Top 15+ Fun Jobs That Pay Well (2022)

Here are the Best Fun Jobs That Pay Well!

In this day and age, money matters more than anything else. No matter what your ambitions are, money will be an important factor in them. You might want to go abroad for holidays, buy a new PS or renovate your home. One common thing in each of these desires is that you will require money to fulfill the purpose. You cannot think about going abroad without having the money for the cause. The same can be said about buying a PlayStation and renovating your house. The amount of money required will be different in different cases. But even if you want to live a basic life, you would need an income for it.

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More often than not, you have to choose a job that you don't even like for a very simple reason, it pays you the amount that will satisfy all your wants. 

But what if you could have a job that was fun to do and provided a good income? You would surely like to grab it with both hands. We are going to talk about some of those fun jobs here. Getting these jobs will help you generate the income and have loads of fun while doing so: 

Top Fun Jobs That Pay Well

1. Romance Novelist 

If you have got even a hint of interest in writing, a romance novelist is going to be a great job for you. As a novelist, you have to take a lot of time to write your story. But if you can become a romance novelist, the ideas can flow freely in your mind. You can take a page out of your own life. If you think the romance that you had in your own life was amazing, you can put it on paper and write about it in detail.

A novelist doesn't get paid well the moment he starts doing the job. But if you can persist with it and you're good at the job, you can become rich based on such a job. For common knowledge, authors on Amazon earn anywhere between $10,000 to $1 million per year. 

2. Food Scientist 

Do you love food? The majority of people do. But would you like to do more research to understand food? Becoming a food scientist can be a fun job. The job is quite interesting. You have to go through all the food items available in the marketplace. Looking at their ingredients and doing chemical testing activities are some of the main elements of this job.

The procedure will take a lot of time and you have to look at every little thing to make your judgments as a food scientist. In that way, you can make the world aware of the food items and be a good food scientist yourself. The usual salary of a reputed food scientist is more than $60,000. 

3. Music Therapist 

Music is itself a therapy, it allows people to heal when they are going through adverse times. But what's a music therapist? It's a professional who you would see in institutions such as schools and retirement homes. Kids and adults need to express more about themselves. A music therapist helps them to communicate their feelings through the language of music.

Doesn't it seem like a different job? It is and if you love music and desire to spread good music to everyone, being a music therapist will be thrilling. 

4. Audio Engineer 

The job of audio engineering cannot be learned overnight. There are several layers to understanding how audio engineering works. It depends largely upon the job that you're doing. If you're arranging a regular event and you have to make sure that the sound system is under control, the job is quite basic.

But in case you are an audio engineer for music, you have to put in a lot of effort to make it sound better. Such jobs are quite common in major cities. Once you become skilled at your job, things will become easy over some time. 

5. Zookeeper 

If you're fond of animals and love to spend time with them, becoming a zookeeper is quite a good deal. The amazing thing about becoming a zookeeper is that you will be able to interact with animals that you haven't ever seen before.

Since you get paid for the job, there are a lot of reasons to be excited about it. Zoo animals require care 24/7 and all year long. The pay can range anywhere between $19,000 to $42,000 per year. But if you are fond of animals, this pay is more than you can ask for the cause. 

6. Stunt Performer 

Becoming a stunt Performer is like playing a game of life and death. If you perform some really dangerous stunts, there is always that odd chance of an accident that can take your life away. But if you love to live on the edge, there cannot be a better job than being a stunt performer. There's no better feeling than completing a stunt with effortless ease.

When you can perform relatively tough stunts with comfort too, you won't mind making it a permanent source of income for you. The minimum pay scale is around $1,000 on a per daily basis so you're bound to make a lot of money in this job. 

7. Fashion Designer 

If you have got a thing for fashion and style, becoming a fashion designer will be a fun job. Since there are various people with the desire to become fashion designers, you will have to face a lot of competition in the marketplace.

To stay ahead of your competitors, you will have to take a course from a reputed organization. It can take some time to become a quality fashion designer. But if you can make a mark, you have the chance to earn millions and become rich. 

8. Winemaker 

Becoming a winemaker is quite a unique yet interesting job. If you want to become a quality winemaker, you will have to do a lot of studying. To make tasty wine, you need to have a lot of knowledge about food science and chemistry. This knowledge cannot be earned overnight. You will have to take the help of professionals and understand the job from them.

Based on the information that you have gathered, wine can be made and you can open a large winery. The salary of a reputed winemaker is close to $85,000. 

9. Airline Pilot 

If you have ever seen a pilot movie, you must have the desire to become an airline pilot. After all, it is so good to see someone controlling airplane thousands of feet above the ground. The problem here is that the training is quite expensive.

This is one of the major reasons why people with a desire to become pilots do not see the light of the day. You have to spend a lot of your time away from home so family members won't readily accept your desires either. But if you can somehow make it in as a pilot, the earnings are huge and you get thrilled on an everyday basis. 

10. Landscape Architect 

Being a landscape architect is such a smooth and pleasing job. If you don't know already, landscape architects use trees, lawns, flowers, and other vegetation to create stunning natural surroundings. If someone loves nature, he will desire to come up with ways to improve the landscape.

Are you one of those too? You can provide something to the nature around and it will earn you a significant income. Landscape architects earn close to $60,000 on an everyday basis. 

11. Astronaut 

When we used to write an essay about “my aim in life” during our school days, most of us desired to become astronauts. But somewhere down the road, that desire vanished completely.

But why is it so? It is because becoming an astronaut is not an easy job. It is one of the most difficult jobs in the entire world. This is also the reason why it is an extremely fun job. Once you become an astronaut, the chances of getting bored are negligible. The risks involved are high and so is your adrenaline. 

12. Graphic Designer 

The youngsters in this day and age are glued to their technological devices. While there might be several wrongs about using these devices, it can open many job opportunities too. One of such jobs is as a graphic designer. If you have got an interest to become a graphic designer, you just have to take a course from a quality organization in your area.

Since the demand for graphic designers is huge all across the world, this fun is going to pay you a solid income. The great part about this profession is that you can become self-employed or a freelancer and still earn quite a significant amount. 

13. Toy Creator 

If you're someone with a creative mind, being a toy creator seems like a fun job. You can think about different ways to make toys. As long as they are attractive, kids are going to fall for them and your toys will be sold off in an instant.

But you should try to focus on making the toys durable and functional too. It will create a decent name for your creations in the marketplace, providing a great path to success for you.  In the long run, you can run your toy manufacturing firm. 

14. Professional Athlete 

When you see most professional athletes, you will find them to be motivated about their sport even after many years. What can be the reason behind it? The simple reason is the passion for the sport. They love what they do and they would put every ounce of their body to get better at the sport. It has to be one of the most fun jobs.

Since some of the richest persons in the world are sportsmen, there's no doubt that this job pays you well too. It is one of the most suitable fun jobs that pay well.

15. Lighting Designer 

If you love fancy lights and you want to have the authority to control them, becoming a lighting designer will be quite an interesting job. Most of the time, you will get this job for stage shows. Lighting designers usually need stage-lighting experience at schools and or in community theatre before they can move up to careers in cities with higher-paying job opportunities.

When you start, this job will pay you a limited amount of money. But when you become a senior lighting designer, this job can pay you $65,000 on average. 

16. Art Therapist 

You must be all weirded out hearing that name. But art therapy is an actual job that pays you quite well too. When you mix art and psychology, you get an art therapist. It is a job where a professional helps people to show their emotions but with the medium of art.

This is a common job in schools for introverted kids who don't know how to express themselves verbally. The demand for such a professional can be found in psychiatric hospitals and old age homes too. 

17. Magician 

When you go to a magic show as a kid, you get fascinated by the acts of a magician. More often than not, you're left scratching your head when he does his acts. It's not just a fun thing to look at, it's a fun job too. Some of the most renowned magicians are talked about all over the world. It is an art that is known to the rarest of people.

If you can go through the training yourself and achieve the status of an efficient magician, you can have your celebrity status as well. When you start as a magician, the work can pay you close to $350 per hour. But things take a swift turn as you grow further and become a popular act. 

Conclusion: Fun Jobs That Pay Well

These are the different fun jobs that can pay you well. We have talked about some of the most popular jobs, there are many more that are fun to do and pay you well too. As long as you're passionate about the job, you will earn quite well with time!