Free PayPal Money: 24 Legit Ways To Get PayPal Cash Instantly (That Still Work in 2023)

How to instantly get free PayPal money

Yes, you can earn free PayPal money. But the key is, you'll have to “earn” it. Nobody's going to give you PayPal money or any other kind of money for nothing. But, if you're in a bind or want to make some extra cash on the side, earning money into your PayPal account is a solid option.

To help you find legit ways to make free PayPal money, we've tested and reviewed 87 apps and websites that all claim to pay you via PayPal, whether that's for completing microtasks, playing games, or doing surveys. We've found the best ways to make money with your PayPal account, making sure every item on our list is a legitimate opportunity that really pays you.

Our number one recommendation is InboxDollars, closely followed by Swagbucks. Both are legit, pay on time, have good signup bonuses (literally free money), and can pay you into PayPal. Plus, they have a really solid range of activities for you to participate in to keep things interesting. 

There are no scams on this list, only legit earning opportunities. Most involve completing simple tasks, playing games, watching videos, or participating in surveys. These are all popular options for earning extra money online, and they all pay out in actual cash.

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TL;DR: Top Picks

Best online survey site for PayPal cash: InboxDollars

Best gaming app to compete in cash tournaments: Solitaire Cash

Best cashback app for PayPal payments: Upside

Best place to sell your services for PayPal payments: Fiverr

How Can I Earn Free PayPal Money?

Some of the best ways to earn free PayPal money include online survey sites, cashback apps and plug-ins, shopping online, and watching videos.

Typically, you'll need to sell something or provide a service in exchange for a PayPal deposit. Some tactics will earn you money faster than others and without much effort. For example, you may earn cash rewards from a cashback app much more quickly than if you complete surveys.

You could also sell items online to earn additional money faster than you would if playing mobile games in your free time, depending, of course, on the type of items you were selling.

It is important to note that there are a lot of online scams, especially in the “earn money online” space. You must be diligent when providing personal information and opening emails from unknown users promising free PayPal money.

Additionally, do not trade your social security number in exchange for promises of cash. There are plenty of legit ways to earn free PayPal cash, so you should never agree to give anyone your social security number.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There's no such thing as free money, PayPal or otherwise. But you can earn PayPal money, often with minimal effort. 

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How To Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly: Online Survey Sites

Several apps and websites allow you to take surveys on your smartphone or computer. In exchange for your time and opinions, these websites give you real cash. It's easy to sign up to answer surveys on your mobile device.

While you won't earn enough money by completing online surveys to give up your day job, the great thing is that you can do it in your spare time – and some companies even offer sign-up bonuses.

1. InboxDollars: Turning Spare Time into Spare Cash

Join Inbox Dollars free and get paid to take surveys, shop online, try name-brand products, and play games online.

  • Real Cash Payments: Unlike many platforms that offer points or gift cards, InboxDollars rewards users with actual cash.
  • Lots of Ways to Earn: From surveys and video watching to coupon printing, there's a myriad of ways to earn.
  • PayPal Payouts: Once you've accumulated enough, you can cash out directly into your PayPal account.
  • $5 Signup Bonus: New users are greeted with a $5 bonus upon joining.
  • Mobile App: Thanks to the mobile app for Android and iOS, you can earn with InboxDollars wherever you are.

InboxDollars is a website that pays users for taking surveys, shopping online, and even playing games. It's a simple website to use and is perfect for expert multitaskers who want to earn some extra money while binge-watching their favorite TV shows.

InboxDollars is legit and pays in real PayPal cash. We like InboxDollars because it's easy to use, has been around since 2000, and has, as of 2023, paid its members over $60 million. 

It also tops our list of ways to earn PayPal cash quickly because it offers so many different tasks. You can earn money by watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys, among other things. 

If you're looking for an easy-to-use app that pays you for a variety of simple tasks, InboxDollars is the best choice. 

Get PayPal Cash With InboxDollars


2. Swagbucks: Easy PayPal Cash For Simple Tasks

Swagbucks is one of our top choices for taking surveys for cash, and once you meet the minimum earning threshold, you can choose how you get paid, including PayPal.

  • Multiple Earning Methods: Engage in activities like watching videos, shopping online, reading emails, and more to keep things interesting.
  • Real Cash Rewards: Accumulate SB points and redeem them for gift cards or PayPal deposits.
  • Established Reputation: With over $200 million given in gift cards and a growing membership of 12 million, Swagbucks is a trusted name in online rewards.
  • User-Friendly Mobile App: Available for both Android and iOS, the Swagbucks app ensures you can earn on the go.
  • Referral Program: Earn up to 1,000 points for each referral and receive 10% of their lifetime earnings.

They've got a generous signup bonus of $5 and have one of the highest reward-per-survey ratios around. There are plenty of options for earning extra cash, including watching videos, online shopping, reading emails, and playing games.

You get Swagbucks, or SB points, for every task you complete, and you can redeem these for cash when you reach the minimum payment threshold of $25. 

Get PayPal Cash With Swagbucks


3. Branded Surveys: Making Your Opinions Count

Branded Surveys, hailing from San Diego, California, is a reliable platform for earning extra cash through online surveys. We like Branded Surveys because they've been around since 2012, pay out quickly with a low payment threshold, and have a wide range of surveys and polls for you to take. 

  • Varied Earning Avenues: From regular surveys to daily polls, there are multiple ways to accumulate points.
  • Transparent Point System: Each Branded Survey point equates to one cent, making it clear how much you're earning. Accumulate 500 points, and you've got $5 ready for cash out.
  • Loyalty Rewards: The Branded Elite Program offers bonus points to dedicated survey takers, with badges and varying levels of rewards.
  • Referral Bonuses: Refer friends or family, and once they achieve a silver badge, you earn 50 points.
  • Sign-Up Bonus: New members receive a 100-point bonus, equivalent to $1, upon completing their profile and first survey.

Once you hit the $5 payout threshold, you can request your earnings to go into your bank account or PayPal account, and they should arrive in 1 to 3 business days. You can also redeem your rewards as gift cards.

While it's not a pathway to immense wealth, Branded Surveys offers a straightforward method to earn a bit extra, be it in cash or gift cards. If you're someone with opinions to share and time to spare, Branded Surveys is worth exploring.

Get PayPal Cash With Branded Surveys


4. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a great choice if you're in the United States, Canada, or Australia. It is primarily limited to surveys and focus groups. We like Survey Junkie because it has a lot of specialized surveys available, and some of the better focus group opportunities pay up to $150. 

  • Straightforward Earning Process: Participate in surveys tailored to your profile and accumulate points.
  • Transparent Rewards System: Each point on Survey Junkie is equivalent to a cent, making it easy to track your earnings. Reach 500 points, and you're eligible for a $5 payout.
  • Diverse Payment Options: Convert your points into gift cards or opt for cash, which can be transferred to your PayPal account.

Users earn points for each survey taken and can exchange the points for PayPal cash. The minimum cash-out amount is $10, and you can receive money in increments of $5.

Get PayPal Cash With Survey Junkie


5. Toluna Influencers

Another site that will give you free PayPal money for your opinion is Toluna Influencers. Get rewarded when you answer surveys, participate in online community polls and discussions, or play fun games.

Choose from multiple payment methods such as PayPal cash or free gift cards.

Get PayPal Cash With Toluna Influencers


6. KashKick

KashKick offers users a variety of ways to earn money. Play free games, take online surveys, and complete offers.

KashKick offers some of the most well-known games, a variety of surveys, and only requires you to earn $10 to cash out.

Get PayPal Cash With KashKick


Best Gaming Apps For PayPal Cash

If you have a bit of spare cash, have some gaming ability, and enjoy a wager, then competing in player vs. player tournaments online can be a fun way to get paid into PayPal. 

7. Solitaire Cash: Elevate Your Classic Card Game Experience

Classic card game meets exciting cash prizes in Solitaire Cash. Experience the thrill of competing in real-time tournaments while enjoying a real classic card game. I always loved Solitaire, since back in the days of yore – when desktop computers first started to become commonplace, and they came pre-loaded with Solitaire and MineSweeper, and the only way to access the internet was the unfathomably slow and noisy dialup connection. So, naturally, I love the challenge and nostalgia of Solitaire Cash.

  • Real Cash Tournaments: Engage in competitive cash tournaments and stand a chance to win genuine money.
  • Seamless Gaming Experience: With no ads to disrupt, immerse yourself fully in each game.
  • Earn While You Play: Beyond tournaments, accumulate in-game currency, ‘gems', either by watching short ads or using referral codes.
  • Free to Start: Download the app without any cost and begin your journey. While there are paid tournaments, there's also plenty to enjoy without spending a dime.

Solitaire Cash offers a refreshing twist on the traditional solitaire game, blending the challenge of the game with the exhilaration of earning. With millions of downloads and stellar reviews, it's one of the top-rated card game apps on both iOS and Google Play.

However, it's essential to approach with caution; while the potential for rewards is real, so is the risk when entering paid tournaments. And practice in the free games before you wager your hard-earned money.

Note: Players in AZ, IN, IA, LA, ME, MT, SC, and WA should be aware that cash tournaments are not available in these states.

Get PayPal Cash With Solitaire Cash


8. Bingo Cash: The Bingo Hall Reimagined for the Digital World

Download the free Bingo Cash app – available for iOS and Samsung devices – and enjoy an ad-free playing experience from the comfort of your couch.

Play free and paid games with players of similar skill so you can be sure you're playing a fair match. Participate in multiplayer tournaments and take on special challenges to earn real cash!

Bingo is undeniably fun. There's little skill involved, and everyone has the same chance to win per card as everyone else. And there are a few standout features of Bingo Cash that make it one of the best bingo apps with real cash prizes. 

  • Skill-Based Matchmaking: Play against opponents of similar skill levels, ensuring fair and competitive matches.
  • Ad-Free Gameplay: Dive into your games without any interruptions, ensuring a pure Bingo experience.
  • Multiple Ways to Play: Whether you're in the mood for free games or more competitive cash tournaments, Bingo Cash caters to all.
  • Shared Prize Pool: The top three players get to share the prize pool, making victories more attainable and rewarding.
  • Daily Rewards: Regular players are in for a treat with daily bonuses and rewards.

I really like the idea of the shared prize pot, because it makes winning more attainable, with the top 3 players receiving a share of the win. 

It's ranked as one of the most popular casino games on both iOS and Android and has a huge number of positive reviews. And it's just downright fun. It's free to download, and there are plenty of free bingo games to play if you're not ready to stake real money just yet. 

Note: Cash tournaments are not available in the following states: AZ, IA, LA, SC, and WA.

Get PayPal Cash With Bingo Cash


9. Bubble Cash

Popping bubbles on your phone in your spare time may not sound like a great way to earn some free PayPal money, but it is! Who doesn't love a good, old-fashioned bubble-popping game?

This game is really fun, blending the simplicity of bubble matching with the competitive edge of cash tournaments and head-to-head gameplay. I loved it from the get-go.

  • Skill-Based Matchups: Ensure every game is a fair challenge by getting paired with players of similar prowess.
  • Equal Playing Field: Every player gets the same layout, leveling the playing field and making the top three spots anyone's game.
  • Intuitive Gameplay: Simply tap, drag, aim, and release to match and pop bubbles. The goal? Clear the board faster than your opponents.
  • Ad-Free: Enjoy an immersive experience without the distraction of ads for an uninterrupted bubble-popping spree.
  • Daily Bonus Points: Regular players can look forward to daily opportunities to earn bonus points, adding to the excitement.

Bubble Cash offers a fresh twist on the classic bubble game, combining strategy, speed, and the thrill of competition. If you're an iPhone user, you're in for a real treat. Unfortunately, if you're an Android user, you can't access this game, though.

Download the Bubble Cash app to your Apple mobile device and get to work poppin' bubbles, collecting gems, and getting paid in real cash. Once you've used your wits, strategy, speed, and skill to best your opponents, you can have your winnings transferred to PayPal.

Note: Cash tournaments not available in AZ, AR, IA, LA, MD & SC.

Get PayPal Cash With Bubble Cash


10. Money Well

This gaming app rewards you for trying and playing new games on your mobile device. Be sure to allow the app to track your usage, as your rewards are based on the amount of time you play.

Money Well is a free Android-only app. Just download, play, and earn tickets you can redeem for free PayPal money.

Get PayPal Cash With Money Well


11. AppStation

Earn free gift cards and cash prizes with AppStation. Download this free Android app in the Google Play Store and get paid to play free games, take surveys, and refer friends.

Average earnings with AppStation range from 30 to 70 cents for each minute of gameplay. Once your earnings reach $10, you can cash out for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Get PayPal Cash With AppStation


12. Blitz Win Cash

Blitz is the new gaming competition app where you can win real money by playing fan-favorite games such as Solitaire, Bingo, Helix Jump, Ball Blast, Blackjack, Slots, and more.

Enjoy competitive 1v1 gaming, tournaments, weekly leagues, brawls, and other game modes. With over 100,000 downloads, more and more players are signing up every day. Blitz makes competitive gaming accessible for everyone with no ads.

Note: Cash competitions are not available in the following US States: ARI, MT, LA, TN. If you don't live in a region where cash games are enabled you can still play for free.

Get PayPal Cash With Blitz


Best Cashback Apps and Websites for PayPal Payouts

Cashback apps and websites are fun ways to make passive income on purchases you already plan to make. These websites either refund you a percentage of your purchase or save you money upfront by applying coupons to your purchases.

13. Upside

Using Upside is one of the easiest ways to get free PayPal cash. Earn cashback with this free app when you spend at gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants on everyday purchases.

Simply open your Upside app when getting gas, groceries, or eating at a restaurant. Upside will show you current offers in your area.

Pay for your purchase and follow the directions Upside gives you in the app to claim your cashback – how's that for easy money? Cashout at any time and boost your PayPal balance.

Find the Upside app in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Get PayPal Cash With Upside


14. Rakuten

This cashback website allows users to earn cashback on their purchases. Rakuten offers up to 12% cashback on some purchases, but the typical amount is closer to 2-3%.

Download the free mobile app – available for Android and iOS – or use the Chrome browser extension on your desktop to earn cashback at your favorite online merchants. Get $30 just for signing up, and earn another $30 when your friends and family members sign up using your referral link and spend $30!

Rakuten has no minimum withdrawal amount and will automatically pay you real money via a PayPal deposit or mail a paper check to you at the end of each quarter!

Get PayPal Cash With Rakuten


15. Top Cashback

Top Cashback partners with thousands of online merchants to offer the highest cashback offers and help you earn as much money as possible.

The Top Cashback app is available for Android and iOS devices and also on desktops – install the Google Chrome extension on your web browser for the best shopping experience. Cash out at any time with no minimum payout.

Get PayPal Cash With Top Cashback


16. MyPoints

MyPoints is both an online survey website and a website that pays people for shopping online. Users earn gift cards, cash, or PayPal rewards, and the minimum cash out for PayPal is $25.

Users need an email address to create a profile and can start earning immediately. Additionally, users can cash out their points and receive their funds in their PayPal account on the same day.

Get PayPal Cash With MyPoints


17. Drop

Get rewarded when you shop at your favorite stores. Download this free app to your Android or iOS device and link a credit or debit card.

Next, the app will prompt you to select the five stores you frequent most often when online shopping; each time you complete a purchase at one of these stores, you'll receive points. Redeem your points for PayPal cash.

Get PayPal Cash With Drop


18. Pogo

How does “earning and saving on everything” sound to you? Good? Then, the Pogo app is a perfect, simple way for you to earn free cash.

Pogo allows you to earn on every purchase you make, save on your finances, and get paid for your data. Download Pogo to your Android or Apple device and start earning.

Get PayPal Cash With Pogo


19. Fluz

Fluz will pay you up to 35% cashback when you shop at your favorite online stores. Download the free Fluz app and refer your friends – you'll get cashback when they shop too. Grow your Fluz network to grow your earnings.

The best thing about this Android and Apple app is that it allows you to stack offers with coupons, browser extensions, price tracking tools, receipt scanners, and credit card rewards programs to maximize your free PayPal money!

Get PayPal Cash With Fluz


20. Dosh

Dosh users earn $5 as a sign-up bonus. This app is a favorite among users because they do not have to put in extra work to get a payout from the app.

Users upload their credit card or debit card information to the Dosh app or website and earn money for making qualifying purchases. The minimum cash out is a $25 gift.

Get PayPal With Dosh


Other Ways To Earn Free PayPal Money

There are so many ways you can make money for your PayPal account. While many of the choices above, like cashback, are fairly passive. There are plenty of other options, too. These are our favorites.

21. Sell Your Services on Fiverr: Unleash Your Freelance Potential

Fiverr is a global online marketplace where you can offer your unique skills as “gigs” and connect with clients from all corners of the world. Whether you're a graphic designer, copywriter, or social media marketer, Fiverr has a space for you.

You'll also find more random categories and services like life coaching, arts and crafts, puzzle making, astrology, genealogy, nutrition coaching, and more. You can even sell your services as a gaming or esports coach. 

You can choose PayPal as your payment method, so when you get paid for completing your contract, it'll land in your PayPal account. 

  • Loads of Service Categories: From graphic design and website development to translation, Fiverr has a huge range of categories to fit your expertise.
  • Set Your Price: While the platform's name suggests a $5 starting point, you have the flexibility to set your own rates based on the value you offer.
  • Global Clientele: Fiverr's vast user base means you can work with clients from different countries and cultures.
  • Skill Verification: Some categories might require you to take proficiency tests, ensuring clients of your expertise.
  • Mobile Accessibility: With the Fiverr mobile app, stay connected with clients anytime, anywhere.

It might not make you big money to begin with, as you have to build your reputation and feedback, but it's a good place to get your feet wet with freelance side hustles. And there are plenty of folks who find long-term clients on this beginner-friendly platform, and who earn a decent living selling their services. 

Fiverr is user-friendly, so it's easy for you to list your services, and easy for clients to find and hire you. But remember that the competition is fierce, so you have to stand out and take the time to make your gig listings stellar. 

But, if you're ready to hustle, Fiverr offers a world of possibilities, from earning a side income to building a full-fledged freelance career.

Sell Your Services With Fiverr Today!


22. HealthyWage: Make Your Weight Loss Journey Pay Off

Join HealthyWage and turn your weight loss aspirations into tangible rewards. We like HealthyWage because it encourages you to bet on yourself, get fitter, and, if you hit your goal, win real money that you can transfer to your PayPal account. 

  • Cash Rewards: HealthyWage motivates you with cash prizes, some reaching a whopping $10,000, amplifying your weight loss commitment.
  • Tailored Goals: Utilize the Prize Calculator to determine your weight loss target and potential earnings.
  • Transparent Weight Verification: A two-step process ensures everyone starts and finishes their challenge on an even playing field.
  • Engaging Team Challenges: Collaborate in team challenges, setting collective goals and vying for shared prize pools.
  • Boost Earnings with Referrals: Introduce friends to HealthyWage and enjoy a $40 prize increase for each successful referral.

HealthyWage offers a refreshing approach to weight loss, intertwining your fitness goals with financial incentives. The platform encourages you to place a bet on your weight loss targets, adding an extra layer of commitment and incentive to the journey. The Prize Calculator is a handy tool that lets you set and visualize your goals alongside potential cash rewards.

It's a fair and legitimate way to make money for your PayPal account. And if you thrive on the increased accountability and sense of camaraderie in a group setting, the team challenges present an opportunity for collective motivation and achievement. 

Earn Money for Getting Healthier!


23. Give Feedback, Get Paid

Sign up for UserTesting and get rewarded for sharing your insights on various products and websites. With major brands like Facebook, Wayfair, and Walmart seeking genuine feedback, your voice can make a difference.

  • Genuine Feedback for Top Brands: Engage with products from renowned companies and help them refine their user experience.
  • Fair Compensation: Typically, earn $10 for a 20-minute test, with opportunities for higher-paying live tests.
  • User-Friendly Platform: With a straightforward dashboard, it's easy to find and participate in tests that match your profile.
  • Worldwide Participation: Open to individuals 18 and up from around the globe.
  • Prompt Payments: Receive your earnings via PayPal just seven days after completing a test.

UserTesting offers a unique opportunity to be a part of the product development process for major brands. Founded in 2007, it serves as a bridge between companies and their target audience, providing invaluable insights into user behavior. Unlike traditional focus groups, UserTesting allows for remote, often unmoderated feedback sessions, so you can work from anywhere, at any time.

While the platform won't make you a millionaire, it's a solid way to earn on the side.

The key is to be proactive, regularly checking for available tests and providing thorough, articulate feedback. With a history of positive experiences and a clear payout structure, UserTesting stands out as a reliable platform if you like to monetize your opinions. If you're someone who enjoys sharing thoughts on user experience and wants to contribute to product improvement, UserTesting is definitely worth exploring. 

Cashback Rewards Redeemable Via PayPal

Cashback credit cards are a smart way to save on your purchases and get some cash into your PayPal account. Some of the best cashback credit cards let you redeem your credit card rewards via PayPal. Participating credit card issuers include CapitalOne, Chase, Discover, Wells Fargo, and more.

And then, of course, there's the PayPal cashback credit card, which offers solid cashback rates for PayPal account holders. 

24. PayPal Cashback Mastercard®: Streamlined Rewards for Everyday Spending

The PayPal Cashback Mastercard® offers a straightforward approach to earning rewards. With its dual cashback rates, you can enjoy the benefits of both consistent and bonus earnings, all while navigating a user-friendly redemption process. If you're looking for a cashback card and regularly use PayPal, it's worth signing up for this card.

Why we like the PayPal cashback credit card:

  • Dual Cashback Rates: Earn an unlimited 3% cash back at PayPal checkout and a consistent 2% back on all other offline and online purchases.
  • Use Anywhere Mastercard Is Accepted: While it's linked to PayPal, this card functions like any regular credit card, accepted everywhere Mastercard is.
  • Rapid Rewards Access: No waiting for monthly statements; rewards are available about three days after an eligible purchase.
  • Flexible Redemption Options: Whether you want to make credit card payments, transfer funds, or fund your PayPal transactions, the choice is yours.
  • Instant Card Access: Once approved, a temporary credit line is instantly added to your PayPal account, allowing immediate use even before the physical card arrives.

The PayPal Cashback Mastercard® is a versatile credit card that offers competitive cashback rates, especially if you frequently use PayPal for your transactions. The card's simplicity, combined with its flexible redemption options, makes it a solid choice as a no-fuss rewards card, and an easy way to get free PayPal cash.

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