‘For All Mankind’ Season 3: A Space Race Triple Threat

For All Mankind starts each new season with a big time jump, and that is exactly what they did with season 3. We are now another decade in the future, and things are diverting from the path that humanity went down in real life even more. In this fictional show, changing one small thing, like which country landed on the moon first, makes all the difference.

In the 1990s there is a woman President, and a race to get to Mars between the United States of America, Russia, and a private company. As with previous seasons, there is a whole lot of drama mixed in, with massive reveals and twists and turns popping up in nearly every episode.

The main focus of season 3 seemed like it was going to be the space race to Mars, however, that resolves about halfway through the season and then gets a whole lot more complicated. In an effort to remain spoiler-free we won’t dive too much into it, but secrets from the past come out for several different characters, and that just amps up the drama.

For All Mankind is certainly a Science Fiction show. The majority of season 3 takes place in space, which has always been the case. This makes for some incredible visuals; however, they really raised the bar with this season. Even though some of the screeners had unfinished effects, the show looks amazing. This time we see Mars as well as the moon, which gives viewers new things to look at, which in turn adds a freshness to the season.

Fresh Faces

Not to mention the main cast is being aged up quite a bit from the first time we saw them in season 1. This means that fresh new faces have to be brought in so that things remain interesting. One of the most intriguing storylines involves Danny, who fans of the show know inserted himself right into the middle of a relationship last season when he slept with Mrs. Baldwin. Thankfully it seems as though her then-husband Ed doesn’t know, but even though they are divorced it adds some serious tension to the show.

While the older cast is still the center of attention, for the most part, the younger cast is starting to edge themselves into the spotlight. This is likely to set up future seasons surrounding them – especially if the decade time jump at the start of a new season remains consistent.

One of the most subtle, but seemingly most important, storylines revolves around Danny’s brother, Jimmy. He finds himself a new crowd to hang out with in For All Mankind season 3, introducing some intriguing takes on conspiracy theories. Ones that will make viewers want to shake him uncontrollably until he realizes the path he is going down. Say what you will about this show, but it knows how to take things from real life and perfectly weave them into this alternate universe timeline.

Accelerating the Past

Besides that, the show moves up timelines on certain innovations. For example, a flat-screen television is shown far earlier than one ever appeared in real life. Subtle changes like this make for alluring changes in the universe, based solely on Russia landing on the moon first.

Every character this season has something going on, which is normally the case with For All Mankind. There are secrets being kept by far too many people, so it is clear a few of them will come crashing down by the end of the season. With massive changes going on at NASA, everything is up in the air, radically raising the stakes this season.

Even with every episode bringing something new to the table, the season has its moments that drag. Yes, there is a lot of action, drama, and intensity, but several episodes have slow moments as well. This has always been an issue with For All Mankind. They have some really great highs, but they also have some very low lows. By the end of the season, viewers are all better off for it.

Fans of For All Mankind are going to love what they do with season 3. There are fresh new faces added to the cast, but the focus remains on those we already know and love. There are moments where viewers will be on the edge of their seats, through intense and somewhat terrifying moments, but there will also be times when they fight back tears. For All Mankind, season 3 isn’t all perfect, but it is the best season yet as more of space is explored.

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Rating: 80/100

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