Fixer Upper: What happens to the other rooms?

Why is Fixer Upper in court?

The other rooms on Fixer Upper that are not decorated and not shown in the final reveal are used as storage spaces during the filming process.

Applying to be on shows like Fixer Upper is a good way for homeowners to get their run-down homes to look the way that renovated houses do on the show.

However, Fixer Upper does not always show the entire renovation process. For instance, Chip and Joanna do not always renovate all of the rooms in a house and may use some of the smaller rooms for storage.

Why would people want to go on shows like Fixer Upper?

Although the majority of home renovation and interior design shows on television make all their projects appear easy, the reality is that purchasing and upgrading a run-down house with a limited budget can be much more challenging in real life.

This is why many people who purchase older homes end up applying to be on shows like Fixer Upper, because they run out of steam after they tackle all of the projects that this type of house requires before it can look as picture-perfect as the experts on the show make houses look.

Fixer Upper: What happens to the other rooms?

Fixer Upper and its spin-off shows that have aired on HGTV, Discovery+, and now even the Magnolia Network since the original show’s premiere in 2013, have become some of the most popular shows in the home renovation and design genre.

Many fans of the show agree that Fixer Upper’s success over the years is attributed to several elements, ranging from Chip and Joanna’s friendly and open personalities to Joanna’s signature shiplap, modern-farmhouse design style.

In fact, many couples apply to be on the show or even purchase from the couple’s other collaboration collections or businesses in an attempt to emulate Joanna’s style in their own homes.

However, as with all reality television shows, even though the designs may look beautiful at the end of each episode, what you see on television may not be the entire story.

It has been a known fact to many Fixer Upper fans over the years that not all of the rooms in every house are decorated by Chip and Joanna and that the rooms that are shown in the final reveal may not include all of the rooms in the house.

However, what has not been known by the public until recently is what happens to the other rooms that are not shown in the final reveal.

Fortunately, Joanna revealed in an episode of Fixer Upper: Behind the Design, that these rooms are used as her storage rooms while they are filming the show, which has finally solved this mystery.

What was stored in these other rooms?

On the episode of Fixer Upper: Behind the Design where Joanna revealed this secret, she showed a smaller room in one of their Fixer Upper homes that was being used as a storage room.

From this, it is clear that all types of things are stored in these rooms, which presumably makes things run smoother once the filming of an episode starts.

This includes excess supplies and furniture, spare filming equipment, and other throw-away items that would not look great on camera.

Do Chip and Joanna just leave the other rooms as they are?

It may seem incredibly disingenuous for a show like Fixer Upper to make a big deal out of revealing the finished house in every episode even though they leave two to three rooms out in the house during filming.

However, Chip and Joanna do not just leave these storage rooms as they found them when they leave.

These rooms do get a fresh coat of paint, and often other finishing touches and fixtures are also included, even though the room is not staged with furniture for the final reveal.

What happens after filming has ended at the house?

Unfortunately, the bombshell revelation that the Fixer Upper duo does not always renovate the entire house in every episode is not the only shocking fact about the show.

Fans of the show may not have known that Joanna uses elements from her Magnolia Market boutique to bring her signature style to the final interior design of the home.

However, most of these decorations and furniture are only used for staging purposes, with the exception of one gifted item for each home.

The Gaineses take almost everything but the paint and fixtures with them when they leave the home after filming, unless the homeowners want to purchase some of the items from HGTV to keep their home looking the way that it did in the final reveal.