Flyp App Review: Is Flyp the Right Clothes Selling App for You?

Flyp is the clothes selling app that connects you with a professional seller to make clearing out your closet hassle-free. 

We’ve all been there. The seasons change and you’re swapping out your wardrobe, only to realize that there’s a lot of clothes in there that you’re not going to wear again. Maybe you’ve tried selling on Mercari, the Facebook Marketplace, or Poshmark only to find the whole selling process a real hassle. 

What if I told you that there is a way to sell your gently used clothes, shoes, and handbags completely hassle-free? 

Flyp connects you with a Pro Seller who will sell your premium name-brand and designer items for you. You don’t have to worry about connecting with buyers, handling shipping, or stressing about payment — they do the work for you! 

Here’s How it Works 

  • Download the Flyp app in the Apple or Android app store and set up an account. 
  • Take photos of your best clothes, shoes, and handbags that you’re ready to get rid of.
  • Create a “Lot” with all of your items on the Flyp app. 
  • Pro Sellers on the app will apply to sell your “Lot” for you. They will provide you with their commission rate and an estimate of how much they can sell your items for. 
  • Review your applicants, pick a Pro Seller, and print off the shipping label to mail your “Lot” to the Pro Seller of your choice. 
  • Once your Pro Seller receives your items they will start selling your items and you’ll get paid as soon as they receive the funds. 

You never have to worry because Flyp is on your side. While the app promises that your Pro Seller will sell everything you send them, you are covered by Flyp’s protection policy if anything goes awry. 

In the event that your Pro Seller cannot sell all of your items, you have a couple of different options You can have your items mailed back to you for free (within 90 days), have your Pro Seller reduce the prices and sell them for a lower return, or have them donated in your name for a tax write-off. In most cases, your Pro Seller will be able to sell your unsold items for you at a discounted rate. 

What Brands Sell Best? 

Flyp lists a number of designer and high-end name-brands that their Pro Sellers have the best luck selling. If you have lightly used items from Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, True Religion, Frye, J. Crew., Adidas, Nike, Rag & Bone, Lululemon, Michael Kors, and other well-known designer brands you’re in luck. 

If your wardrobe consists of brands like Zara, Banana Republic, Style & Co., Target brands, or other generic and boutique brands then this may not be the app for you. 

Pro Sellers 

If you think you might be a better match as a reseller, then you can also sign-up to become a Flyp Pro Seller. This is the perfect risk-free venture for anyone who has wanted to expand into secondhand consignment, without any of the overhead costs or concerns that come along with brick-and-mortar shops. The Flyp app is a great way to try out a new business venture and help someone else clear out their closet. 

Flyp App

Why We Love the Flyp App

You never have to feel bad about letting go of gently-used clothing again. Flyp is a great sustainable app, that helps you connect with a Pro Seller who does the selling for you. Clear out your closet and make money while sitting back and relaxing. Flyp takes the hassle out of clearing out your closet and we all need more worry-free apps in our lives. 

Maggie Lovitt is a writer at Wealth of Geeks where she covers her favorite topics: Star Wars and pop culture nerdery.

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