How To Get Free Twitter Followers No Survey To Fill

Twitter users are looking for free Twitter followers no survey to fill where in return get few followers, you don't need to fill any survey

But before I start here, keep in mind the following

Twitter is different than any other social media like Facebook

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

You don’t need permission to join someone and nobody cares
If you unfollow someone (if someone unfollows you, don’t take it personally)

free twitter followers no survey
free twitter followers no survey

Having said that, I did not give any attention to Twitter and
I didn’t realize until recently how amazing Twitter
As a social media platform to drive a lot of traffic to your blog

Not only that but it is the best tool to
establish a strong relationships with Influencers in your niche

I will list below the most essential things on how to get free Twitter followers with no survey to fill

Name and Twitter Handle

Write your real name
I don’t see any other reason not to do that
Unless you are representing a company

For Twitter handle I suggest you choose a handle
That is easy to remember either your domain name or your product

Twitter Avatar

I hate it when I see the egg shape
Nobody likes talking to eggs
Choose an image of yourself or your website logo (Favicon)

Twitter Profile Header

Choose a header with your brand or slogan written on
I prefer a light background so text can show up
[bctt tweet=”If you are tweeting how busy you are…you're not busy. (KristinCav)“]
To design your Twitter header
I recommend a mobile app tool called WordSwag available on both iPhone and Android

Download and open this app and make sure
You select Twitter head
Try it please as with the free version
You can still do a lot of designs

Twitter Bio

If you really want to know how to get free Twitter followers instantly with no survey to fill then write what you have to offer and use as many Hashtags as possible

For example, you can write something like
Teaching #bloggingTips and #SEO..etc

I did not complete it as this is a sample
To give you an idea of what to write
You have 160 characters to use

Pinned Tweets

Few twitter users go and check your profile
For latest tweets so make sure to pin your
Best tweets to the top of your profile

These tweets get a lot more attention
From visitors to your profile

This is how to pin a tweet (preferably your best own tweets)

  1. Go to Twitter Profile Page.
  2. Select your best tweets
  3. Click on the single arrow pointing downwards on mobile phones or 3 dots (desktop)
  4. Select Pin to your profile as shown below
  5. That’s it, your tweet will appear on top of your page
twitter tips on how to pin to your profile

Ask for retweets

Yes, try it, if you include “please retweet” you will get 4x more retweets

Include Images in Your Tweets

According to Buffer research that including
Images in your tweets increases that tweets by 18%

Tweet Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

Forget about your niche everyone likes to be motivated and inspired

These tweets can spread quickly helping your getting more followers

Provide Value

What you should tweet?
How often should you tweet?
When and how can you manage all that
Without wasting your time all day on Twitter

Keep on mind that the average
Lifespan of any tweet is 8 to 20 minutes

So you have to tweet a lot
One tweet per day is not enough

When you start tweeting
You manage to tweet one tweet with one of your blog posts
Against 5 or 6 tweets from your influencers

Smart idea is to combine 2 activities together
Meaning get the curated content from Triberr and
Feed it to your connected Twitter account on Triberr queue

Also this will help you in other way as with Triberr
The more you tweet other bloggers’ content
The more Triberr will display your blog posts to other members
To share it on Twitter so it is a win-win-win scenario

Send Instant Messages to Your New Twitter Followers

I know this is possible through Zapier app

It specializes in all different kind of integrations connecting 2 apps together and carry actions when an event happens

2 social media tools can do that is Crowdfire

Where with Crowdfire you can autoreply specify some messages and
It will auto reply randomly by picking one message

Join Twitter Chat

Twitter party or tweet chat where a group of Twitter users chat about the same topic

Around specific hashtag (a # sign before word) that you can follow on Twitter

To join Twitter chat, go to sites called and and look for hashtags that interest you

To listen to a hashtag
You can click on this specific hashtag on your Twitter app on mobile phone
Or from Twitter website (from desktop browser)

Or you can search for specific hashtag by typing
#hashtag (replace the word hashtag with the word you want to check)

From Twitter you can get distracted by the long thread so there are specific sites that can help you follow the chat easily and participate like

Also you can use your Twitter client Tweetdeck

Now to participate in Twitter chat, go to one of the above mentioned sites, let’s say Tweetchat

Type your hashtag word without the # sign and click on GO (let’s say you type webhosting)

It took me sometime to realize this after navigating through the menu where I found rooms representing the current chat

If there is a current chat happening now for this hashtag

You will connect to the chat right away

Otherwise you will get a list of all tweets used that hashtag

The good thing about participating in any tweet chat is that it is an easy way on how to get Twitter followers instantly free

Also you get to know how Influencers in your niche think and react

Use Hashtags (Carefully)

Don’t bombard your tweet with bunch of hashtags, I always tend to keep it between 2 and 3 hashtags

This is physiological, I don’t feel comfortable for a tweet with twenty hashtags, you can do that in Instagram but Twitter is different

I maybe wrong but this is my opinion and you will find that all twitter marketers say the same thing

So keeping hashtags to minimum will help your tweets get tweeted and so more followers

Use Twitter Cards

Twitter cards are type of layout of how you want to show your page/post be when someone shares it on Twitter

Currently there are 4 types of cards which are “summary”, “summary_large_image”, “app”, or “player”.

To display the type of card when your post/page gets shared on Twitter

You have to add certain HTML to the head section

Don't be afraid, of course if you are using WordPress as your blogging platform (I assume you do) then I also assume you have Yoast SEO as your plugin (consider to check my post on what to do after installing your WordPress)

Technically Yoast SEO plugin comes with 2 types of cards (Summary and Summary_large_image) and all you have to do is go under Twitter tab and select your preferred type of card

Setup Twitter card using yoast seo plugin

I will leave you to read more about it under Twitter site

Track and Create Lists

You can create a list yourself to sort people according to their interests, for example let'say you noticed that few of your Influencers started tweeting certain tweets covering certain topic while other group tweeting different kind of topic

Also you can tweet to both lists based on what each likes

And definitely this can increase your tweets getting tweeted and good chance for more followers

You can also sign up to lists you like in and already created by other people

To be able to find these lists, you have to check someone's profile and click on the list button then switch to “member of” to see the lists they are member of

You can also use a tool like HootSuite to help you track these people on these lists

Connect with your audience

Best way to connect with your audience is to share their tweets with a mention

A mention is an @ sign that comes after twitter username

Doing this will notify them
That you tweeted their tweets

I always do it for users I really want someone to follow me as
Nobody can resist that you are doing favor for him/her by sharing their tweets

Unfollow some on Twitter

I know you may think that I am acting harsh but I am not

Twitter is a platform where connect with your followers
To provide them with values
Connecting with Influencers in your niche
To feed your followers with news and updates

Also building long term relationship with bloggers
Who knows maybe on Twitter you can establish
A very successful joint venture agreement

But with following too many accounts is you weaken
Those relationships and increase the gap
Between you and your followers.

But how to know your followers?

And how to engage yourself with top tweeters and influencers

Very simple, there is a tool called to help you do
All of the above and you can know when someone unfollows you on Twitter

Also you can schedule your tweets and you can publish them at the best time for your followers

Another powerful Twitter plugin tool is called RoboTwity
To help you unfollow accounts based on a smart filter
You specify and also helps you follow the right accounts

The Perfect Way to Content Curation

For sure you need an endless stream of very good content
To feed to your Twitter account on Autopilot

I use Buffer as my preferred tool, but question is where you can get this content

You have to be a good reader
Who reads and follows trusted Influencers
That provide great contents
Site like Feedly can help you collect great content for your Twitter account

Also don’t forget the importance of your own content as
You don’t want to drive traffic to other bloggers’ content all the time as
You will not get visitors to your own blog

And don’t do the mistake of tweeting your own blog posts once
If you remember what I mentioned above
That single tweet gets buried within 8 to 20 minutes

Reposting your own content through buffer
Multiple times will help driving traffic to your site

A tool like Twiends will help you grow your Twitter followers for free, go ahead and give it a try

To summarize the above, I created this Infographics below for you

social media marketing twitter and social media marketing tips where you will learn How to Get Twitter Followers Instantly Free #socialmedia #socialmediaTips #blogging

Finally I hope you learned few methods to get free Twitter followers with no survey to fill

Now it is your turn to please share it with your friends using social media to the left hand side or bottom (mobile)

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