The 15 Best Flerken Gifts Earth-616 Has to Offer

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In Captain Marvel, half-Kree Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) has fiery photon blasting fists, superhuman strength, and the ability to fly into space. Marvel’s most powerful character to date (from the mouth of Kevin Feige himself!) is an intergalactic warrior with the kind of powers that many of us can only dream about. Then, adorable Goose the cat, the scene-stealing ginger tabby (and Nick Fury’s new BFF) went Flerken and we. lost. our. minds. We had to get our hands on some Flerken gifts ASAP.

One of the rarest alien species (there are only 118 in existence in the collective Marvel universe), Goose and his fellow Flerkens have the simultaneously awesome and wtf-is-this-freakyness ability to shoot out tentacles from their mouth to take down opponents. They also have the handy bonus feature of well, being able to hold entire universes inside said tentacle sprouting mouths. All in a cute, cuddly, kitty package!

If watching Goose’s fearsome Flerkening in Captain Marvel has you itching to adopt your own alien cat, get ready to Flerken lose your mind (again!!!) over these 15 best Flerken gifts!

15 Best Flerken Gifts for Badass Kitty Enthusiasts

1. Funko Goose the Cat Keychain

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Never lose your keys again with your itty bitty Flerken on the job. He may be small but he has all the same built in “pocket dimensions” in his universe holding mouth as a Flerken triple his size .

2. Goose the Cat Funko Pop

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Forget cat’s meow. This dapper Goose Funko is the Flerken’s fancy! Larger than the keychain he’s a purrworthy addition to any Funko family.

3. Goose The Cat Plushie

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What would a Captain Marvel cosplay be without Carol’s fierce ginger Flerken? Take your Captain Marvel look higher and further with this collectible plush. Deceptively cuddly looking, just like the real Goose, his mouth opens to spew out tentacles!

4. Captain Marvel Doll (+Goose The Cat)

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Clad in her bomber jacket and battle-ready suit and armed with a Flerken-friendly backpack Carol is ready to take on any mission. Even in teeny tiny plastic form Goose is the purrfect traveling companion and teammate, not to mention one of the cutest Flerken gifts out there.

5. Goose the Cat with Tentacles Funko Pop

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Commemorate Goose’s unfurrgettable and hair raising alien abilities with this Funko. Don’t forget to order Goose’s #1 fan, Nick Fury, to recreate the movie’s iconic and hilarious battle scene on any tabletop or surface.

6. Goose the Cat Closed Mouth Tentacles Funko Pop

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Too tentacley? Pounce on the more subtle chase variant! If you want to be extra, complete your Flerken gifts collection by purchasing every variant.

7. Goose the Cat T-Shirt

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Cosmic kitty sitting pretty or ferocious Flerken plotting their next attack? Keep ‘em guessing with this Goose tee that comes in 5 different colors and 3 different fits.

8. Flerken on Board Bumper Sticker

flerken car sticker

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Got a set of wheels? This is just the car decal to strike fear into the heart of Skrulls or anyone foolish enough to tailgate you! Bonus? Also use it to scare that fraidy-cat Trash-Panda and Guardian of the Galaxy, Rocket Raccoon!

9. Goose the Cat Bring Me Thanos T-Shirt

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Are you down to see Thanos taken, well, down? You’re in good company! Apparently, a lot of people want Goose to be the one to do it!

10. Goose the Cat FiGPiN

goose figpin

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Carry a fearsome little Flerken with you everywhere you go with this collectible pin! Whether you choose to wear it pinned to a ‘90s style denim jacket, or to display it with your Marvel merch this super detailed Goose pin is a galaxy of awesome!

11. Goose Sticker

goose sticker

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The failsafe way to bump up the cool factor of your favourite accessory? Put a Flerken on it! These stickers featuring Captain Marvel’s iconic sigil and Goose’s silhouette are printed on a shiny, sturdy vinyl that’s purrfect for decorating reusable water bottles, laptops, notebooks, or anything else you feel compelled to slap them onto!

12. Crazy Flerken Lady Mug

crazy flerken lady mug

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Catffeinated or decatffeinated, show off your Flerken purride with every sip of your coffee or tea. Plus you get some serious superhero cred, every purchase supports the independent artist behind the design!

13. Don’t Tell Me to Smile Print

captain marvel and goose print

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Feminism and Flerkens join forces in this Marvel-ous print celebrating the powerhouse duo. Brilliant for when you want to take the “Cats Against Cat Calling” to the next level.

14. Captain Marvel Goose Poster

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Marvel Studios released 10 character posters before Captain Marvel premiered. Declare your love for #TeamFlerken with Goose’s official movie poster! Because why should the humans get all the hype!?

15. Goose the Cat Pendant Necklace

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Don’t furrget to add some sparkle! This Goose inspired pendant is a geeky chic addition to any Flerken fan’s wardrobe. Play around with this versatile necklace which can be subtle or statement making depending on what you pair it with.


Necklaces, T-shirts, collectibles, home goods, accessories, and other Flerken gifts – there are endless ways to Flerk out over Goose and the other 117 Flerkens in existence every day. Umm….how does that ‘shut up and take my money’ thing go again?

So, friends, what are you most stoked about adding to your collection? Is your favorite Flerken gift on this list or do you have additional marvelous merch to fangirl and fanboy over?! Share it below in the comments, or head over to our Facebook, or tweet me @thebadgerbabe_ on Twitter!

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