Want Free Money? It Is Easier (And Safer) Than You Think

Believe it or not, free money is not only possible, but it's actually quite easy.

You need to know where to look and how to find opportunities for some easy cash.

From playing games to just making the same purchases you'd ordinarily make, free money is available everywhere.

The fact is businesses want you to use their stuff, shop at stores, and give your opinion. And, many of them are ready and willing to pay you to do just that. And that's 100% free money.

23 Ways To Get Free Money

1: Mistplay


Mistplay is an Android-specific application that offers users the opportunity to play games in exchange for monetary reward. The app launched in 2017, focusing on providing users an environment in which they can participate in games in exchange for prizes.

What we like about Mistplay is that instead of in-game currency, you can earn Goolgle Play, Xbox gift cards, and more.

Mistplay users are eligible for compensation the minute they begin playing. It’s as easy as browsing the available inventory and selecting a game to play. However, if you want to maximize your income potential, make sure you note the games that offer higher value rewards.

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2: Fetch Rewards

UAC ReceiptCashCTA 03

Fetch Rewards lets you scan your receipts, earn points, and get rewards. The easiest way to earn points with Fetch Rewards is to shop for the products you already love. If you have any participating brands on your receipt, you'll get points based on the products' cost.

And, every time you refer someone and they sign up with your unique referral code, you'll both get 2,000 bonus points when they complete their first receipt. There is no limit to the number of referral bonuses you can earn. Really. No limits. Refer everyone you know and watch the points come rolling in.

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3: Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a huge platform that lets you earn points by shopping online, answering surveys, watching videos, searching the web, and playing games. You'll get coupon codes and free gift cards with the points that you earn.

Redeem points for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get cashback from Paypal. Swagbucks has already paid out over $405,477,237 in cash and free gift cards.

If you’re looking for a passive way to earn free gift cards, you can upload the Swagbucks search engine and use it as your primary means of online research.

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4: Inboxdollars


Consumers come to InboxDollars to earn free money. Sponsors come to InboxDollars to reach consumers, promote their products, and hopefully secure sales through brand awareness. It offers its users real cash. Not gift cards or points, but real money in your pocket. It’s why it’s one of the most appealing sites for people looking to generate a little extra income.

You can elect to receive your money in the form of a check or via PayPal. However, you can’t cash out until you reach the minimum threshold of $30.00. That’s not a one-time thing. Anytime you want to receive your money, you must reach that amount.

When you reach the $30.00 amount, you have two choices. The first is to pay a $3.00 processing fee and receive your remaining earned income of $27.00. If you prefer not to pay a processing fee, you can choose to defer your payment until you reach the next threshold, often $10 more, for an even $40.00.

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5: Rakuten (Previously Ebates)


Rakuten provides a first-time user a gift card as a reward. When you sign up for Rakuten, you’re prompted to choose between a $10 gift card to Walmart or Rakuten Cash. After you sign up, make sure you’re using Rakuten when shopping. Once you’ve made your first Rakuten purchase of at least $25, you will receive your $10 gift card.

Rakuten's more significant benefit is the cash you earn back from shopping from retailers that use the platform. Depending on what you buy and from whom, you earn cashback. While the savings are often minimal, you will start to collect some healthy pocket change over time. This will save you a decent amount of money in the long run.

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6: Kashkick

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Your insights help companies grow, so they are happy to pay you for your time and effort. Just sit back and watch the money pile up as you complete your missions.

KashKick offers the lowest payout thresholds on the market, and we deposit your money quickly, securely, and conveniently – starting at just $5 at a time.

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7: Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie lets you earn points for every survey that you complete. Then, trade those points for PayPal cash or electronic gift cards.

They usually seek participants for specific demographic studies. They offer a wide selection of surveys that will provide several options. You’re bound to find at least a few that fit your needs.

Surveys generate between 100-200 points. One thousand points are the equivalent of $10.00. Participants can cash out via PayPal or select to earn gift cards. For more details on Survey Junkie, check out a previous review we conducted, where we give insight about the process involved in obtaining freebies.

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8: Trim

While this solution won’t directly give you a gift card, It can save you stacks of dough, and cash is accepted virtually everywhere.

Trim is a virtual personal assistant that works 24/7 to help you save money.

Sign up and connect Trim with your financial institutions, and Trim will start analyzing your recurring expenses and subscriptions to find opportunities for you to have money.

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9: S'More

S'more is a lock screen rewards app that allows you to earn points in exchange for placing ads and other content on your cell phone's lock screen.

Every day we'll give you points in exchange for having the S'more lock screen installed, and regardless of how many times you see it, you'll have points added to your account. Just use your phone regularly and get paid.

With S'more, you can earn points, complete paid surveys, get bonus offers (like free trials), and refer bonuses when you get your friends to signup.

To earn points, you DO NOT need to learn more about every ad or try to see as many ads as you can. Continue to use your lock screen the way you usually do. You won't earn more for viewing as many ads as you can.

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Additional Ways To Earn Free Money

10. Paribus

The process with Paribus is simple. You shop online. Paribus monitors the prices of the things that you bought. Then, you'll get money back when the app identifies potential savings. Easy free money.

Paribus helps users save money on their purchases by monitoring retailer policies, such as price protection, across 25+ retailers and late deliveries from select retailers.

It automatically scans for online shopping receipts and monitors for price drops and shipping delays. Depending on the retailer, Paribus automatically files a claim or helps users contact the retailer to get those savings back. Many users are excited when they’re alerted that they’ve gotten money back without any hassle!

Paribus does the heavy lifting for you, saving busy consumers time and effort while ensuring that they get the best deals online.

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11. Dosh

With Dosh, connect your credit card, shop and dine out (and get up to a whopping 10% cashback), get paid by referring your friends, and transfer your cash out to do whatever you'd like with it.

Dosh is one of the easiest-to-use apps in the business for getting cash back by spending money as you usually do. It's simple, secure, and a breeze to use. No receipts. Just spend money using credit cards that you've connected with and enjoy some cashback.

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12. Rebatekey

RebateKey works like those old mail-in rebates, just faster! Enter your order ID on the RebateKey website and get up to 100% cash bate rebates from trusted retailers.

Use the Google Chrome extension to discover the latest deals or browse them on their website. Everything from Polaroid cameras to SD card readers to headlamps and wristwatches is available.

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13. Healthy Wage

This one is a little different, but Healthy Wage offers free money (cashback) to lose weight and get into shape through weight loss challenges that result in cash prizes.

You're betting on weight loss, up to a $10,000 team challenge. Not only do you get in shape, but Healthy Wage incentivizes your weight loss regime. It works. Even small cash rewards can increase the effectiveness of weight loss and step programs.

People are more effective at losing weight and getting more active when their own money is at risk, and social networks play a large role in the spread of obesity. They will likely play a significant role in reversing obesity.

Give it a try.

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14. Drop

Drop lets you shop at the brands that you love and automatically get rewarded. From your first coffee to your late-night food delivery, Drop enables you to conduct your business straight from the app.

Start earning points by shopping at the brands you know and love. Drop members can earn points from buying through the app and instantly redeem rewards with all of their favorite brands. Members can also link debit and/or credit cards to automatically earn points from select brands, eliminating the need to scan receipts or sign up for additional loyalty programs. One thousand points are equal to $1.00.

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15. Prizerebel

PrizeRebel is a FREE membership rewards site. They've partnered with many market research companies looking for your opinion on new products or would like you to be a member of their website. In return for your time and participation, you will earn points that you can redeem for brand name gift cards, online game codes, Amazon.com items, and PayPal cash!

By spreading the word about PrizeRebel and inviting others to sign up through your referral URL, these new members become your referrals. As they earn points through offers, surveys, tasks, offer walls, daily points, or videos, you will receive a percentage of points based on their earnings.

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16. Mysoapbox

MySoapBox is an online market research community. They collect feedback from members on products, services, and experiences. The most successful brands depend on MySoapBox members to evaluate how they are doing, what they need to do better, and what they should create in the future. In return, you get paid to provide your opinion.

You don't get paid in straight cash. Instead, you get paid in points that can be redeemed for gift cards to places like Amazon, restaurants, retailers like Home Depot and Walmart, and many other businesses.

At this time, 1,000 points are equal to $1.00.

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17. Shopkick

With Shopkick, earn free money (via gift cards) while shopping at your favorite stores. Find deals at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Walgreens, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, eBay, Groupon, and more by scanning barcodes on select products and submitting a purchase receipt. Purchase with a linked credit card to make the process even more comfortable.

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18. Mypoints

With MyPoints, you will earn up to 40% back by shopping at your favorite stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot, and Amazon.

Start shopping at MyPoints.com and find the latest promo codes and deals for thousands of stores. Earn Points on every dollar you spend. Follow the links and let the shopping begin. Points will be added to your account when your order is reported to us.

Then, cash out your points whenever you want for your favorite gift card or get a transfer to your PayPal account.

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19. Honey

Honey is a Chrome extension that follows you around the web when you shop and then applies the best coupon codes available. This helps you get the lowest prices on the items you want to buy with minimal effort.

For every 1,000 points, you earn from shopping. You get a free $10 Amazon gift card. From Sephora to Marriott stays, you’ll get the best deal possible by using the Honey extension.

If you hate searching for promotional codes, download Honey today.

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20. Chums Referral

Chums is a referral program that rewards you for your referrals. Create a profile. Add all the brands that you love to it. Rate the brand, add a review for it, and add your discount code for it. Share your code with friends or share your profile on social media to recommend your favorite brands to your community.

Get paid by the brands for sharing your review and referral codes with friends. The friend that you referred will also get a reward.

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21. Missing Money

Believe it or not, there is a bunch of unclaimed money out there. Like, a lot of it. Every year states receive lost and unclaimed money, property, or other assets, and Missing Money helps them find the rightful owners.

Conduct your free search for bank accounts, safe deposit box contents, uncashed checks, insurance policies, CDs, trust funds, utility deposits, stocks and bonds, wages, and escrow accounts.

If you get a result, claim the property and fill out the requested details, then submit, and you will receive instructions on the next steps from the state where you will make a claim.

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22. Seated

Dine out. Earn big. Get up to 30% back when you dine at the best restaurants. It literally pays you to eat out. After dining, snap a picture of your receipt and get rewarded with free money that can be spent at places like Amazon, Airbnb, Sephora, and more.

Try Seated to get rewarded for doing what you do best.

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23. Ibotta

Use the Ibotta App during your grocery shopping to find discounts and deals.

To earn free money (gift cards), you have to do a little leg work once your shopping is complete. When you’re done using the Ibotta App for your purchases, save your receipt. When you get home, upload your receipt to redeem for cash or gift cards.

A cool feature with this particular app is the ability to use it as a “team.” Instead of gathering discounts as an individual, a family or group of friends can create a team of users who combine their shopping savvy to receive the most discounts and redemptions.

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