24 Easy Ways to Score a Free Amazon Gift Card $$$

Who doesn’t love Amazon? It’s hard to come by someone who doesn’t.

At Wealth of Geeks, we love shopping at Amazon, whether it's to purchase a new drone, pick up a wireless gaming router, or add to our collection of killer sci-fi novels.  Amazon has some of the best prices going. However, if you do a little planning before your big purchase, you can score free Amazon gift cards and save some serious coin.

Luckily, now it’s easier than ever to find free Amazon gift cards. From online shopping sites to credit card reward programs, you can find freebies and free money at every turn. You can even earn free gift cards by playing games, watching videos nowadays.

So, if you’re ready to pad your wallet with some Amazon cash, here are the best ways to get gift cards from Amazon.

24 Great Ways to Score a Free Amazon Gift Card

There are so many ways to earn cash back in the form of gift cards, even within 24 hours. From taking online surveys, shopping online, or getting your family to watch videos, you're bound to find something that works for you. Check out these 22 great ways to score a free Amazon gift card, and let us know in the comments which ones have worked for you!

Earn Cashback From Games and Ads

1. Get Paid to Play Mobile Games

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Mistplay is an Android app that pays users gift cards online for discovering and playing mobile games. Users earn points playing various games online that can then be converted to Google Play, Steam credit, and Amazon gift cards.

You won't get rich playing free games on Mistplay. However, if you enjoy playing free online games, Mistplay is an excellent way to earn free Amazon cards. Let's face it; you were going to play games anyway, so you might as well get paid.

Join Mistplay

Note: Unfortunately, Mistplay is Android only, so IOS users will have to sit out this round.

2. Earn Amazon Gift Cards with S'more

S'more is an Android lock screen rewards app that lets users earn points in exchange for placing ads on your lock screen. Every day you have the S'more app installed, you will earn points. Regardless of how many times you see it,  points are added to your account.

All that is necessary is that you use your phone as you usually would get paid.

Want to earn an Amazon gift card faster?

You can complete paid surveys and use the refer a friend feature to get more points. Once you've earned enough points, you'll be able to redeem them for gift cards from retailers, including Amazon.com, Target, CVS, GameStop, Starbucks, and more.

Download S'more

Best Cashback Apps and Sites

3. Get Up to 40% Cash Back with Your Favorite Retailers

MyPoints US CPL Banner 728x90 Shop Earn Rewards 1

With the MyPoints app, receive discount codes and earn Amazon gift cards. You can earn up to 40% cashback with over 2,000 retailers. Like other rewards programs, you can earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and browsing the internet.

However, with MyPoints, they have included extra activities that you may find more enjoyable, such as playing games.

You can then cash out your points for free gift cards or can transfer your funds via PayPal.

And, if you sign up today, you can get a $10 bonus for just registering.

Join MyPoints

4. Search the Web with Swagbucks

336x280 Earn Gift Cards

If you love browsing the web, try using Swagbucks. With Swagbucks, you can take surveys, watch videos, shop online, and more to earn gift cards from sites like Amazon. You can shop over 1,500 retailers to earn Swagbucks points for every dollar you spend.

Plus, you can get access to promotions and exclusive deals with the retailers you love. If you enjoy a mindless online activity, you may like using Swagbucks. Turn your boredom into free gift cards and fast cash.

And, if this deal wasn’t sweet enough, you can get a $10 bonus for just signing up.

Sign up with Swag Bucks

5. Let Drop Help You Complete Your Daily Transactions


All you have to do is link your debit or credit card with the Drop app to start earning gift cards from Amazon. Then, shop at your favorite retailers and start racking up your points. Once you have enough Drop points, you can redeem them anywhere you want.

Earning free gift cards for completing your daily transactions may seem too good to be true. But it’s not. Check out Drop today and see for yourself how many gift cards you can start earning with no effort.

Download Drop

6. Link Your Debit Card to Dosh and Instantly Earn $5

Simply download the Dosh app and connect your credit and debit cards. If you’re worried about the security of using the app, they use bank-level encryption technology to keep all of your information safe and sound.

Next, use your card to shop with over 1000 retailers and restaurants and earn 10% cashback on all of your purchases. Your cashback rewards will be kept in your Dosh wallet until you’re ready to transfer them to your bank or PayPal account.

While you can’t redeem your points for gift cards, you can spend your funds however you would like, including making Amazon purchases.

If you refer your friends and family members, you can get $5 for every referral that signs up.

Get the Dosh App

7. Use the Ibotta App to Grocery Shop

Do you like saving money with coupons but hate the hassle of clipping them? Then Ibotta may be a perfect match for your shopping needs. Ibotta gives you offers to save money on the products you buy every day. Once you upload your receipts to the app, you can get paid within 48 hours.

You can either select cashback or gift cards from retailers like Amazon, Apple, and Starbucks.

Also, you can participate as a team to build points faster than you would as an individual. So, if you want to earn gift cards from Amazon by grocery shopping with your friends, sign up for Ibotta.

Join Ibotta

8. Earn Money with Honey

Honey is a Chrome browser extension that follows you around the web when you shop and then applies the best coupon codes available. This helps you get the lowest prices on the items you want to buy with minimal effort.

For every 1,000 points you earn from shopping. You get a free $10 Amazon gift card. From Sephora to Marriott stays, you’ll get the best deal possible by using the Honey extension.

If you hate searching for promotional codes, download Honey today.

Install the Honey extension

9. Turn Receipts into Rewards with ReceiptPal

ReceiptPal app lets you work towards earning gift cards, store cards, and cash prizes for submitting receipts. Download ReceiptPal and capture your paper receipts, or connect your email or Amazon account. Then you can start earning points for every receipt.

In addition to earning free Amazon gift cards, you’ll be automatically entered into our weekly sweepstakes for cash prizes.

Get the ReceiptPal App

10. Make Money Online with MrRebates

Mr. Rebates is an easy way to earn cash gift cards from Amazon. Like the other apps, you get paid when you make your purchases through them. Just make sure that they have the best deal for your money.

You can access Mr. Rebates deals through their website, browser extension, or mobile app. Once you make a purchase, they credit your account, which can be turned into Amazon.com gift cards, a physical check, or PayPal payment. This is an easy way to make extra money.

If you refer friends and family to their program, you'll have even more points credited to your account. This means that if they sign up using your code and purchase something, you'll get 20% of what their cashback was.

So, if they get $25 cash back, you'll get a $5 bonus. Just remember that these earnings don't turn into rewards until your account totals $10.

Get Mr. Rebates

Best Money-Saving Apps

11. Save Money with Trim

While this solution won't directly give you a gift card, It can save you stacks of dough, and cash is accepted virtually everywhere.

Trim is a virtual personal assistant that works 24/7 to help you cut your expenses.

Simply sign up and connect Trim with your financial institutions, and Trim will start analyzing your recurring expenses and subscriptions to find opportunities for you to have money.

Join Trim

Trim will analyze your accounts to find recurring subscriptions and determine where you can save more money. Trim cancels subscriptions, negotiates your Comcast bill, finds you better car insurance, and more.

12. Get Your Money Back With Cushion!

We have all been there; you forget to transfer money between PayPal and your checking, or maybe forgot to cancel a bill, and you end up getting hit with a bank fee.

Cushion uses AI to monitor your accounts and contacts your financial institutions to attempt to get back any of your bank fees; if Cushion is successful, they get a cut of the fee.

Hopefully, you are following our budget advice and having an emergency fund, so you often don't make these mistakes. However, if you slip up, the Chusion app can put some money back in your pocket.

It's your money. We get it back. Cushion negotiates bank, and financial fees, so you get the most from your accounts. Users can save $100s dollars by using Cushion.

Taking Paid Online Surveys

13. Take Surveys with InboxDollars


Brands you love, pay InboxDollars for getting customer input. Like you, they then recruit members to give these brands feedback by completing online activities such as watching videos or taking surveys. Then you can receive money by completing everyday online tasks.

While you may not get rich, you can still earn some hefty Amazon gift cards for minimal work.

For signing up for InboxDollars right now, you can earn an additional $5 Amazon gift card.

Join InBoxDollars

14. Use One Opinion to Earn Fast and Easy Rewards

One Opinion is a survey site that has several methods of earning. Their surveys allow you to earn points. For every 1,000 points, you earn you can receive $1 toward a gift card of your choice. However, to redeem your points, you must reach 25,000 points You must reach (or $25).

With One Opinion, members provide feedback in exchange for points. With your help, your opinions may even influence the products and services you see in the future.

15. Get Credit for Your Participation with Survey Junkie

If you're looking for another easy way to earn some cash, try completing online surveys with Survey Junkie. It's one of those survey sites where you can earn rewards for PayPal cash or free e-gift cards. It's super simple. Using survey sites to receive PayPal cash has never been easier!

You build a profile to get matched with appropriate brands and then give your opinion to improve their products and services. The result? You can cash in those rewards for a free amazon gift card.

Check Out this Survey Junkie Review

More Ways to Earn Amazon Gift Cards

16. Check Out Instagram Giveaways

Influencers and companies are always trying to capture the attention of the audience. They sometimes do this by giving away free stuff like free Amazon gift cards. Giveaway rules can vary by account, but typically you may have to follow the account, which is giving the item away.

Then you will need to figure out how to enter and wait and see if you win. One of the best ways to find these opportunities is to enter different hashtags into your search bar. Some of these hashtags may include:

  • #sweepstakes
  • #freebie
  • #giveaway
  • #contest

Instagram allows users to follow hashtags, which means you may not have to search very far for free giveaways.

17. Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards with Fetch Rewards

Everyone needs to shop for groceries, but you can take it one step further by scanning your receipts to earn Amazon gift cards quickly. That's where Fetch Rewards comes in.

It's as simple as scanning your receipts, earning points, and getting rewards. Fetch Rewards matches your purchase to any of their participating products from any store and gives you points towards gift cards.

Once you have accumulated as little as 3,000 points, you can turn them into gift cards. Additionally, if you refer a friend or a family member, you will both earn bonus points of 2,000 each.

Earn free Amazon credit fast with Fetch Rewards

18. Get a Card Code with Personal Capital

Looking for a way to get your finances in check? Personal Capital may be exactly what you need. It's an app that tracks your budget, investments, cash flow, and goals all in one place. Once you link all of your accounts, the dashboard will give you a comprehensive look at how you are doing financially.

Better yet, if you sign up for free today, you may also earn a $20 Amazon gift card (depending on their promotion).

19. Complete Tasks with Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk or MTurk is a crowdsourcing marketplace that connects individuals with businesses to outsource some of their work. These tasks could include activities such as research or data validation.

For the work you complete, you can either earn cash or Amazon.com gift cards. If you enjoy completing tasks for extra money, MTurk can be a great way to earn gift cards.

20. Apply for Credit Cards with Rewards

If you’re using a credit card that isn’t giving you cashback rewards, you may want to explore other card options. With just about every card offering cash back rewards, it’s not hard to find one that suits your needs.

From Amazon-branded cards to other credit card companies that offer cashback at Amazon, you have plenty of options for earning free Amazon gift cards. For example, the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card offers a $50 Amazon gift card once you’re approved.

Also, if you’re an Amazon Visa Signature Cardholder, you get extra travel benefits such as no foreign transaction fees, lost luggage reimbursement, and more.

But, if you apply for a new card, make sure you use it responsibly. Irresponsible use of your credit can put you in a sticky financial situation.

21. Opt for Late Amazon Prime Deliveries

Many people are accustomed to free two-day shipping with their Amazon Prime membership. However, did you know that sometimes you can score an additional gift card code for delaying delivery? They tend to offer this at checkout, so be sure to keep your eye out to increase your gift card's balance.

Additionally, if your Amazon Prime delivery is ever late, let customer service know. They may offer you a gift card code as compensation.

22. Ask for Amazon Gift Cards as Gifts

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew exactly what to buy your friends and family? Giving cash gifts for others can be a bit of a challenge. So, why not tell your friends and family exactly what you want for gifts?

Telling your loved ones exactly what you want will save them the time and effort of shopping for unique gifts.

23. Spot Jobs and Get Rewarded

JobSpotter by Indeed may be the easiest way to earn cash in the form of Amazon gift cards. If you're driving along and happen to see a help wanted or now hiring sign, snap a picture in their app of both the sign and the storefront.

Next, you'll earn anywhere from $0.05 to $1.50 for reach picture, which can be allocated toward Amazon gift cards.

24. Promote Bing with Microsoft Rewards for an Amazon.com Gift Card

Microsoft launched this program to help get the word out about their search engine. They want it to be used by the masses even though it's in direct competition with Google.

It's truly a lazy way to collect free rewards. Each time you need to search for something on the internet, log in to Bing, and you'll get 5 points for each search you enter. That means that you'll earn a $5 Amazon.com gift card each time you reach 1,050 searches. For most people, that's an easy feat!

If you want to get there even quicker, make Bing your preferred search engine on your computer.

Are you ready to turn Bing rewards into Amazon.com gift cards?

How To Redeem Your Free Amazon Gift Card

The easiest way to redeem your Amazon gift card is to complete the following steps.

  1. Head over to Amazon.com
  2. Login to your account.
  3. In the menu, click on “Your Account.”
  4. Next, at the top, you should see an option to go to “Gift cards.”
  5. Click on “Redeem a Gift Card” and enter your claim code.
  6. Finally, hit “Apply to your balance,” and you're set with your bonus cash.

Remember that once you redeem your gift card, it can't be transferred to another person. The good news is that your gift card balance doesn't expire, though. You can start adding items to your cart immediately.

4 Bonus Tips: How To Get Free Amazon Gift Card Codes

If you're looking for the quickest ways to maximize your savings while also earning gift card rewards, check out the tips below. You can implement these ideas while also using free Amazon gift cards for the ultimate way to save your wallet.

#1. Activate Cashback Apps

Many strategies can be implemented to save you money with your online shopping. You'll be happy to know that taking surveys online is not the only way to do this. The best first step to earn cash back is to activate any available cashback apps.

Start by signing up for the following:

Whenever you're looking to make a purchase, check to see which of these apps will offer the best deal. Then, be sure to place your order through their platform. Many cashback sites have browser extensions that you can install to keep track of this easily. These apps offer easy ways to earn cash back shopping for everyday items.

#2. Use Coupon Code

In addition to activating your cashback, many of these sites will also offer promo codes at checkout for money off your order. Honey and RetailMeNot are great options to start with.

#3. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Another way to maximize your savings is to purchase discounted gift cards from sites like Gift Card Granny or CardPool. If your cashback, coupon code, and Amazon gift cards aren't enough to cover your purchase, this tip may do the trick!

The Takeaway

Finding free Amazon gift cards is now easier than ever. By signing up for these sites and using these tips and tricks, you will stockpile a boatload of Amazon gift cards in no time.

What are you waiting for? Get shopping today!

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