Get Free Government Internet and Laptop (2022)

Check out some legit ways by which you can get Free Government Internet and Laptop in case of need.

Laptops and the internet have defined the new age. There are not many people around who can think about their lives without a technological device along with them. Although most people like to use mobile devices, laptops have also been widely used. But the common thread between laptops, computers, iPhones, and Android phones is the internet. Without the internet, all these tools kind of become useless. 

The government provides laptops and internet services mostly to the students out there. When students are able to crack a certain percentage of marks in the exams, they are honored with laptops and good internet services. It can do a couple of things:

  • Increasing expenses for government

The expenses of the government can increase when they provide free laptops and internet services. The basic objective of these expenses is to encourage students to do better. Gaining good marks in exams tells a great story about the hard work that the students have put in order to be so successful in the exams. It requires the government to motivate them in order to do so well in the future as well. At the end of the day, marks wouldn't even matter and it would be the skill set of a particular person. 

  • Motivation for the students 

It motivates students to do better in the exams to come in the future. The same students can go on to run the nation somewhere down the road. It is about nurturing them nicely and letting them know that what they have achieved is huge in its own rights. The best way to do so is by giving them laptops and internet services. It will also help them to get more resources for their study and a less flawed system to get educated too. The books are not always very accurate and internet services help you to download some other source of study material. 

How to get free government internet and laptop services?

Although laptops are mostly given to students for their amazing efforts in exams, it's made available in other fields as well. As a citizen of a country, you can do a lot of things in the right way in order to find the benefits on the part of the government. You need to follow a couple of steps in order to ensure if you actually can have government laptops and internet services or not. 

  • The first thing to be done is to check the eligibility. It depends on the government of a particular country. There are certain fields where it can provide laptops and internet services. You have to study those areas well. Once you are done studying, you have to analyze if you are eligible for free laptops and internet services, you should not hesitate to apply for them. But if you aren't, don't waste your time. There's no other way you can get these services for free. 
  • The next step would be to choose the laptop provider. Not all organizations producing laptops are giving away free products. You have to know which laptop provider is giving away its services for free. The same should be the case with the internet service provider. Choose the best of the lot so that you don't have to feel disappointed tomorrow when you use these services. 
  • You need to fill out the application form to apply for the services. There are certain things that you have to put down in it. Certain details regarding your citizenship, what you do and how you do it, your income levels, etc will have to be written down. Fill out this form carefully if you don't want to suffer from any problems in the near future. It's the most important step in this process too.
  • Once all of this is done and you have gone through all of the steps without any real trouble, you would be able to collect the laptop. You will be asked to come to a particular office where you can get the laptop or internet services. Although this step can take a lot of time before getting completed. The processing in anything involving the government is anyway very big so you have to show a bit of patience here. Make sure you check the device on the spot since the chances of getting a defective item are pretty big as well. 

Sources to get Government laptops and internet:

There are various sources through which you can get government laptops and internet services. Some of the major ones them are as follows:- 

1. Government assistance

The most used and obvious way to get a government laptop and internet services for free is through government assistance itself. There are new guidelines every year which change everything regarding who should be able to get the laptops and internet services. Sometimes, a particular class is added who would be able to avail the services for free so you should always keep a check on it. 

2. United way

United Way is one of the organizations in North America which has worked toward social services. It's a nonprofit organization so the main purpose is to serve society one way or the other. There's a program called 2-1-1 where it makes available resources to the people of its state, those who would need those resources. As we all know, technological stuff has become pivotal in day-to-day life but some people cannot afford it. You don't have to worry cause United way will be able to provide it to you, go to their website in order to understand the working of the organization better. 

3. Freecycle

Freecycle provides stuff for free, to the weaker section of the society economically. The scope of this organization is all over the world. They need a valid reason on your part to provide anything to you for free. If you badly need it and you can turn your life around with its use, Freecycle will be more than happy to provide the services to you. The problem is that there's a large queue looking for the same stuff. So you will have to show some patience before your turn, be ready to give a good reason so that the organization doesn't hesitate to give free services to you. 

4. State department of social services

This is a government department working solely for the needs of the people. Every state has a different motive to serve its people. They work around all the non-profit organizations. While non-profit organizations might be working towards serving people as well, they cannot locate everyone in need. State department of social services has all the data of people living in a particular state and who would need a laptop or internet services for free. In that way, the fraudulent activities wouldn't take place either as most reliable data will be available in order to make a certain kind of decision. 

5. Get Causes

Another charity group that has made a name for itself is Get Causes. But how do Get Causes really work? So they collect laptops and internet services from people who would like to donate them in order to serve the lower section of society. This charity mostly works toward serving the family of people belonging to the army. Some of these have lost their lives serving the country. Get causes tries to repay them and their families back in some capacity. You can fill the online form through their website in order to get the laptop and internet services. 

6. Computer with causes

It serves almost the same purpose as that of Get Causes. This organization also collects laptop and internet services from the people who don't need it anymore as they might have gone for a better version of the same. But they don't strictly serve the Indian army. They work round the clock to find those people who would need it, regardless of their profession and their past. This organization understands the value of these technologies in the current day and age. If they are distributed nicely amongst all classes, the gap between rich and poor can be decreased. 


This works specifically for the United States of America. In order to qualify to get the laptop, you need to be a citizen of this country. ONIT would require you to send your income details in order to understand if you deserve the laptop or not. If the income level is above the requirements, your application form would be rejected. ONIT serves a very restricted section of people. The reason is that most people are looking for these services for free. So the chances of the purpose getting lost are very high. If you want to learn more, you can log into the website of ONIT where all the instructions are given. 

8. The United way 211

Unlike most of the other organizations and resources on this list, The United way 211 doesn't work specifically to provide laptops and internet services to the people in need. They work to provide any kind of resources that are required by a particular section of society. It comes as no surprise that laptops and internet services prove to be a very useful resource for everyone, in fact, it is one of the best resources out there. Through this website, you can get any resources you would like to have, given that you fulfill the requirements. 

10. Komputers 4 R kids

This is an organisation that collects donations from various sources. They go for business houses, politicians, and celebrities who are looking to serve society. Through these donations, Komputers 4 R kids make available laptops and services in the schools. Some of the schools are meant for poor people and do not have enough money to make IT classes available to their students. Through Komputers 4 R kids, they can solve this problem easily. The main objective is to help students study better and gain maximum knowledge. 

11. Technology for the future

While Komputers 4 R kids are meant for the children, Technology for the future sets its sight on the college students. The organization is very youth-centered as well. They have got enough digital resources available to them. They get donations from the people in terms of money and assets. The resources might have variety but once they use the same money and assets, it is driven towards buying digital stuff. It can include laptops, internet services, mobile phones, etc. They provide it to these college students so that maximum benefits can be attained out of them. 

12. Uncle Sam Non-profit

The objective is to help out the families with low income. Uncle Sam Non-profit for free laptop works solely to provide laptops to these families. Moreover, the internet is provided at a discounted rate. You can use these internet services at a high-speed connection without paying the exact price, you will have to pay a much lesser amount. The only setback is that Uncle Sam Non-profit doesn't have these services available readily all the time so you might have to wait a lot even if you are eligible to get the laptop and internet services. 

13. Everyone On

The main objective is to make people understand the value of digital learning. This organization understands the value of computers and how it can impact human life in a positive way. Everyone On can quickly provide you the results. Even if they don't have services available with them on the spot, they will provide those contacts which can make the services available at little to no cost. Moreover, they keep visiting government schools and help the kids studying there to understand how they can get helped through this organization. 

Concluding: Get Free Government Internet and Laptop

These are some of the organizations that will be able to provide you laptops and internet services. You have to understand the importance of technology in this day and age. If these services are not affordable to you, quickly go to the website of any of these organizations to get them. They make your life a lot easier and the sources to get knowledge widens!