First Date? Here Are Off-Limits Topics You Should Avoid At All Costs

So, you've made reservations at the fancy restaurant, taken your favorite suit/dress from the laundry, and you're all set for the big date. Or maybe it's not a big date. Maybe, it's just meeting at a coffee shop or a local bookstore – when it's with someone special, even a casual walk can feel like the grandest thing in the world…which is why you don't want to screw it up by saying the wrong thing. Redditor u/WaterCoolerComedian posted, “You're on a date with someone and they start talking about something they are into, this immediately makes you roll your eyes, what is it?” Reddit users responded with their worst peeves, and we've compiled the ones with the most general dislike. Here are the things/topics you should avoid doing/talking about if you don't want them rolling their eyes minutes into the conversation.

1. Flat Earth

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“Eh.. perfect excuse to get them on a second date. Together on a sailboat watching things dip bellow the horizon line as we don’t sail off the map..” Redditor u/Clear-Ad-895 joked. @FlavorD said, “There's about a 99% chance that no amount of evidence will convince an adult who already believes in a flat earth. They've already rejected all the evidence.”

2. Your Ex

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This one's a no-brainer. u/WaterCoolerComedian posted, “That's a quick uh ‘heyyy something came up I gotta go'.” u/StrangleJupiter1967 added, “I'd excuse myself to go to the bathroom…pay the check and leave…delete and block.”

3. Being Too Self-Aware

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u/Martiallawtheology wrote: “I was on a date, and this lady was talking about how “all she had to do was look pretty” and men would do anything for her. As in spend money, buy stuff, send tickets, free food, etc, etc.” While many Redditors considered this a non-deal breaker and a plus point for the honesty, he continued: “She was not a liar. But my preference is not someone who exploits others you see. 😉 I believe a man must spend on his woman, but I like a woman who's aim is to have a good life with her partner. Not just look pretty and exploit people.”

4. Being Too Self-Absorbed

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“I went on a date with a guy who would only ask me questions so he could then spin my answers to relate to him and he talked over me the whole time,” u/NoSleepNoCoffee shared. u/FrustratedKaijuFan replied, “Was stuck sitting next to a guy like this for several days on a train. Next time, I'm gonna cough up extra money for a private cabin.”

5. Acting Crazy

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“People who act like they are “sooo crazy” and try and act like the joker,” u/hejalon5 said. u/ATXDefenseAttorney wrote: “If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best. But also, I'm always the worst.”

6. Comparing

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Reddit user Snotpotato posted what was most likely to gain an eyeroll from them: “Wow it’s crazy, I feel like most women aren’t intelligent enough to hold a conversation with me and get my jokes. You seem different though, unlike all my exes.” Other users agreed that being compared to an ex while being complimented as the “better upgrade” was annoying.

7. NFTs

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Many users expressed dislike for the topic of NFTs as a date conversation. “That would get me to stand up and leave, not just roll my eyes haha,” u/nailsarefingerteeth said. u/Auramod replied, “I dunno, I think it would be hilarious to just listen to them. May as well get some entertainment out of it lol.”

8. Car Insurance

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u/mymiddlenameswyatt wrote: “He takes you out for a nice dinner. It goes great. He takes you home and as you lean in to hug him goodbye, he whispers: “We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty.” “Would be worse if he whispered “Hail Hydra”?” another redditor said.

9. Playing The Victim

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u/Bex3325 said with a rolling eyes emoji, “How everything that has ever gone wrong in their life is always everyone else's fault..” Someone replied: “Look up the term “Vulnerable Narcissism” I think it applies pretty well to things like this.”

10. Andrew Tate

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Redditors have listed Andrew Tate as one of the no-go zones in conversations. “Any ‘Alpha male‘ behavior in general,” u/GoodAlicia added.

11. Calories

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u/Shortie_Mexican posted: “If they mention the calories on my food is a big NO.” “It happened me once. I was furious. I said politely I didn’t care about that and I really wanted to enjoy my dinner. Instead of st*u, he continued saying that not being aware of how many calories I was getting and burning I would get fat.”

12. Astrology

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u/BabySuperfreak said, “It depends on intensity.” u/Relon7 added, “For me it depends more on seriousness rather than intensity. If they like to play around with it, go ahead. But if they genuinely believe any of it, I'm out. Don't need that kind of stupid in my life.” This article was produced and syndicated by Wealth of Geeks.