Free Stuff On Your Birthday Without Signing Up (2022)

Here's how you can get Free Stuff On Your Birthday Without Signing Up

When it's your birthday, you want to make it special. But it's not possible to make your birthday special all the time. In case you're tight on budget, you wouldn't even give a treat to your friends. You can't go out to have some fun and make memories. Then how can you expect your birthday to be special? There are other ways to feel amazing about your birthday. You will find multiple platforms offering you some great benefits in your birthday month. 

Places to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday Without Signing Up

We are going to talk about those platforms here. These organisations want you to feel special on your birthday and have a good time. Let's get into the list right away: 

Legit Ways to Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday Without Signing Up

1. DSW 

Are you keen on shopping from some of the top designer brands? You can do so around your birthday period and earn major benefits. You will get a freebie of $5 that's valid for the entire month of your birthday. When you come to shop, you need to show your ID. If it's your birthday month, they will offer you a $5 discount on the checkout. So what are you waiting for? If it's your birthday month, find the DSW store near you and get some amazing benefits. 

2. Smashbox 

The next platform that we are going to talk about here provides you with a complimentary gift on your birthday. All you have to do is purchase a particular product and you will be getting a gift along with it on your birthday. This offer might not be available all the time. So you have to check in the Smashbox store near you. If they are offering a complimentary gift, grab it with both hands. 

3. Aveda 

Aveda is one of the top beauty companies all across the world. If you love to buy beauty products, you must have heard about Aveda already. The amazing thing about Aveda is that it offers you some awesome benefits on your birthday. Just like Smashbox, you have to make certain purchases here. If it's your birthday, they will offer you a birthday gift on the purchase. Check the Aveda store near you and see if this offer still exists. 

4. NARS 

When you purchase NARS, you will be getting a complimentary mini duo for the purchase. During your birthday month, you can make a small purchase from NARS. You can go to the NARS store in the nearby area. NARS is well known for skincare and cosmetic products. So when you make the purchases here, you will be getting quality products. 

5. Comedy Clubs 

We have talked about how different shopping platforms can offer you discounts till now. You should be happy to know that you will be getting discounts on some major services too. You can enjoy a great evening hosted by a fantastic comedian free of cost. There are quite a few comedy clubs that can offer you free entries. So you get to enjoy amazing entertainment free of cost. 

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6. Family Video 

You can visit a Family Video store on your birthday too. Family Video is well known for supplying amazing video games and movies. You just have to bring your ID to the store. The workers will see if it's your birthday month or not. Once they confirm that it's your birthday, they will be offering you free videos and games. Isn't it too amazing? 

7. Mulligan Family Fun Center 

If you live somewhere around the California area, you will have a good time at this fun centre. With it's your birthday, the centre offers you a game of mini-golf. Do you love to play this game? We are sure that you will have an amazing time here without paying a penny for it. You can come here on your birthday along with your ID. If there's nothing else to do on your birthday, it will be a fantastic way to pass your time. 

8. AMC Theatre

If you're a foodie, you can enter this theatre on your birthday. You can come along with your friends or relatives who are begging you for a treat. When you're tight on budget, visiting platforms like this is always helpful. You have to bring your ID to the theatre. Once the front desk knows that it's your birthday, you will be getting a large popcorn for free. So what are you waiting for? If it's your birthday,  find an AMC Theatre store near you. 

9. Cheesecake Factory 

Who doesn't love cheesecake? And when it's your birthday, having a cheesecake is all you need. You can visit the Cheesecake Factory on your birthday and get an amazing free. The factory will offer mini hot fudge sundaes. If you buy your birthday cake from this platform, they will offer you confetti, a candle and a “happy birthday” tag-free of cost. It's about how you can make your birthday special and this will surely be a great way to celebrate. 

10. Dutch Bros. Coffee 

On your birthday, you can get complimentary coffee at some of the locations. If you're an avid coffee lover, you just cannot miss this offer. In case you love to celebrate your birthday alone, you can reach out to the nearest Dutch Bros. Coffee centre and show your ID. Since it is not available in all the centres, you have to check if the centre near you is offering this benefit or not. 

11. Denny's 

You can visit the nearest Denny's on your birthday and get a free breakfast. This breakfast will include two strips of bacon, two sausage links, two eggs, and a short stack of pancakes. You have to show your ID and the employees should be sure that it's your birthday. It's a simple procedure and bingo, you get an amazing free meal on your birthday. 

12. Firehouse Subs 

Who doesn't like a medium sub? It is amazing food to have all the time. But if you're loose on your pocket money, it's not possible to buy it all the time. That wouldn't be the case on your birthday though. You will get a free medium sub on your special day. Many people have reported how they have gotten a free medium sub on their birthdays. All it requires is to show your ID. Find the Firehouse Subs store near you and see if it's possible to get a free medium sub. 

13. Benefit Cosmetics 

If you're a woman, there would be nothing better than getting an offer on cosmetics on your birthday. If you want to have great makeup, you can visit Benefit Cosmetics. On your special day, you will be getting a complimentary Bow Arch. Yes, you heard it right. You can get your eyebrows shaped and you don't have to pay a penny for it. So if you're giving a huge party later in the evening, you can visit Benefit Cosmetics in the morning and make your eyebrows perfect. 

14. Estee Lauder 

You need to make some sort of purchase on Estee Lauder on your birthday. Instead of that purchase, you will be getting a complimentary gift if it's your birthday. This is a brand that is known for a wide variety of products. Be it Skincare, Makeup, or Fragrances, this brand can offer you some quality commodities. It will offer free shipping & returns too. Getting a free item on your birthday is like a cherry on the cake. 

15. Dave & Buster's 

Dave & Buster's is such a popular place to have fun. After all, you can eat, drink, play and watch sports at your local Dave & Buster's. Things become even better when it's your birthday. You will be getting $10 off games when it's your special day. You should bring your ID card to the arcade. You can bring your friends along and have some mad fun. If Dave & Buster's is just around the corner, you shouldn't hesitate to visit it, especially when it's your birthday. It's your chance of having a memorable day. 

16. Bob Evans 

If you have an entire family to celebrate with, Bob Evans will be a suitable choice. On the birthday of your kid, it can provide free kid's meals. So if you want your kid to have a great time, you can bring him to Bob Evans. You should come in touch with the restaurant staff and let them know about it. Bob Evans is a well-known restaurant with amazing food. So when you visit the nearest Bob Evans centre, you will make sure that your kid is having a fun time with all the amazing meals. 

17. Changing Hands Bookstore 

Do you love to read books? Then there cannot be a better place to visit than Changing Hands Bookstore on your birthday. There you can get from 10% to 25% off your purchase anytime during your birthday month. You just have to take your ID alongside you and get the amazing benefits. Since there are major discounts available, you can buy multiple books of your choice all at once. Find the Changing Hands Bookstore near you as soon as possible. You don't want to miss out on this golden chance in your birthday month. 

18. AZ On The Rocks 

Do you want to do some adventurous stuff on your birthday? AZ On The Rocks is going to be the best place during this time. On your birthday, this place offers rock climbing and yoga. You can get a day of yoga or rock climbing at no cost. You need to call ahead to reserve your time. They will ask you to bring your ID alongside you when you visit. Since there are very few centres of AZ On The Rocks around, you need to get a particular address and reach there on your birthday. 

19. Discovery Gateway Children's Museum 

If it's the birthday of your kid, it is time to make it special. You can visit Discovery Gateway Children's Museum for the cause. It is based in Salt Lake City and your children will have fun after getting admission here. When you visit this place, come up with your ID so that the staff can get the needed details. It's an amazing place to visit and pass your time. 

20. Chompie's 

How about getting free breakfast at Chompie's? That's going to be an amazing thing, won't it? Now just imagine if you get this offer on your birthday. Yes, you do get this offer on your birthday. The free breakfast meal will include home fries, two eggs and then your choice of an English muffin, bagel, or toast. The sad part is that it's available only around Arizona. So if you belong to this place, it's going to be a fantastic offer surely. \

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Tips To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday 

It might not be always possible to get free stuff on your birthday. But if you can keep a few things in mind, chances are high that you can make your big day special. You just have to follow these things: 

Calling Ahead 

You shouldn't make a fool out of yourself by reaching out to the place without being sure that you will get the offer. When you visit the centre without being sure about the offer, its unavailability is going to disappoint you badly. So you should call ahead and make sure that the offer is available. 

Keep Your ID Proof Alongside 

No matter which offers it is, ID proof is going to be a must. They should know about you and the fact that it's your birthday. If you don't have the ID proof alongside, the firm or store giving out such offers won't be able to serve you. 

Set Up A Dedicated Email Address

Most of the firms and stores will provide you notifications regarding offers only through email addresses. If you want to take full advantage of your birthday month, keep a dedicated email address meant for such freebies.  

Concluding: Places to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday Without Signing Up

As you can see, several platforms can make your birthday special. You just have to reach out to these platforms and make your special day even more memorable. From getting discounts on food items to fashion items to getting to play some exciting games for free, there are so many fun activities to do in your birthday month!