Rapper Flo Rida Wins $82M in Lawsuit Against Popular Energy Drink Company

American rapper Flo Rida, renowned for hits like “Low” and “Whistle” is most certainly riding a wave of dollar notes since the Broward County jury ruled in his favor in a lawsuit against Celsius energy drink company. The lawsuit claimed the company violated an endorsement deal with the rapper, and he was awarded $82M in damages.

Flo Rida’s team, which filed the lawsuit in 2021, initially demanded for $30,000, with Flo Rida himself more concerned about getting the 1% ownership of the company he was promised.

The legal claim was that Celsius owed him millions in royalties and additional stock under the terms of the deals.

The jury ruled in favor of the rapper, and found the energy company guilty of concealing fraudulent records regarding the endorsement deal. Social media has joined the Hip-Hop star to celebrate his win. Someone posted a video of him sipping a Celsius drink moments after the verdict. Power move.

“He then went on to donate that money to children's charities all over Florida… I'm just kidding, he bought another Bentley and then a pool or something,” someone joked.

@vbagreat said, “God is good, but Celsius is great.”

@TMZ wrote, “Platinum-selling hitmaker Flo Rida undoubtedly has a good feeling about his recent lawsuit victory…”

Despite his Celsius victory, @TheEnemiesPE3 pointed out the one battle against The Weeknd Flo Rida can't seem to win.

@Jeddy_16 took a dig at his career, suggesting it is not as good as it used to be.

@crobbins52 was pleased that Flo Rida now has enough money to leave his music career so he can “”stop torturing us with his terrible music.”

“So he put off filing for bankruptcy for a year or two?” someone said. Another said, “Filing lawsuits is a whole industry dominated by struggling/failed US rappers.”

“Bet he doesn’t use any of that money to help his disabled kid,” @jabbomyth tweeted, to which @eltezzyo replied:

“Honestly it’s none of our business. It’s his money and his family let him make that bed and we can keep it pushing.”

@itsmattnow thinks that even though he won the lawsuit, the case is far from over, and there's no guarantee getting the money won't prove to be another hassle.

Too early to be worried about the IRS, maybe?

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