18 Best French Movies on Netflix Right Now

Whether you watch French films to practice your language skills or you’re a connoisseur of foreign films, Netflix is a treasure trove of French cinema.

While it lacks classics like Amélie (Le Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain) and Contempt (Le Mépris), you’re bound to find a movie that captures the heart and soul of France.

Here is a list of 18 French Films you can stream today on Netflix

18 Best French Movies Netflix Available Right Now

To Each Her Own (2018)

To Each Her Own (2018)
To Each Her Own (2018)

IMDb 5.2 – Comedy – Not Rated – 90 minutes 

After spending three years in a relationship with Claire (Julia Piaton), Simone (Sarah Stern), finally plans to come out as a lesbian to her conservative Jewish family, but her plans get derailed when she finds herself attracted to a new man in her life.

Torn between her girlfriend and her interest in Wali (Jean-Christophe Folly) Simone is faced with difficult choices. Overall the film struggles with cultural and sexual stereotypes but proves to be a fun watch. 

They Are Everywhere (2016)

They Are Everywhere (2016)

IMDb 5.4 – Comedy – Mature – 111 minutes 

Writer-Director Yvan Attal explores a conversation about antisemitism in France through the lense of humor. The main character, also portrayed by Attal, is an actor struggling with racial stereotypes.

Each stereotype is discussed through a series of vignettes that are laced with wit, satire, and poignant comic relief. It’s a film that could easily resonate with anyone who faces racial stereotypes in their day-to-day life.  

The Boss’ Daughter (2015)

The Boss Daughter 1

IMDb 5.5 – Comedy, Drama, Romance – Mature – 98 minutes

Vital (Olivier Loustau), a forty-year-old foreman at a textile factory is put into a tricky situation when his boss’s twenty-five-year-old daughter, Alix (Christa Théret), chooses him for her ergonomic study.

The pair find themselves falling in love with one another, despite the disapproval their relationship attracts. It’s a rather straightforward story, but the performances of the leads make it worth the watch. 

Lolo (2015)


IMDb 5.7 – Comedy – Not Rated – 99 minutes 

Writer-Director Julie Deply stars as Violette, a high-powered fashion designer, and single mother. Her son, Lolo (Vincent Lacoste) shows his disapproval as his mother unexpectedly finds herself falling in love with Jean-René (Dany Boon).

The film’s comedy relies heavily on physical humor, like when Lolo pours itching powder into Jean-René’s clothing. It’s an entertaining French farce, which might not appeal to the comedic taste of American audiences. 

The Price of Success (2017)

The Price of Success (2017) Le prix du succès (Original Title)
The Price of Success (2017) Le prix du succès (original title)

IMDb 5.8 – Comedy, Drama – Mature – 92 minutes 

Comedian, Brahim Mecheri (Tahar Rahim), finds his relationship with his family at odds with his rising fame as a standup. His brother, Mourad (Roschdy Zem), manages his career but Brahim clearly wants to sever those ties as he seeks out new representation.

The tension comes to a head when Mourad attacks Brahim’s girlfriend, Linda (Maïwenn) creating a rift that increases after the brothers’ father dies. While categorized as a comedy, the film is a much more somber look at the price of fame and success. 

10 Jours En Or (2012)

10 Jours En Or (2012)
10 Jours En Or (2012)

IMDb 5.8 – Comedy, Drama – TV-14 – 95 minutes

Marc Bajau (Franck Dubosc) lives his life on the road, traveling across the country on behalf of a major clothing brand. After a one-night stand disappears, leaving him with a six-year-old boy named Lucas, Marc embarks on a life-changing journey.

As they travel across France the unlikely duo are joined by a young woman, Julie (Marie Kremer) and the eccentric retiree Pierre (Claude Rich). It’s a heartwarming movie that explores Marc’s evolution from selfish traveling salesman to someone who can make deep, meaningful relationships with other people. 

Un + Une (2015)

Une + Une - French Movies
Une + Une – French Movies

IMDb 6.2 – Comedy, Drama, Romance – Not Rated – 115 minutes 

French film composer, Antoine Abeilard (Jean Dujardin), travels to India to work on a Bollywood adaptation of the Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet. In India, he meets Anna Hamon (Elsa Zylberstein) the wife of the French ambassador and they form an unlikely romance.

Reminiscent of An Affair to Remember the film handles their relationship with comedy, vulnerability, and romance. 

Wedding Unplanned (2017)

Wedding Unplanned (2017)

IMDb 6.2 – Comedy, Drama – TV-14 – 94 minutes 

When the bride Alexia (Julia Piaton) discovers a business card for a wedding planner in her boyfriend’s pocket, she has no idea that she has hired her fiancé’s mistress to plan their wedding.

The film follows the classic romantic comedy tropes, as Matthias (Nicolas Duvauchelle) must choose between his fiancé and mistress (Reem Kherici). It’s lighthearted fun and doesn’t take itself very seriously. 

He Even Has Your Eyes (2016)

He Even Has Your Eyes (2016) Il a déjà tes yeux (original title)
He Even Has Your Eyes (2016) Il a déjà tes yeux (original title)

IMDb 6.2 – Comedy – MA – 95 minutes

Chaos ensues when Paul (Lucien Jean-Baptiste) and Sali Aloka (Aïssa Maïga), a French-African couple, discover that the baby they planned to adopt is white. It is quite clear that the couple's entire life revolves around their desire to have a baby of their own and they readily open their arms to baby Benjamin.

It’s a great comedic approach to social commentary, flipping the “white family, adopts immigrant child” narrative on its head. Director and star, Jean-Baptiste, delivers a heartwarming film that transcends barriers. 

I Am Not an Easy Man (2018)

I Am Not an Easy Man (2018) Je ne suis pas un homme facile (original title)
I Am Not an Easy Man (2018) Je ne suis pas un homme facile (original title)

IMDb 6.4 – Comedy – Not Rated – 98 minutes

When shameless chauvinist Damien (Vincent Elbaz) hits his head and wakes up in an alternate universe, he finds himself thrust into a world of reversed gender roles.

No longer able to benefit from a patriarchal society, Damien must navigate sexism firsthand. Alexandra (Marie-Sophie Ferdane), a female chauvinist and influential woman in the female-dominated world serves as a worthy adversary. The comedy misses the mark with its feminist discourse but still proves to be an entertaining film.  

Carbon (2017)

carbon 1

IMDb 6.6 – Crime, Thriller – Not Rated – 107 minutes

At risk for losing his business, Anthony Roca (Benoît Magimel) develops a carbon tax scam that leads him directly into the world of crime and murder. The film is inspired by the real-life carbon-quota scandal which overtook France in 2008.

It’s a fast-paced film that merges Parisian business with murder and betrayal. Gérard Depardieu’s inclusion in this film makes it an instant classic. 

The Climb (2017)

The Climb (2017) L'ascension (original title)
The Climb (2017) L'ascension (original title)

IMDb 6.9 – Adventure, Comedy, Romance – TV-14 – 103 minutes 

Loosely based on the real-life story of Nadir Dendoune, the movie follows Samy Diakhate (Ahmed Sylla), as he sets out to climb Mt. Everest to impress the woman he loves, despite his inexperience.

It’s a cute rom-com that’s the perfect film to watch on a quiet night in.

Nothing to Hide (2018)

Nothing to Hide (2018) Le jeu (original title)
Nothing to Hide (2018) Le jeu (original title)

IMDb 6.9 – Comedy, Drama – Mature – 90 minutes 

Marie ( Bérénice Bejo) and Vincent (Stéphane De Groodt) host a dinner party for a group of old friends and their partners. After a guest shares a story about a woman who discovered her husband’s extramarital affair by going through his phone after his death, the group of friends decides to play a risky game.

Everyone unlocks their phones and allows their messages and photos to be reviewed by each other. As the game progresses secrets are revealed that put friendships and marriages in jeopardy. The movie can be a bit stressful at times, but the stakes are relatively low. 

Lady J (2018) 

Lady J (2018) Mademoiselle de Joncquières (original title)
Lady J (2018) Mademoiselle de Joncquières (original title)

IMDb 6.9 – Drama, Romance – Mature – 109 minutes

Set during the reign of Louis XV in 1750, the Marquis des Arcis (Edouard Baer) falls madly in love with the widow Madame de La Pommeraye (Cécile de France). He pursues her for years before she finally gives in to her own desires for him, but he tires of her after only two years.

Spurned by the Marquis, Madame de La Pommeraye seeks revenge against him by recruiting two prostitutes, Madame de Joncquières (Natalia Dontcheva) and Mademoiselle de Joncquières (Alice Isaaz), to assist in her complex plot. It’s a sumptuous costume drama, brought to life by Writer-Director Emmanuel Mouret. 

Marguerite (2015)

Marguerite (2015)
Marguerite (2015)

IMDb 7.0 – Comedy, Drama, Music – Rated R – 129 minutes

Set in 1921, Marguerite Dumont (Catherine Frot) hosts her yearly lavish party at her castle outside of Paris. The film is loosely based on the life of Florence Foster Jenkins, socialite, and amueter sorprano.

Marguerite believes herself to be a talented singer and her husband has sheltered her by only allowing friends and family to listen to her out of tune singing – until a young journalist inspires her to follow her dreams and perform in front of strangers. It’s a top-notch foreign film that fully captures audiences with its endearing story. 

The African Doctor (2016)

The African Doctor (2016) Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont (original title)
The African Doctor (2016) Bienvenue à Marly-Gomont (original title)

IMDb 7.0 – Biography, Comedy, Drama – TV-14 – 96 minutes

Seyolo Zantoko (Marc Zinga), a newly graduated doctor from Africa, struggles to integrate into a rural village in northern France. The film follows his struggles to garner respect in his new home, the tension between his relationship with his wife, and the realities of immigration in France.

The film is loosely based on the life of the father of musician Kamini, who grew up as the only black family in their village. 

Bad Seeds (2018)

Bad Seeds (2018)
Bad Seeds (2018)

IMDb 7.3 – Comedy – Mature – 105 minutes 

Former orphan Wael (Kheiron) makes his living from small scams with his adoptive mother  Monique (Catherine Deneuve), but when the duo attempt to swindle Victor (André Dussollier) they run into an issue.

Victor, who is an old friend of Monique’s runs an organization that supports troubled teens, convinces the pair to redeem themselves by becoming his interim secretary and educator.

Through this experience, Wael realizes that he has the tools to gain the trust of the six kids he works with and learns how to heal his own past trauma. It’s a touching film about empathy and growth, interspersed with comedy. 

Divines (2016)

Divines (2016)
Divines (2016)

IMDb 7.4 – Crime, Drama – Mature – 107 minutes 

Nominated for a Golden Globe, Divines follows Dounia (Oulaya Amamra), a teenage girl who lives with her mother and aunt in Romani banlieue, hustling money and shoplifting from local stores to make ends meet. The story shows the bleak, yet inspiring, existence of those that live below the poverty line in France. 

Dounia and her best friend Maimouna (Déborah Lukumuena) work under a local drug dealer, but their trouble doesn’t end there. Throughout the course of the film, Douani is arrested for starting a riot, doused in gasoline, and faces unfathomable tragedy. The director, Houda Benyamina, brings the story to life and makes the audience feel for the characters on the screen. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re in the mood for gritty crime drama or looking for a lighthearted romantic comedy — Netflix delivers with some truly phenomenal French films.

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