The Most Original First Generation Pokémon

The birth of Pokémon introduced some of the most unusual pocket monsters to the world. This list contains the most unique of these original Pokémon, many of which are the only types within the First Generation.

Pikachu #025

Courtesy of The Pokémon Company International

As an electric type, Pikachu is one of the more common types of Pokémon. However, as the veritable face of the franchise and by far the most popular pocket monster, this adorable, electrified mouse with its rosy, pinchable cheeks earns its place on this list as one of the unique Pokémon. How can anyone not love Pikachu?

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Poliwrath #062

poliwrath TPC MSN
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company.

An evolution from Poliwhirl, this muscle-bound water/fighting-type amphibian is an adept swimmer and an expert in martial arts. This Pokémon is rarely found in the wild. Poliwrath is strong enough to destroy boulders, making it one of the most formidable First Generation competitors.

Mr. Mime #122

Mr. Mime MSN
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company.

Resembling a cross between a clown and a wooden puppet, this unique psychic/fairy-type Pokémon is exceptionally gifted. Besides its outstanding pantomime abilities, Mr. Mime has the power to create unseen objects out of thin air. It has a unique ability that spans all generations of Pokémon.

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Jynx #124

jynx TPC MSN
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company.

While this ice/psychic type Pokémon has a human resemblance and uses a language similar to humans, Jynx is an expert dancer who prefers to communicate using its dance moves, which drive people to dance along with it. Jynx is also known to have a beautiful singing voice, a rare attribute among Pokémon.

Gyarados #130

Gyarados MSN
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company.

The ill-tempered, much-feared Gyarados is a water/flying type known for its destructive fits of rage that can last for as long as a month. When Gyarados appear in a given place, their wrath will not be satisfied until the entire area is demolished. It isn’t a Pokémon to be angered at all.

Aerodactyl #142

Aerodactyl MSN
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company.

This fierce prehistoric, rock-flying type, winged creature looks like a cross between a dragon and a pterodactyl. Its powerful fangs are capable of piercing the skin of steel-type Pokémon. When it undergoes the evolution to a Mega-Aerodactyl, this opposing Pokémon will attack. It isn’t a Pokémon to anger under the best circumstances.

Articuno #144

Articuno TPC MSN
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company.

A Legendary Pokémon with wings made of ice, this ice/flying type uses its wings to make snowfall and can create and control ice psychically. Articuno lives in the coldest, most desolate regions of the world and is rarely seen by humans. As one of the three Legendary Birds of Kanto, it is known to assist lost travelers.

Zapdos #145

Courtesy of The Pokémon Company International

An electric/flying type Legendary Pokémon, Zapdos is a seldom-seen bird visible during thunderstorms. The second of the three Legendary Birds of Kanto, Zapdos generates lightning bolts and electricity when it flies. Its power increases when it is struck by lightning, making it one of the more potentially deadly Pokémon from the First Generation.

Moltres #146

Courtesy of The Pokémon Company International

The third of the Legendary Birds of Kanto, this fire/flying type Pokémon can heal itself when it comes into contact with volcanic magma. It would be wise not to stand under Moltres when it flies as it releases embers that turn into fire.

Dragonite #149

Dragonite MSN
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company.

This dragon/flying type is deceptively fast and capable of flying at speeds that break the sound barrier. It is a highly intelligent, generally good-natured Pokémon with a reputation for helping guide ships that are lost at sea and saving people who are drowning.

Despite its generous nature, be wary of antagonizing Dragonite. When it feels its territory is being threatened or otherwise feels endangered, Dragonite will destroy anything in sight.

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