100+ Websites for You to Visit and Get Free Stuff Online

They say nothing is free in real world
Online it is totally different
You can get free stuff online
Like digital products or from
Companies that want to promote their products

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

How to get free stuff online

They send you samples or free products to review
You have to know where to find them
I managed here to make it easy for you


If I am missing something
Just add it in the comment and I promise to update it
My list has reached 100+ websites to get free stuff online

Let me start with

Free Clothes by Swapping

Sometimes you buy a new clothes
Try it once and you feel how did you buy that
You leave it in your wardrobe and that’s it

No that’s not it
There is a solution by doing clothes swapping
You can do it from the comfort of your home

All websites below can help you with clothing swap

Rehash decommissioned
Rehash made it very easy to create an account
You can trade clothes and accessories or
Negotiate for an offer

Before you sign up
You can see the recent uploaded items
The quality of recent listings encourages you to register right away
Don’t believe me, check it yourself

Available in the US only
thredUp has a different approach to clothing swap
You fill up the descriptions of your clothes
Such us brands and colors

Then you order thredUp envelopes
thredUp will match the swap for you
Available on mobile app too

Same like threUp
You order their envelopes
Send them your item and they manage the deal for you
Available in mobile app too

Closet infinite available only in Singapore right nowa

Swapsity online community in Canada for clothing swap


Clothes Swapping Mobile Apps

There are mobile apps for clothing swap like

Poshmark taking 20% if you are selling and they stand beside buyers who want to buy used clothes and not looking to share
Vinted no protection it is up to you and the seller to come to an agreement
Tradesy taking 20% if you are selling and long time for your money to arrive to PayPal
TheRealReal I see good reviews compared to other apps on the list
Grailed Some claim that they take long time to reply back to emails

Regain It has good reviews 4.5 out of 5 on the iPhone store
Depop I see moderate review of 3.5 out of 5

Luxury closet another solid reviews of 4.1 out of 5
Swop.it average of 4 out of 5 on reviews

Cashback Sites

With cashback sites why don't you get rewarded
Just when doing your normal daily shopping
Like if you shop on Amazon or Walmart
Just use the reward sites or from their mobile apps
Before you buy online from your shopping site

Complete list of sites to reward you for your online shopping
I recommend to sign up for all of them and
Look for the highest rewards for your specific online shops
You can purchase your daily stuff like grocery and get money back

These 5 reward sites all have mobile apps
Rakuten as known earlier as ebates
MyPoints get $10 Amazon or Visa gift card
When you sign up and spend $20 in any store online
Mr Rebates

Exchange Websites To Get Free Stuff Online

You are not restricted here to trading clothes
There are all stuff categorized properly
From books, toys, clothes, electronics and many more

You can check the following exchange sites
Freegan website to help you find locations to get free stuff and
List what you don't need for others to use
Bizx specialized for trading business activities

Exchange Websites Mobile Apps



Free Giveaway Stuff Online

Not everyone is wiling to trade or exchange
There are a lot of people
Who are willing to give away stuff
Perhaps they want to clear spaces at homes

Facebook Marketplace
Craiglist Pro for Android and iPhone
Kijiji there is a category called free stuff
TrashNothing for Android and iPhone
Free Stuff Time for Android and iPhone
Offerup available as mobile apps for US

Free Ebooks

With Amazon Kindle who said that you have to
Buy a kindle device to read kindle books

You can download Kindle app on your smart phone or tablet
Sign up to Amazon or sign in if you have an account
Move you mouse to the upper left drop down menu to
What is called shop by department
Select Kindle store
Go to Amazon search on top and search for “0.00 free kindle books”

Bookhub available as a mobile app too

Booksneeze bloggers sign up and request to review any book
They receive it by mail in exchange of providing 200 words review

Goodreads although Goodreads is a social media site for tracking your readings
Communicating with other readers and not a source of free books

You can find free books there as per my link
Which I provided to you showing you free ebooks

International Children’s Digital Library
Looking for children's free online ebooks then
Visit this non profit organization online for
Reading children's ebooks all over the world

ManyBooks I like this website layout
Very simple and categorized by genres

Openculture a collection of free audiobooks
Also 800 free eBooks for iPad and Kindle

OpenLibrary with over 1.7 million free eBooks online
It is yours to browse and explore

Project Gutenberg with over 60,000 free ebooks of classic novels
You can download them as free ePub or Kindle or read them online

Readprint here is another user-friendly website to read classic online

Free Websites for Swapping Books

Free swapping books are very popular on the internet
You just list the books which you want to give away
You mail it to the requester and receive credits from the site
Use the credit towards finding books you want to get and read

Top sites for swapping books are
Bookcrossing is a little bit different
You ask for BCID when you register online or
Download one or even customize one for you

Then, wait to exchange the book
For instance, if someone requests it or
Go wild and leave the book
On a bench in a park in a sunny day

Just anywhere you can make sure that
It will be picked up by someone

They see your label and go and sign to Bookcrossing
As a result, they enter your BCID number

You can live the fun of finding with
Whom did your book land with
That is to say, you will receive credit towards getting other books

Free Music and Movies

Swap a DVD same as the above but for DVDs
Lastfm for free music to download
Pandora currently in the US only

Free Seeds or Gardens to Share

SharedEarth connecting people who have backyards with those who want to garden
SeedSavers non profit organization to request free seeds
Houzz seeds exchange forum
Great American seed swap It is a Facebook group for seeds swap

Free Software

Gametz trading video games
Inkscape free software similar to Photoshop
Openoffice free software similar to Microsoft office
AVG free Antivirus

You can browse all different types of software from all sites below

Free Events

Check these free events sites below

Free Events Mobile Apps

OpenSports for pickup and drop-in sports events

Free Stuff Online by Sampling

Freesamples.org available in US and Canada
Just Free Stuff
Ketox offering free feminine hygiene products
Betty Crocker sign up for newsletter and receive emails about free samples
Yogitea use the contact page to ask for free teabag sample by mail

Free Baby Stuff

Similac promising of up to $400 worth of baby products
Your Baby Club
Imagination Library

Free Stuff Online by Giving Opinions

Browse all lists of samples
Try these sample and provide your reviews or submit surveys

PinchMe available for US
Social Nature
BzzAgent for US, Canada and UK

Free Stuff Online as Mystery Shoppers

To avoid any scams
These companies won't ask you to pay any fees to join
Companies wants to know what you think about their products

SuperSavvyMe online platform created by P&G

All Proctor and Gamble brands offering free stuff online

The below sites ask you to keep the stuff you buy for free

Free Accommodation

Actually my first impression about free accommodation
I would say I don't feel comfortable doing it
I list it below as accommodation for free


Final Words on Finding Free Stuff Online

It is really hard to keep maintaining this list
Some websites go and new ones come online
I will ty my best to add new websites as they come up
In short, I really hope I managed to list all free stuff online
I need your help to write in comments any website I missed

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