Staying Put? Here’s 20 Creative and Fun Things To Do at Home

If you’re feeling bored or stuck inside for any reason, there are plenty of creative and fun things to do at home. Try something different, and you may be surprised at how enjoyable it is.

20 Fun Things To Do at Home When You're Stuck Inside

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Whether it's the weather, germs, or required quarantine keeping you inside, there really are tons of fun things to do at home. Try to look at it as a chance to try something new, complete small home projects, try that new board game, or finally see all those shows and movies you missed. Here are 20 things to do when you're stuck at home.

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Try a Movie Scratch off Poster

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If you enjoy movies and you’ve run out of ideas for fun things to do at home for adults, make it a goal to see as many of the films listed on a scratch-off poster. You’ll have something to look forward to regularly while keeping track of what you watched. It also serves as a decorative keepsake. You can also find ones for anime, books, and travel.

If you're looking for no-spend activities, make a list of all the movies you've wanted to see but never got around to. Perhaps it's all the Oscar-nominated films, or films by your favorite actor, or even all the classics.

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Level-up Your Smart Phone Photography Skills

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Some people like to take pictures of nature. Others may prefer photographing people for a special occasion. It’s all up to you. The best thing about it is it’s something you can do almost anytime, anywhere. Check out tutorials on YouTube for how to improve pictures of your family, pets, or vacations.

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Play an Instrument Online

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Want to learn to play an instrument but don't want to invest in buying or renting one? is a free online platform. Play the piano using your computer keyboard. Also, test out an array of virtual instruments while there. is another site to experiment with as well. Play the drums, guitar, plan flute, glockenspiel, and other instruments virtually from anywhere.

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Make a Streaming Playlist

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If you’re looking for fun things to do at home with a significant other or kids, why not make a playlist? Choose your favorite songs together, compile workout music, or gather pleasant songs to listen to on a road trip. Or create a custom playlist of songs from your kids' favorite series like Bluey, Beyblades, or Pokemon.

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Make Kebobs

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Kebobs aren’t just for warm weather and summer barbecues. You can make kebobs year-round to spice up your meals. For example, suppose it’s too cold to use the grill outside. Kebobs can be cooked on a skillet with high heat or a grill pan. Just be sure to ventilate the smoke. Then, grab some cubed steak, shrimp, or another favorite protein along with some peppers, wooden skewers, and cook away.

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Create a Bucket List

bucket list

Many people add travel destinations to their list, such as Greece, Paris, Hawaii, and The Grand Canyon but don’t limit yourself. Instead, think of other ideas you’d like to do in everyday life, such as seeing a sunset, learning to make sushi, or creating a short film. If you’re not sure where to start, get a bucket list book to help you.

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Start a YouTube Channel

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If you’re an aspiring entertainer or have expertise in an area you’d like to share, start a channel to spread your message and share your passion with the world. Upload videos of yourself singing, explaining video game shortcuts, or teach people how to start a website. It all starts with one video that you can turn into an interesting hobby or potential money maker.

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Paint Your Life

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If painting isn’t your thing, but you have an appreciation for it, why not hire someone to turn a precious photo into a painting at Paint Your Life. First, follow simple instructions to upload your favorite photos. Then select sizes and styles and include any special instructions to get the desired result. It can be one of those fun things to do at home together as a family or by yourself. Then, give it as a super special gift for a birthday, Mother's Day, or Father's day, or display it in your home.

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Make Pillows

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Making a pillow can be fun to express your creative side and add a personal touch to any room. Photos of loved ones aren’t just for picture frames, get a photo and learn to make a custom face pillow. Also, consider making a fleece no-sew pillow that goes with the room's theme. Find a simple tutorial and have at it.

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Compile Your Favorite Recipes

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Whether you like to store recipes digitally, on recipe cards, or print ones from the computer, it’s great to have your favorites on hand when you need them. So stay organized and use a meal planner for the week or month. Or, you can even put them together as a book for a grandparent or neighbor.

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Get a Joke Book

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Whether you want to be the life of the party or a legend in your own mind, find a joke book to make others laugh. There’s a wide array of joke books for adults.

Also, if your child likes to make people laugh, but they’ve run out of their own material, have them test out a joke or two from a joke book. The Hilarious Joke Series has a book designed for different ages from 6-10. A joke book comes in handy if you need fun things to do at home for kids.

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Make a Shelf

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We can all be more efficient with our space. If you’re looking to store items and you’re not sure where to put them, take advantage of vertical space. Could you benefit from having things up higher? Think about building a shelf to flex your DIY muscles and make more room for your belongings.

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Upcycle Chairs

camella homes ZYv Ckt2gTQ unsplash scaled

If your kitchen or dining room chairs have seen better days, think about hitting the reset button to make them look new again. If they have cushions attached, you can reupholster them. Find some fabric, a staple gun, safety glasses, and a good tutorial for an inexpensive update.

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Try the Board Game Telestrations


If you’re looking for fun things to do at home with friends or family, consider playing Telestrations. It’s similar to the telephone game where you whisper into someone’s ear, and they pass what you said on to someone next to them, and then that person passes the message to another person, etc. The fun is in how the message inevitably gets altered. Telestrations is the hilarious board game drawing version of that idea, except people, have to draw and guess the word or phrase.

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Make Healthier Brownies

molly keesling 0T1prOnvvQg unsplash scaled

You can make these rich and fudgy treats with less guilt with just a few key ingredients. First, add in some beans for an extra boost. According to, “this brings fiber, potassium, and protein to your brownies.†Plus, it will help keep them low calorie without sacrificing taste whatsoever. Also, consider applesauce in place of vegetable oil. So whether you’re looking for something vegan, keto, or flourless, there’s a recipe out there to let you enjoy a healthier version of this special treat.

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Make a House of Cards

sigmund UorPU70 D60 unsplash scaled

Make a house of cards using a standard deck of cards. There are multiple ways to approach this. For example, you can start with four cards that make a square or stack them to form a triangular shape. No matter how you start the foundation, carefully stack them to see how high it can be and how long it will last. It’s one of the most fun things to do at home by yourself or with someone else.

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Make Coasters

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You can’t go wrong with this DIY project. Enjoy creating something that has a practical purpose and can get used repeatedly in everyday life. Scout out tutorials to make ones from ceramic tile, cork, wood, or another material. Give them as a gift or keep them for yourself. Your table will thank you for preventing stains.

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Try Karaoke

kane reinholdtsen LETdkk7wHQk unsplash scaled

If singing in front of strangers makes you cringe, think about test driving the idea at home. You can practice without an audience and learn the lyrics to your favorite songs. If you feel brave enough, invite friends and family to join in. Whether you’re good at singing or not, you can have a few laughs in the process.

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Frame Maps


When traveling, whether you use a physical map or not, consider displaying one when you get back home to remember a trip or a unique location. Grab one from a visitor center or hotel before you head back home. Then find an exciting frame to make it stand out in a room to look at for years to come. Outside of photos, it’s another way never to forget your trip and share it with others.

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Display Coordinates


Another way to honor a favorite location is to look up its coordinates. Check out a site like,, or other sites to find the numbers that represent a particular location's latitude and longitude lines.

Whether you’re a geography nerd or not, you can create a stenciled sign of your home address, where you were born, a special vacation spot, or where Lord of the Rings was filmed to display in your home. I’ve also seen people make bracelets out of them or even tattoos.

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