Ford’s Iconic Emblem Gets a Makeover: The Blue Oval Refreshed

Ford's logo is recognizable wherever it goes, and its design is steeped in automotive history. Ford hasn't announced any official announcements about the logo, but a fan was paying close attention when Ford unveiled their refreshed 2024 F-150 and noticed that the truck wasn't the only thing that got an upgrade. 

 The iconic blue oval logo is steeped in automotive history, which marks a shift from tradition. They didn't remove the blue emblem but changed some key features. The most notable change is that they removed the silver oval that served as an outline.

The emblem is now simpler and more modern, and the “Ford” script has been enlarged. Other parts of the emblem have been replaced with a clean, white finish, and honestly, it looks a bit retro, which is very in right now. The chrome elements of the emblem have been replaced with a clean, more two-dimensional look.

Since Ford never fully announced the emblem changes, we don't know precisely why they redesigned it. Still, the difference is there. Car and Driver reached out to Rob Brancheau to confirm the changes, and he confirmed the redesign in a media event for the 2024 F-150. 

We don't know when the new emblem will officially roll out across the entire Ford lineup, but it's safe to assume that this emblem will become a new signature feature.

Ford's Emblem Over The Years

Ford's first emblem with a black and white logo with the words “Ford Motor Co, Detroit, Mich.” They wanted to tip their head to where the brand came from. The lettering was written in a cursive font with pretty leaves and swirling shapes around it. This logo was launched in 1903

The Blue Oval we know and love today was first introduced in 1927. It had the word “Ford” enclosed in a blue oval shape. The font was copied after Henry Ford's handwriting. 

The font underwent a few more changes, but no one ever tried to remove the iconic blue oval.