Is It Time to Break Up With Your Toxic Friend? Here’s What to Look For

Like seasons, friends come and go. People change, and one might one day discover that what attracted them to someone else or made their company enjoyable is no longer there. It may be a painful realization, but it is totally normal.

It may not mean either person is bad, it primarily means their time as friends is up. A Redditor recently asked, “What is a dead giveaway that you shouldn't be friends with somebody anymore?”

Fellow Redditors share the most famous indicators that the friendship has timed out.

1. Interactions Drain You

Users think this is one of the surest ways to know when interactions with a friend that used to be intriguing suddenly become a kind of burden. A user adds, “100%. I could spend day and night with my best friend when we both were younger but now even an hour seems to much for me.”

2. Too Many Ex-friends

When someone has a problem with everything and everyone, it's highly possible they are the problem.

“If they have a LOT of ex-friends. If somebody has burned so many bridges with former friends then that it a huge red flag that it's only a matter of time,” u/Polymorph49 warned.

3. No Reciprocation

It can be exhausting when you feel like the energy you're putting into something or someone is not being returned. It may make one feel like they are forcing things.

u/Gundoggirl explains the hurt it entails, despite everyone having busy lives. “I feel like I’m this friend who tries to make plans. Eventually, you just end up feeling like the other person doesn’t really like you and you give up.”

They added that it makes them question whether or not people actually want to be friends with them. “I don’t mean to be pushy, and I’m really blasé about canceling, but it’s hard not to feel rejected,” they added. “I’m not blaming [them] for doing this, we all have our own busy lives, and these things have to be a give and take.”

4. When They Don't Respect Your Decisions

People grow and are out of old habits all the time. As friends, one should try not to hold it against them and accept them. u/Tdawwg78 shares a personal case of his friends not respecting his decision.

“Almost 10 years ago I realized changing my number and leaving my friends behind with my addictions was the way to go. Don’t miss them one bit. I have better friends now!”

5. When They Downplay Your Misfortunes

“When you're going through something difficult and they try and minimize it, talking about how much harder everything is for them like it's some contest,” another Redditor shared.

6. They Lie

“Even ONCE,” u/Tumbleweed48 emphasizes on this.

“Believe me, I’m an old man now, and I can tell you from personal experience that if they do it once, they’ll do it every time it’s to their benefit or convenience, myriad subsequent apologies and promises notwithstanding.

I can also assure you that if you actually find three true friends who you can trust without question in the course of your life, you’ll have two more than most people. I might sound cynical, but that has been my life’s experience and I’ve watched many others learn the same expensive lesson.”

7. They Don't Respect Your Time

Time is money, even in friendships.

u/clockwerked has an opinion on this: “If they planned a dinner/event for 7 pm, and don't show up until 7:30 pm, and repeatedly do this for their other planned events, they don't respect you. Especially after you tell them to show up on time or turn up earlier to be ready for THEIR plans.”

8. They Forget Important Details About You

It's pretty painful when a best friend or someone you consider a close friend can't remember things about you, like your birthday or favorite color.

u/GingerMau adds, “That you are allergic to nuts, or that you don't drink alcohol, for example. Even though you have told them several times.”

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