10 Legit Ways To Get Free Shoes (Such as Nike)

free shoes from Nike product testing program

Can you get free shoes online? Yes, and I’m going to tell you how.

Maybe your budget is tight, and you are looking for options to save some money. Maybe you have super-active kids and cannot keep up with shoes, t-shirts, or clothes for them.

Or maybe you are a runner and always looking for free running shoes. Whatever the reason, you can get a brand-new pair of shoes without spending a penny. In the article below, I show you where to get free shoes.

Will it be effortless? No, it won’t. It will require some work and some diligence on your part, but it’s completely worth it. Shall I show you how to do it?

How To Get Name Brand Shoes for Free

From various methods to get free shoes online, you can choose the one that seems the most convenient for you. Consider these options:

  • become a product tester,
  • get gift cards from Foot Locker,
  • earn free shoes by taking surveys.

Let’s have a closer look at each of them.

Get Your Desired Shoes From a Product Testing Program

Popular shoe companies value the customer’s feedback. So in many cases, they offer free shoes in exchange for your honest opinion. The following companies have a testing program:

1. Adidas

If you want to become an Adidas product tester, apply on their website. The questionnaire is simple, and it only takes a few minutes to fill in.

If you are chosen for the program, the company sends you an email invitation. The test product comes by mail. You need to use it for a given mileage or a given amount of time per week.

The test period is around 2-4 weeks. During that time, log your daily activities precisely. In the end, fill in an easy questionnaire.

Then, send the product back. Don’t worry about the cost – Adidas provides a return label.

2. Columbia

Columbia offers you sportswear, including free running shoes or hiking boots if you want to become a product tester.

If you qualify, the company will send you their product together with a return label.

The program is geared towards geeks of outdoor activities. Testers get a series of tasks to complete throughout the testing period. Once it's over, you send the shoes back. Apply Here.

3. Nike

Does Nike give free shoes? Yes, it does, as long as you are ready to provide feedback and describe your experience.

Their product testing program is open not only to adults but also to kids and teenagers. Parents fill in the application for kids and teenagers; they need parental consent to participate in the program. Sign up to get the chance to be selected.

As Nike’s shoe tester, you can test their product for a given amount of time. Then, in most cases, you will have to return it. But the company will be sending you more products to test if they like your feedback.

We were unable to figure out how to get free Jordans, but to get discounted shoes, you could try shopping at a Nike outlet store, footlocker or Eastbay.

4. Brooks

Brooks products undergo severe tests before they hit the market. The last part of the tests is asking runners how the products prove themselves in the real world.

As a Brooks product tester, you must support the process of creating better Brooks gear and give in-depth feedback. Be ready to return the product when requested (they will send you a shipment label). You can sign up here.

5. Red Wing

Red Wing Shoes Company works hard to ensure its shoes meet legendary quality standards. First, the shoes undergo severe tests, like here: Next, the company asks testers how the shoes perform in severe working conditions. Ready to find out?

After the test, the company offers you compensation. In most cases, if you do the job well, they will let you keep their boots. Red Wing covers all the shipping costs.

Note: Currently, the company is not recruiting new product testers.

6. Saucony

Here’s another proposition for athletes. If you are a runner and are ready to test Saucony’s running shoes in the roughest conditions, fill in the application form.

You will be asked numerous questions concerning your running habits, like the mileage you run per week or the surfaces you run on.

If you are approved, Saucony will deliver you their freshly designed product. You will be able to test it for a given amount of time.

7. New Balance

To enter the New Balance Tester Community, you will be asked to complete a profile with information about yourself.

Then, you will be notified about each new prototype test. When ready to take part, you will get New Balance shoes delivered right to your door. After the test period is over, you send the product back. No worries – they pay for the shipment.

8. Reebok

Reebok has an offer for dedicated athletes. So if you run, walk, train or play daily, you are a good fit for their product tester program.

You also need to meet some requirements, such as:

  • wear a certain shoe (or apparel) size
  • be ready to do your sport in the given amount of hours or mileage per week
  • be at least 18 years old
  • live in the continental United States or Alaska.

If you are selected for a test and agree to participate, you will get the product by mail. The test period is 3-6 weeks. During that time, you will need to log your daily activities in detail. When the test period is over, answer a simple online questionnaire, and send the product back at your own cost.

The company will thank you by sending you a free Reebok product. You can sign up here.

9. Under Armour

Under Armour also allows you to test its products. Apply to be able to fill in the profile.

If you qualify, the company will send you their shoes completely free. After the test period is over, you will be asked to send the product back at their cost. Sign up on their website.

10. Puma

Puma has a testing program, as well. However, this one is open only at specific times.

To take part, download the free Pumatrac App in the Apple Store or the GooglePlay Store. Then you will get access to an application form. If you are selected, you will receive a pair of shoes to test for three weeks.

The company expects from you some feedback in the form of a survey, videos, and photos. The good part? After you submit your testing results and your feedback, you become the owner of the shoes. Sign up here.

Bonus tip: You can get other products for free by becoming a product reviewer for Amazon.

free stuff from a testing program
10 Legit Ways To Get Free Shoes (Such as Nike) 3

How To Get Gift Cards From Foot Locker

Joining Foot Locker’s VIP Program already gives you some benefits, e.g., a coupon for $10 off your next purchase when you spend at least $50.

But the real fun begins when you become a Platinum Member. To receive the status, spend at Foot Locker at least $300 within a year.

Then Foot Locker rewards you with a $10, $15 or $20 gift card when you spend $100, $150 or $ 200 on one purchase. When you collect enough rewards, you can exchange them for new shoes.

Free Shoes for Low-income Families

If you or someone you know is having trouble affording shoes for their children, various organizations can help. Many of these organizations provide free kids' shoes to families that need assistance.

Some of these organizations also accept donations of gently used shoes, which are then cleaned and distributed to families in need. If you or someone you know needs free shoes for children, many resources, like the ones listed below, are available to help.


For many homeless children, having a pair of shoes is a luxury they can only dream of. Without shoes, they are vulnerable to cuts, bruises, and elements. That's where Soles4Souls comes in. This organization provides free shoes to homeless children all over the U.S.

In addition to protecting their feet, the shoes also give them a boost of confidence. Knowing that they have shoes that fit well and look good helps them feel like they belong. With Soles4Souls, no child has to go without the essentials.

Shoes That Fit

Shoes That Fit is a non-profit organization providing new shoes to needy children. Since its founding in 1992, the organization has provided over 2 million pairs of brand-new shoes to children across the United States.

Shoes That Fit tackles one of the most visible signs of poverty by giving kids in need new athletic shoes to attend school with dignity and joy. The organization works with schools and community organizations to identify children in need and then provides them with new shoes.

Laces of Love

Since 2005, Laces of Love has provided new shoes to low-income and disadvantaged children in Southwest Florida. To date, they have helped over 200,000 kids in need. Children are selected for Laces of Love shoes by their guidance counselor, school nurse, teacher, principal, staff member or Executive Director of a non-profit organization serving the child.

My New Red Shoes

My New Red Shoes provides new shoes to children in need by partnering with agencies that serve them. Families experiencing hardship can receive vouchers to shop for shoes for their children from My New Red Shoes' online store. This program provides essential support to families and helps to ensure that children have the resources they need to lead healthy and active lives.

Free Shoes for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers are on the frontlines of the fight against illness. They are working long hours and risking their lives to save others. As a small way to say thank you, companies like Crocs, Brooks, and Kizik have given away free shoes to healthcare workers.

These offers frequently change, so we aren't listing them here, but a quick Google search will show you if any of these offers are currently available. Thank you, healthcare workers, for all that you do! We appreciate you!

How To Get Used Shoes Free or Cheap

One way to get cheap or free shoes is to check with your local thrift stores. Many of these stores accept donations of gently used shoes and sell them at a fraction of the original price. You can also check online classifieds sites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

People frequently post ads seeking to give away unwanted shoes, or you can post an ad requesting shoes. Another option is to scour garage sales and flea markets for cheap shoes. You might not find exactly what you're looking for, but you're likely to find something close enough and within your budget. With patience and effort, you can find very cheap or free shoes.

Earn Free Shoes by Taking Surveys

You can also get free shoes if you are willing to take surveys in your spare time.

Surveys let you earn points you can redeem for cash or gift cards from, among others, retailers that sell shoes. If you are active, you can build your balance fast and get free shoes in a few weeks.

Legitimate and safe survey sites include places like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and YouGov.

Check here for a full list of my recommended survey sites.

Choose Your Way To Get Free Shoes

Now you know several ways to get free shoes online. Your job is now to choose the way that suits you best.

If you are a dedicated athlete who can’t imagine a day without sweat or outdoor activity, maybe becoming a shoe tester is the right way for you. In many cases, you can test shoe models that no one has ever seen before.

But if your preferred activity is to surf online from your couch, that’s fine. You can also get free sneakers by tapping your smartphone screen and answering surveys. For those who like being rewarded for spending money, Rakuten is a good option.

Anyway, you can save some money in your budget when you apply one or more of these strategies to get free shoes. Which way do you choose?