What is Huntington Banks Routing Number (Find it Fast)

Just recently I got a new credit card because of a possible security breach, the second time this year already.  

What I quickly found out was that between my Amazon Prime account, my utilities, and numerous subscriptions – there were about ten automatic payments I needed to update. 

After about an hour of trying to figure out passwords (Does this one need a symbol or just a capital letter?) I realized that had I just used my checking account to pay my bills and subscriptions, I wouldn’t have to spend an hour updating credit cards. 

So I decided to use my checking account, but that is when it hit me… what was my checking account’s routing number?

Next Four Minutes: The following article teaches you how to find your Huntington Bank Routing Number and why banks have routing numbers, in case you were wondering :). 

How to find your Huntington Bank Routing Number:

Maybe you’re the person who has hopped on your phone, pulled up your web browser and searched, “How do I find my routing number for Huntington bank?” and now you’re here. 

If that is you I got you covered. Here is the Huntington Routing Number:

Huntington Bank Routing Number: 044000024

Simple enough, now logon to your Huntington Bank account to access your checking account number so you can proceed to update your electronic bills or direct deposit. 

But if you happen to love learning about routing numbers, or perhaps you’re in a bind and don’t have internet service, here are some additional ways to find your Huntington Bank routing number 

Personal Check:

If you happen to have access to your checkbook (What is a checkbook millennial are wondering) look at the bottom left corner. You will see a nine-digit number like the photo depicts below – that is your Huntington routing number. The number after is your account number. 

(Keep reading to find out why banks use the routing number and what each digit represents)

how to find your huntington bank routing number

Online Account:

To figure out how to access your routing number online or on your mobile app simply:

  1. Log on to your Huntington online account or app
  2. Once you’re logged in select the appropriate account
  3. Select the summary tab where you will find your routing number
Huntington bank routing number online

Another option if you find yourself in predicament is to simply call Huntington and ask. 

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Call Huntington:

Perhaps you’re driving and you don’t have access to your personal checks or the internet, but you need to figure out your checking accounts routing number (Why you need this when you’re driving is unbeknownst to me) you can call Huntington National Bank. 

Call this number and simply ask for your routing number: 1-800-480-2265

Use a Bank Statement:

Believe it or not, you can find your routing number with a bank statement, it’s just a little more complicated.

By now you know that by just scrolling above and using this article or logging on to your app is the quickest way to find your Huntington Bank routing number. However, in case you were stuck and only had a bank statement, no personal checks, and no online access, you could find your routing number on your bank statement.  

This process of using your bank statement will take a little more effort and require some visual processing. 

1. Find the third and fourth digit that makes up your accounting number. For example, if your account number was 7351, 51 would be the number you look for.

2. Find that number (51) on the list below (In this case your routing number would be 044115090)

[expand title=”List of Routing Numbers:”] 02 – 041215032 03 – 044115090 04 – 041215016 05 – 041215032 08 – 044115090 09 – 044115090 10 – 041215032 11 – 044000024 12 – 041215032 54 – 041215016 13 – 044000024 55 – 074000078 14 – 042215060 56 – 051903761 15 – 072403473 57 – 051903761 16 – 044115090 58 – 041215032 17 – 072403473 59 – 041215032 18 – 072403473 60 – 044000024 19 – 051903761 61 – 044000024 22 – 051903761 62 – 044000024 24 – 051903761 63 – 041215032 26 – 041215016 65 – 042015422 27 – 051903761 66 – 041000153 28 – 044115090 67 – 044108641 29 – 057000697 70 – 041215016 31 – 044115090 71 – 042100191 34 – 074000078 72 – 042100191 36 – 072403473 74 – 042100191 38 – 072403473 76 – 044000024 40 – 074000078 77 – 044000024 41 – 051903761 78 – 041215032 42 – 074000078 89 – 044000024 44 – 042215060 45 – 042215060 47 – 041215016 48 – 044115090 50 – 041215032 51 – 044115090 52 – 051903761 53 – 051903761 [/expand]

Huntington's SWIFT Code: HUNTUS33

From time to time, you might have to wire money internationally, in this case, you would need your banking institutions SWIFT code. 

According to TrasnferWise, a SWIFT code is:

“A SWIFT code — sometimes also called a SWIFT number — is a standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). It’s used to identify banks and financial institutions globally. It says who and where they are — a sort of international bank code”

Essentially, a SWIFT code is used to help identify banks globally, similar to how a routing number helps banks identify each other domestically. 

In case you need to transfer money globally, in addition to your Huntington Bank routing number, you might need their SWIFT code which is HUNTUS33. 

Which leads to this question, what is the purpose of routing numbers anyways?

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What’s the purpose of your routing number?

Back in the day, when you made a long-distance call on your landline, you had to type in the area code. This signaled to the phone provider you were calling a number outside of your area, therefore you would pay for a “Long distance” call. 

Nowadays, everyone uses area codes when they call with the growth of cell phone use over the last twenty years. However, the area code is an identifier of sorts. 

That is the same purpose a routing number serves – an identifier. 

Routing numbers let each bank know who the money transfer is going to. Or in most cases, what bank the utility bill is pulling from or your paycheck is getting deposited to. Each of the nine digits serves a purpose and aids banking institutions across the country.

Huntington Banks Routing Number – How it works:

The first four digits of a routing number are the Federal Reserves Routing symbol (One of 12 banks), followed by a 4 digit number to identify Huntington National Bank, and the last digit is a check digit – which validates the first 8.

Think of your routing number as an address to deliver mail to, but instead of your mail, your money is getting delivered!!

Final Word on your routing number:

Now that you know your Huntington bank routing number, you can go enroll in as many electronic billing programs as you want. 

Whether you want your mortgage and student loan payments to come out automatically, or you’re looking to change the date for your cell phone bill, your routing number will come in handy. 

Now, chances are you are officially in the 99th percentile when it comes to your background knowledge on routing numbers. Lone behold, you won't need to write it down on a sticky note. Instead, simply bookmark this page and save it for the next time you need to find your Huntington Bank routing number! 

Question: Do you now know way too much about banking routing numbers?

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