't dislike movies. I can appreciate how great they are and why people love Toy Story.”

SmokeyGlucose argued, “I have to play devil's advocate here. I love the movie, but it is a blatant rip-off of The Christmas Toy by Jim Henson.”

10. Back to the Future (1985)

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Liuqmno confessed, “I just watched it again a few days ago! It's been ages since I watched it as a kid. The movie was quite different from what I remembered. I completely forgot it's one movie with three parts. So I can't say it's my favorite, it isn't as good as I thought, but it's still a good movie.”

User mazerakham_ added, “It's one of the rare movies I could share with my kids from my childhood.”

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