Flights to Iceland from D.C. Meet PLAY Airlines

PLAY Airlines Budget

For travelers looking for flights to Iceland, PLAY Airlines flies U.S. travelers to Iceland and beyond at a price point that leaves plenty of money in the budget for the good stuff, such as immersive experiences, meals, and memories. The no-frills, low-cost airline is adding flights from Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) beginning April 26, 2023, just in time for the ramp-up to the summer travel season.

Fly Direct From Dulles to Iceland

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Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, PLAY Airlines offers daily direct flights from Boston and New York and service from Baltimore/Washington's BWI Airport. The new service from Dulles adds to the airline's momentum in the Washington D.C. region, which is the fourth largest U.S. to Reykjavik market. Additionally, as of April 26, PLAY is the only budget-minded airline offering transatlantic flights from Washington Dulles International Airport. 

Adding Dulles into the airline's schedule is expected to bring PLAY's passenger total – to destinations in North America and Europe- upwards of 1.7 million travelers in 2023. 

“Tourists from North America have been by far the single most important group of visitors to Iceland in recent years,” explains Bergdís Ellertsdóttir, Ambassador of Iceland to the United States. “PLAY adding Dulles to its roster of destinations in the U.S. will only strengthen the blossoming relationship between our two countries.” 

PLAY Airlines' On-Time Arrival Stats Are No Joke

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Simply put, PLAY Airlines is one of the most on-time airlines operating in the U.S. Logging a whopping 87% on-time arrival average for 2022, it surpassed other leaders, such as Delta's 82% and Alaska Airlines' 79% on-time statistics. A hot topic of late, some American travelers would opt to drive for 6 hours rather than take a one-hour flight. 

Frustration aside, flight delays cause can cause travelers to miss connections, arrive late to their destination, and, ultimately, lose money on pre-planned activities. In fact, in the fall of 2022, Forbes Advisor surveyed 2,000 summer travelers. Of the 61% that experienced flight delays, 83% of those travelers lost money as a result. 

As a whole, PLAY's reliability adds to the value it brings to travelers, especially when combined with its already low-cost flights. 

More Budget To PLAY With

PLAY Airlines Budget
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 Of course, you can hop on a flight to Iceland and adventure to your heart's content, but PLAY also offers flights throughout North America and Europe. Considering the increased cost of airfare in the current market, PLAY has a unique advantage with over thirty international destinations. 

For example, travelers looking to fly from Washington D.C. and Virginia can score flights to Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Dublin, London, or Barcelona for as little as $194. As far as Iceland itself, PLAY can go a long way to ensure adventurers can explore Iceland on a budget.

“Travelers are more conscious of price than ever,” explains PLAY CEO Birgir Jónsson, “but they still want to have memorable experiences and visit the bucket-list destinations PLAY reaches. By expanding service to IAD … we will service the Washington D.C. area's demand for Icelandic travel as well as vacationers heading to Europe this summer. We're focused on enabling passengers to pay less and PLAY more, and today's expansion accomplishes that goal.”

Author: Melanie Carden


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