How To Get Free Gas Cards and Cheap Gas

Buying gas for your car can be an obnoxious task.

As you fill your car up, you watch your money tick away on the pump. It may leave you wondering how to get a free gas offer. If filling up your tank is breaking the bank, you might want to investigate earning free gas gift cards or earning points that help to reduce how much you pay at the pump.

Whether you want to earn free gas gift cards, receive significant discounts at the pump, or a mix of the two, there are several ways for you to reduce or eliminate your gas expense.

Earn Free Gas Cards Online

If you want to earn free and discounted gas cards in exchange for performing small tasks online, you’re in luck. Several websites allow you to sign up and start earning points toward free gas cards right away.


Swagbucks US CPL Banner 300x250 Earn Gift Cards

Swagbucks is a rewards and loyalty-program operator and one of the most popular survey sites available. They give users $5 just for signing up and have a high reward-per-survey ratio. Users must be over 18 and can earn several dollars per survey. The average survey pays between $0.25 and $0.50, and they pay their users in either free gift cards or through PayPal.

Swagbucks is known for having many ways to earn money. Like other sites, polls and surveys are their bread and butter. Swagbucks also allows users to monetize their searches. Swagbucks has a search engine, and if users use this instead of Google or Safari, they can earn Swagbucks. Additionally, users can make money from playing games on the platform. The final way to earn money on the site is to watch videos. Users can earn a few cents per video toward their Swagbucks balance.

When it comes time to cash out, users can cash out with as little as $3 in earnings. This means that if you sign up and receive the $5 sign-up bonus and start taking surveys right away, you could earn a gas gift card today.

Join Swagbucks

MyPoints US CPL Banner 300x250 Online Activity

MyPoints has been serving customers for over two decades. They offer paid surveys and pay people for shopping online if done through their platform. First, users sign up online. Then, they start shopping online they way they usually would, but they must first access the retailer they are shopping with from MyPoints’ online platform. Users earn up to 25 points per dollar they spend online and get to redeem points for gift cards, including gas cards.

Every day, the rewards available on the MyPoints website change. Therefore, if you want to cash out for a gas gift card but do not see one for a gas station near you, you can continue to check back. Visa gift cards are almost always available, and you can also choose to cash out. Even if you can’t purchase a gas card, you can use the cash or another gift card to buy your gas.

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Survey Junkie

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Survey Junkie is an online survey website that focuses on gathering general consumer information. They connect companies that need market research with individuals in their respective markets. These people take surveys through the Survey Junkie website in exchange for cash. Users can use the website or download the app to sign up. Survey Junkie ‘pays’ 100-200 points per completed survey.

Survey takers can exchange their points for cash or online gift cards. The minimum cash out is $10. If you do not want to purchase gas cards with your Survey Junkie earnings, you can take the cash option then choose to spend it on gas.

Join Survey Junkie

Earn Free Gas Cards With Daily Purchases

If you buy groceries, gas, and other items already, you might be able to leverage these purchases to earn free gas. Gas prices tend to skyrocket nowadays, so wouldn’t it be nice to have some gas rewards programs and other discounted gas rewards points to lower gas prices? Many credit card companies offer cash back rewards in the form of gift cards, and your local grocery store or gas station might have a program that helps shoppers earn free gas at their affiliated gas stations.

Credit Card Rewards

Many credit cards have travel rebates or travel rewards. This helps to inspire customer loyalty. For example, the Best Western credit card lets you accumulate points to use in exchange for free nights in their hotels. However, this card and other travel credit cards also allow users to redeem their points for fuel at participating gas stations.

Credit cards often have an online portal that allows you to log in and choose how you will use your credit card points. Search this portal for gas card promotions and redemptions and order your gas cards from here. Before you take out your next credit card, be sure to evaluate what the annual fee on it is and what gas stations will allow you to redeem your points.

Collect Grocery Store Gas Points

Many grocery stores have gas stations that they affiliate with. They have created programs that give you points to use on gas when you purchase certain items in their stores. For example, generic brand cereal might not earn you any points, but if you are buying Cheerios, you might get $0.05 off on each gallon of gas you purchase.

You can maximize these purchases by buying groceries on your credit card. This way, you’ll earn credit card points at the same time as collecting points at your local grocery store. You can start saving a few cents at the pump while earning credit card points to redeem for free gas.

Some of the most popular grocery store gas points programs nationwide are:

  • Giant Food & Drugstores. For every 100 points you collect by making eligible purchases, you get $0.10 off per gallon of gas you purchase. Members of this program can track their points online and will receive special promotions to their email inbox to help them maximize purchases.
  • Kroger Fuel Program. If you are a Kroger customer, you can win points every time you shop at Kroger. Every dollar you spend earns you a point, and you can earn double points on certain purchases.
  • Safeway Rewards Program. This program allows you to earn vouchers for fuel purchases at Chevron, Exxon, Texaco, and Mobil gas stations. For every dollar you spend in Safeway stores, you make one point. One hundred points earn you $0.10 off per gallon at certain gas stations. Use the Safeway app to find which gas stations you can redeem points at.
  • HyVee Fuel Saver. When you shop at HyVee stores, certain items will earn you discounts on gas. You can create an account online and start purchasing right away. When you save money in the grocery store, you can also save money at the pump.

Join Gas Station Rewards Programs

Sometimes, the best rewards programs are loyalty programs. If you know that you always purchase your gas from the same gas station or brand, you should sign up for a gas station rewards program. While each one has different parameters, they all operate similarly.

If you have cards for free gas that you’ve redeemed from survey sites or credit card points, you can use gas station rewards programs to help your gift cards stretch farther. For example, if you fill your 10-gallon tank at $2.50 per gallon, your gas bill would come to $25. If you receive $0.10 off per gallon with a gas station rewards card and had earned a $20 gas card, your final gas bill would only be $2.50.

When you purchase gas from the same gas station regularly, you can earn a few cents off per gallon. Some of our favorite loyalty programs for free gas include:

  • Shell Fuel Rewards. When you shop at Shell gas stations and general stores as well as their partners, you can earn points. Most members receive at least $0.03-0.05 off per gallon of gas. They will also launch exclusive offers for members to maximize their points. It’s one of the best ways to get free gas money for your gas tank!
  • Exxon Mobil Rewards+ – Every dollar you spend with this program earns you a point. One hundred points earn you $1 off fuel, snacks, and other purchases at Exxon gas stations.
  • Speedway – When you join the Speedy Points program, you can earn points to get discounts on free gas vouchers and other items.
  • BPme Rewards – All members automatically receive $0.05 off every gallon of gas they purchase. The program is free to join, and members get access to opportunities for further savings.

The Bottom Line

Most people need a car to get around. The expenses associated with driving can add up, but there are ways to reduce or eliminate your fuel expense with assistance programs, free gas vouchers/gasoline vouchers, and other legit ways to earn free gasoline. By earning free gas cards online as well as earning discounts on free gasoline vouchers, you can significantly reduce how much you pay for gas each month.

Almost every gas station in the United States has gas vouchers programs that help loyal shoppers save money on gasoline vouchers. Cashback points and savings programs make it so that you rarely need to pay what the gas station charges per gallon. These savings opportunities will help you to save money so that you can spend it on things you want.

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