Friends Side Characters That Annoyed Us To No End

The sitcom Friends has had a cult following for decades, but not everyone that appears in the show is beloved. A recent online discussion asks, “Who is the most annoying side character on Friends?” Naturally, people came out of the woodwork to declare the most annoying characters. Here’s what they said.

1. Danny

danny on friends
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Danny (George Newbern) was the neighbor Monica and Rachel fogged because they thought he was a Yeti. He's also the guy Rachel dated who had a shockingly inappropriate relationship with his sister.

Danny and his sister chase and tickle each other, and after dropping cream on his pants near the groin area, his sister wipes it off. Ultimately, Rachel dumps him when she discovers they still bathe together.

2. Doug

chandlers boss doug
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Doug (Sam McMurray) was Chandler's loud and obnoxious boss who enjoyed slapping his employees on the buttocks. Chandler is less than enthused but ultimately has a change of heart. Later, he urinates on Monica and Chandler‘s ice sculpture at their engagement party.

Fortunately, viewers hear of it but don't witness the act. Finally, Doug and his wife get divorced, and he drags Chandler out to a bunch of bars and strip clubs.

3.  Fake Monica

fake monica on friends
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Fake Monica (Claudia Shear) stole actual Monica Gellar's credit card. She used it to do all the fun things Monica wanted to do. So she seeks fake Monica out, befriends her, and takes tap dancing classes together. Eventually, fake Monica is caught, and Monica visits her in jail to thank her for their shared experiences. They never reveal her real name.

4. Susan Bunch

susan bunch on friends
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One person nominated Susan Bunch. They stated, “I think Susan, while I appreciate that she wanted to be a part of Ben's life, she pushed that a little too fast. Less than nine months after, she and Carol were officially together, and she wanted Carol and Ross's child to include her last name and not include Ross's.”

“Of course, it would be one thing if Susan and Carol were a couple who had planned the child together. Fine, give the baby your name. Still, I got the impression that Ben was a surprise, and Susan and Carol did not become official till the divorce.

5. Janine Lecroix

janine on friends
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Janine Lecroix (Elle Macpherson) played the hot dancer girl and Joey's roommate after Chandler moved in with Monica in season six. Joey is attracted to her, but Janine expresses no attraction to him.

However, after attending Mr. Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve, she kisses him, and they begin dating. Nonetheless, it doesn't last because she doesn't like Monica and Chandler, referring to them as loud and blah.

6. David The Scientist Guy

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David, the Scientist Guy (Hank Azaria), was Phoebe's first genuine love interest in the show. He and his partner receive a grant to study in Minsk, Belarus. Initially, he agrees not to go, but ultimately Phoebe convinces him she cannot stand in the way of his dream.

David resurfaces a couple of times in the series. Finally, he and Phoebe rekindle their romance in season nine before Mike (Paul Rudd) professes his love for Phoebe and desire to marry her.

7. Janice Hosenstein

janice and chandler on friends
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Was there ever any doubt? But, of course, Chandler's (and Ross's) ex makes this list with her outrageous laugh and over-the-top shenanigans. One user stated, ” They wrote Janice to be annoying (at least after her initial appearance). So if she wins most irritating, that means she did a good job.” The beloved Maggie Wheeler plays Janice.

8. Ursula Buffay

Friends 412
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Lisa Kudrow isn't only Phoebe Buffay. She also plays her insensitive twin sister Ursula Buffay. Ursula briefly dates Joey, does adult films using Phoebe's name, and treats Phoebe like a total stranger. She's a selfish woman who withheld their mother's note that she left before taking her life. And the fact that she knew they were adopted and their real mom was alive, living in Montauk, New York.

9. Parker

parker alec baldwin
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In two episodes of Friends season eight, Parker (Alec Baldwin) was Phoebe's excitable, larger-than-life boyfriend. He put a positive spin on everything and attended the Gellar's anniversary party, where he annoyed the group.

After a night of his over-enthusiasm, Phoebe decides she can't take it anymore and kicks him out. However, he opens her apartment door and excitedly asks, Isn't this the most incredible fight you've ever had in your entire life?

10. Eddie Menuek

eddie on friends adam goldberg
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After helping Chandler pick out a chorizo at the supermarket, Eddie (Adam Goldberg) moved into Joey's old bedroom for a couple of season two episodes. Unfortunately, between dehydrating fruit and stealing mannequin heads from Macy's, he had some quirks that made Chandler uneasy.

Eddie finally gets the boot after Chandler wakes up to him, watching him sleep. “But if you think for one second I'm leaving you alone with my fish, you're insane, Jack!”

Honorable Mentions: Mark, Frank Jr., and Steve, the apartment guy who thought Ross should pay the hundred dollars for Howard's going away party.

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