Flipping Websites [Ultimate [year] Guide]

If you're aware of flipping things for money, flipping websites is one way of doing that

Like all other flipping business, you need to develop or realize which websites have the potential to grow

Only If you build a plan to enrich and enhance these websites to add values to them

After that you know what should come next

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

flipping websites

You list your enhanced website on sale then you rinse and repeat the flipping process

That's why I am going to discuss below everything related to flipping websites

What is website flipping?

Website flipping is the process of buying an existing website as is to enhance it

Also to add contents and build backlinks pointing to this acquired website

The purpose of buying this website is to sell it later on with higher price

Although any flipping business deals with physical item

Flipping websites deal with digital product the website itself

Think of that like an investment that requires money and time

The more time you add the more you will be able to add contents and build backlinks

Is website flipping legal?

Yes flipping website is totally legal and same applies for flipping domains

What is illegal is cybersquatting

Which means you buy a domain that looks similar to a well known trademark in an effort to trick visitors

You do that for the purpose to sell this domain to the trademark company

Step by step on flipping websites

The steps below don't work in sequence

You can do all of them at the same time

I couldn't believe it when I saw many sellers their names listed many times on the flipping sites

They do this flipping websites business as the main source of income

Anyway you should at least start with the first step below

Evaluate the domain name

This is a crucial step in flipping websites

It is a good step for any visitor looking at your website

The first thought that comes to his mind

Does your domain reflect your content within your website

There are so many domains that have meaningless names like netaqate.com

Yes that was one of my domains

I made a mistake buying it for cheap and it turned out to be a wrong decision

Sometimes original owner buys a domain with the intention of writing contents that relate to that domain in question

Then owner ends up shifting the writing pattern to create contents that don't pertain to the domain name

Watching a proof of traffic is only thing that divert you from buying irrelevant domain

Purchase existing website vs build your own

In flipping business the amount of content on existing website dictates how much it is worth

If you deal with content writing site that charges something between 10 – 20 cents

Let's say 10 cents and you have 100 articles as known as posts

An average of 1500 words per article

That's around 150,000 words multiplied by 10 cents

So as a fair amount $15,000 is what you pay for writing this content

Take into consideration that this price is negotiable if you don't have enough ranking

Think about it the other way around

What if you have to write this 150 articles

How long does it take you to complete 150,000 threshold?

If let's say you need 500 hours to write these 150 articles

Let's say you take 5 hours per day dedicted to writing

Keep in mind in flipping websites that you are writing contents that have images with some research and references to other sites for citation

You need around 100 days and that number can be longer

Why? simply you are writing contents that resonate with your readers

At first, you pick 20 posts and spend some days measuring the reaction

I would say 150 articles can take you 6 to 9 months to complete

Improve profitability on existing website

When I first started my blog I didn't realize all competitors' services there

I used to pay for email autoresponder then I discovered free autoresponder up to 1,000 subscribes

That's what you need when you start flipping websites as you are still ramping up

Yes that's true with a service like Moosend or MailerLite

That's one example in the equation

Also web hosting can be pricey with less features

I was really ripped off until I came to Siteground

That's why I decided to switch to Siteground for its great features

Add digital products to your website

Sometimes you look at website you find interesting contents

Plus an attracting lead magnets sign up

Everything looks promising and working as expected

Except it is missing one thing

It is missing the actual digital products that you need sell to your audience

If you have an interesting contents that keep your visitors on your website for a bounce rate according to Google Analytics for less than 70%

What are you waiting for?

Why you don't use your contents and get ideas to create digital products

That would make your flipping websites worthy its value

Add social media to the acquired website

I don't remember seeing nowadays a website without at least one social media account

Sometimes it can happen that you can see a website that has tons of personal photography

May be it is about fashion, gardening or even cooking

But it is missing a visual social media account like Pinterest or Instagram

Just add the missing piece you have a visual content then add visual social media

Start selling your flipped website

The decision of selling comes from getting a selling proposal you like

You can list your website on flipping sites listed below

If you don't like the offers you can take it off and relist it again later on

Let's say your site makes $250 you can expect $6,000 as starting price

Keep in mind the monthly sales should be steady

If this $250 comes from thanksgiving and all months make $50 for you

That's not considered a monthly income

Where to find websites to flip?

In any internet business there is always the first mover

Or one website which managed to make it to the top

In flipping websites we have Flippa as number one in business

The remaining websites can be used too but not like Flippa

We have Sedo for buying domains – you buy domains from there

The point here is that Sedo is not mainly focused for flipping websites

After that we have WebsiteBroker.com competing with Flippa

Also Empireflippers.com and Investors.club come next in line

Some internet marketers use forms like DigitalPoint and WarriorForum

Best places to sell your websites

When it comes to selling your websites there is no difference from the above sites

You buy and sell from the same place

I remember seeing many website traders having websites listed for sale

At the same time, they have bids for buying other websites

This means they are doing that for business

Tips on flipping websites

As in any business there are tips to make your business go smooth

Flipping websites has some tips to follow to make sure you don't lose your money

1- Get a proof of traffic

Nobody can disqualify Google Analytics in terms of measuring traffics and bounce rate

Also numbers of keywords ranked in top 10, top 100 and what is most important the estimated number of visitors

Basically all SEO tools show inflated number of visitors

They are kind of misleading

To make the deal fair the seller has to share an uptodate traffic analysis with you

2- Evalute the site’s growth potential

In flipping websites, it is recommended to evaluate the future of website in question

If you're buying a website that solves emotional problems like how to retireve your ex back or how to maintain your relationship with your spouse

I would tell you go for it and don't worry as feelings will never fade away

But if you are examing a website to flip which covers spinners or bayblades

This would be risky as these are trends and it may fade anytime

3- Can you make it better?

If you have a prospect website with good traffic and engaged social media accounts

But they are missing digitial products to sell then you can make it better

What if the website has everything and nothing to add

If you think about it you're buying it to resell it as is

Usually there are people who flip websites as expert

They know when to buy for cheap from those who don't estimate the right price

Later on they sell it for higher price

How long does it take to enhance weak websites?

In any flipping websites time really matters based on where you are with the website you are buying

If you are buying a website for cheap price because it has a nice theme and few posts with suitable domain name then expect at least a year

Google doesn't rank websites quickly according to the latest Google update

This means if you see a traffic you should be an expert websites flipper to know how to monetize the traffic even with low number of visitors

Otherwise expect one year of turn around with a solid plan of how many articles you are planning to write and how you are going to build backlinks to strengthen your site

Expected money on flipping websites business

The average price for any website making money online is 24x

This means if your website is making a steady $100 every month

You can list it for $2,400 or lower the price let's say to $1,800 and wait for bidding

If you wonder why 24x simply you buy the long hours effort of authors writing unique articles and the potential of growing this website to a higher level

There is a quote that says the hardest money to make on any website is the first $20 to $50 after that it is more like replication of more contents to write

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