Book Review: Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier

Today, I'm going to tell you about a must-read book for 2019: Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier. In this book review, you will see if the book holds up to its promising subtitle: “A proven path to all the money you will ever need.”

I know, yet another book telling how to handle your money better so you can retire comfortably. And,  yet another rags-to-riches story that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. These past two statements are my best attempt at online sarcasm, but (I'm being serious here) this is one of the better personal finance books I've read.

That's why Financial Freedom is one the best books to read in 2019.

What You'll Learn in Financial Freedom

Grant has an amazing story. In 2010, he had $2.26 in his bank account and moved back into his parent's house because he lost his job. Five years later, his net worth exceeded $1.25 million (with an m). 

Plus, he also had credit card debt and bounced between a couple other jobs in the process.

Like I said, I feel like a millionaire most days, but my net worth is a fraction of that amount. So, he had my attention when I read this background information. Plus, it's one reason why he's one of the few aspiring authors to land a book deal with a major publishing company.

In Financial Freedom, Grant will challenge you to do these three tasks:

  • Earn More
  • Save More
  • Invest More

In other words, challenge the status quo and look at life differently. Even if you're already on track to retire early or bank a million bucks, this book is worth a read.

This book is roughly 300 pages in length. To me, this is a pretty lengthy (in a good way) book. Yes, you can find all this information online or reading shorter books. But, I think this is a great length to explain concepts in detail.

While I won't go so far to say this is a “Personal Finance Bible,” this book is an excellent resource if you've never really thought about improving your financial situation. And, it's a good refresher if you are familiar with other personal finance gurus like Dave Ramsey or any of the “___________ for Dummies” books.

What I Like About This Book

While I'm not going to give any spoiler alerts, I'll touch on a few highlights for what I like about the book.

Adapt the “Enterprise Mindset”

Grant coins the term “Enterprise Mindset” to help you get into the mindset of achieving financial freedom. Each chapter essentially focuses on one of these three themes:

  • Earn More
  • Save More
  • Invest More

He doesn't tell you to quit your 9-5 and become self-employed, stop drinking coffee, or sell your firstborn to reach your financial freedom number.

The overall theme is: money is limitless and time isn't. So, maximize your time.

Fillable Worksheets

If you get the print edition of this book, you can fill in the blank worksheets to help you identify, plan, and track your goals.

These worksheets aren't complicated. Or, scary like that Excel or Google Sheets budget template you started filling out and quit after getting past the second cell.

Besides, the fillable worksheets in the book, there are several tables that help provide visual examples of the concepts. These charts and tables are easy to read. As long as you have an 8th-grade math ability, you can do all the math in this book.

11 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Purchase

I'm not a big spender and think of myself as being very frugal. In one of the chapters, Grant has 11 questions you can ask and answer.

With each question, he provides real-life examples that help makes these questions relatable to you.

Personally, I think this is a refreshing approach to “the latte factor” that so many of us frugality bloggers (myself included) rail against.

Should You Buy This Book?

There are lots of great personal finance books to read. And Financial Freedom makes the cut.

I think it's an excellent choice for these readers:

  • Recent college grads
  • Any Millennial or Gen Z under the age of 40
  • People living paycheck to paycheck
  • People who want to retire early

If you want to get out of debt and don't know how to do it, my top recommendation is still Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover.

Grant tackles getting out of debt, but the main focus of Financial Freedom is improving the value of the wealth you already have. You, can't go wrong starting with both of these books.

If you want some sense of humor or support a self-published authorThe Groovy Guide to Financial Independence is a good option. You can read my Groovy Guide review to find out why. Once again, pair this with Grant's book or make it a trifecta. Follow the advice and you shouldn't go wrong.

Find Out More About Grant Sabatier and Financial Freedom

If you're still unsure about this Grant dude, visit his Millennial Money blog. You will find plenty of nuggets here to improve your financial life.

As a side note, I read and reviewed an advance copy of Grant's book for free. I might get a small commission if you purchase his book from one of the links on this page. But, the real reason I'm sharing this review is to help as many people possible improve their finances and escape the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle.

Josh founded Money Buffalo in 2015 to help people get out of debt and make smart financial decisions. He is currently a full-time personal finance writer with work featured in Forbes Advisor, Fox Business, and Credible.