15 Movies You Forgot About That You Need to Watch

The worst part of watching movies is picking one out. What are you in the mood for? What do you want to avoid? The list goes on. Most movie lists repeat the same titles over and over, suggesting classic and tired films, so here are some forgotten gems to enjoy for your next movie night.

1. Arlington Road (1999)

Arlington Road Jeff Bridges
Image Credit: Screen Gems.

Arlington Road (1999) starring Jeff Bridges and Tim Robbins. It was released after the mid-90s wave of violence and terrorism in the US involving right-wing militias. It's an exceptional thriller but seems to have faded into obscurity,” one fan writes.

The thriller tackles everything a crime film should, suspense, suspicion, distrust, and paranoia about those around you. The protagonist doesn't know if he's going mad or if he should stay on his toes about his neighbors.

2. The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988)

The Serpent and the Rainbow Bill Pullman, Paul Winfield
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

One cineast claims this film fuels nightmares. The movie takes place in Haiti, and stars, Bill Pullman, an anthropologist determined to uncover the mystery surrounding the voodoo practices in Haiti. He works with other researchers and self-proclaimed witch doctors to chip into the mysterious happenings. This lesser-known Wes Craven film deserves more views.

 3. Enemy Mine (1985)

Enemy Mine Dennis Quaid, Herb Andress, Richard Marcus, Carolyn McCormick
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

“Oh, I absolutely remember this. It came out in a weird time for SF movies (mid-80s when everyone was like, WE HAVE TO DUPLICATE THE SUCCESS OF STAR WARS, and mostly failed). While it's a bit hamhanded in the race relations stuff, it's still a solid story, and both Dennis Quaid and Lou Gosset Jr rocked it,” a viewer expresses. In Enemy Mine, an alien and a human have to coexist under abnormal conditions.

4. Rock and Rule (1983)

Rock and Rule Paul Le Mat, Greg Salata, Robin Zander
Image Credit: Nelvana.

Rock and Rule works for viewers craving weird animated features.

“It is one of the most insane, weird am I on an acid trip movies I've ever seen. No one I mention it to has ever heard of it. Songs were written for the movie from Cheap Trick, Blondie, Lou Reed, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Iggy Pop. It's about post-apocalyptic animal people in a rock band being manipulated and used by an aging mega star rocker trying to summon the devil,” a fan states.

5. A Boy and His Dog (1975)

A Boy and His Dog Don Johnson, Tiger
Image Credit: LQ/Jaf Productions.

Movies with dogs go one of two ways, the dog meets a terrible demise, or the boy and the dog live together happily. The latter isn't as frequent, but this film shows “a weirdly touching story about a post-apocalyptic wasteland and a boy with his telepathic dog,” Several say the film departs in strange directions yet offers a beautiful ending to a great B movie.

6. Bowfinger (1999)

Bowfinger Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Steve Martin's character, Robert, determines the best movie-making method. Featuring a star-studded cast with the likes of Steve Martin, Heather Graham, and Eddie Murphy, this underrated gem keeps you laughing throughout the 97-minute runtime. Enlist a celebrity, and don't tell him the camera is rolling.

7. El Cid (1961)

El Cid Charlton Heston
Image Credit: Allied Artists.

Christian Spain battles The Moors in El Cid. “It's a long historical epic on the same level as Ben-Hur, The Ten Commandments, or Lawrence of Arabia. The acting, cinematography, production design, score, story, the battle scenes, great acting and probably the most entertaining movie ever made,” a movie enthusiast writes.

8. Entropy (1999)

Entropy Kelly Macdonald
Image Credit: Touchstone Pictures.

The person recommending this film admits it isn't the best film but a fun ride. “It was a somber little movie that is probably entirely self-indulgent in its creation; a movie director ruins a relationship with a model because he was obsessed with his probably very subpar movie. But I liked the tone of it, and the scene where his cat smokes and talks to him to tell him to figure his [life] out,” they opine.

9. The Vanishing (1988)

The Vanishing Gene Bervoets, Johanna ter Steege
Image Credit: Argos Films.

The Vanishing presents a young couple (Rex and Saskia) who stop at a gas station before driving to their destination. During the respite, Saskia disappears, causing Rex to hunt down every plausible path to solve the mystery.

“It's so intelligently constructed from a psychological perspective. Something that definitely stays with you!” one fan articulates.

10. Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

Amazon Women on the Moon Steve Forrest, Joey Travolta
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

Amazon Women on the Moon parodies comedy and bad movies, creating a masterful, hilarious work that no one seems to remember.

“I had been looking for that movie for so long! Saw it in French as a kid, and the title was “Cheeseburger film sandwich”… it took me years to figure out it was not the original title!” someone shares.

11. Space Camp (1986)

Space Camp Kelly Preston, Lea Thompson, Kate Capshaw, Joaquin Phoenix, Tate Donovan, Larry B. Scott
Image Credit: 20th Century Fox.

What happens when aspiring astronauts accidentally go to space? Space Camp!

“I guess you could say that this one kind of got buried in the aftermath of the Challenger explosion because it was slated for release just after Challenger. It’s kind of hokey, but it’s definitely a film for kids to watch, especially those interested in space,” one person mentions.

12. City of Joy (1992)

City of Joy Patrick Swayze, Om Puri
Image Credit: TriStar Pictures.

City of Joy revolves around an American doctor that travels to Calcutta, India, for a fresh start. After he gets beaten up and robbed, a family, the Pals, discovers him and brings him to their side of town. The doctor learns how to fit in and thrive in his new community.

13. The Living Wake (2007)

The Living Wake Mike O'Connell Jesse Eisenberg Jim Gaffigan
Image Credit: Mangusta.

Once an artist learns of his illness and the length of his remaining time on Earth, he attempts to find the meaning of life. Watch for Jesse Eisenberg's performance alone.

14. Mass (2021)

Mass Martha Plimpton, Jason Isaacs, Reed Birney, Ann Dowd
Image Credit: Bleecker Street.

The majority of Mass centers around two families impacted by the same tragedy conversing. Both of their children lost their lives in a school shooting, one son was the perpetrator and the other a victim, yet they still find shreds of humanity in each other.

15. The Great Waldo Pepper (1975)

The Great Waldo Pepper Robert Redford, Bo Svenson
Image Credit: Universal Pictures.

“Robert Redford plays a flying daredevil who has imposter syndrome due to never serving in WWI. It’s a great little film about men who feel alienated from society and live it out as dangerously as possible. I find I like movies like that,” a film buff says.

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