25 Funniest One Piece Memes of All Time

The decision of Toei Animation to adapt One Piece back in 1997 was perhaps their best decision (maybe after adapting Dragon Ball, but still). Over the years they have made some of the most amazing episodes in anime, and it will still continue over the next decade, I would say. 

So in order to celebrate… Nothing, I would like to talk about 25 funniest One Piece memes of all time. Eiichiro Oda has created a lot of moments in One Piece where it is actually so funny, hence it becomes either memes, running gags, or pretty much an inside joke among One Piece fans. 

Even though most of these memes will normally consist of facial expressions (just like any other anime), a meme is still a meme. Here I do not really care whether it is funny or not, if it is being talked about and discussed in the community, I will definitely bring that up for this article. 

Instead of doing the classic showing the meme, I would rather talk about the origin of the meme with the hope that fans can have a better understanding on why the hell it becomes a meme. The list will also be kind of subjective, because comedy is something that is based on personal taste. It will be fine if you think that some of these are funnier than others, and vice versa. 

So, if that is clear, let us start our list from number 25:

Funniest One Piece Memes of All Time

25. Chopper when get embarrassed

One Piece Memes: Chopper when get embarrassed

You see, almost every member of The Straw Hats has their own running gag. You will see some others on this list. And of course our beloved Tony Tony Chopper has one. Usually whenever he gets praised, Chopper will also get embarrassed by it. And the reaction is the mix between funny, cute and innocent at the same time. For me personally his reaction always made me laugh and never gets old even though it has been repeated over… I would say like hundreds of times or so.

24. Laugh tale

One Piece Memes: Laugh tale

Raftel is an island that is said to be the last island where the One Piece is actually located. While the island itself is still surrounded by a lot of mysteries, what made this become a meme was that priceless reaction from The King of Pirate himself Gol. D Roger. That laughing scene or panel was some of the best illustrations in the series. So good in fact that a lot of people actually meme'd it. Just Google it yourself and you will see some memes using that expression of Roger.

23. Ace and his hole

One Piece Memes: Ace and his hole

Too soon? Nope, it aired years ago so I think it is safe talking about this. But yeah I need to admit that this meme is a bit too dark and is definitely hated by Ace's fans. I even have seen the version where this “hole” is linked with a donut. While I think it is funny, I know some people will dislike it considering that they really love Ace as a character and wish to see him more. To close things up, I want to apologize to Ace's fans for including this meme.

22. Nico Robin's dark thoughts

One Piece Memes: Nico Robin's dark thoughts

While it did not happen that often, when she did express her dark opinion, it is always at the most inappropriate time. Like at that time when The Straw Hats tried to give a new name for their new ship, guess what name did Robin give? That is right, Being of Darkness. What a beautiful name that is, truly fitting for that ship. Or that time where they are almost killed because a giant ship came down to crash the Fishman Island? Yup, that is her reaction in that picture. A brilliant mind of Nico Robin.

21. Sanji's mellorine

One Piece Memes: Sanji's mellorine

We all know how perverted Sanji actually is. Chivalrously perverted, to be more specific. Whenever he finds a beautiful woman (for him it would be almost everyone), he will scream the word “Mellorine“. I did a research on Google about this Mellorine stuff, and it turns out to be a lower-cost imitation of ice cream. That is it, that is the meaning. I have no idea what the heck is the correlation between pretty women and Mellorine. And at this point it is better to not over think it because it is utterly useless.

20. Luffy and his family

One Piece Memes: Luffy and his family

As we know, Luffy's blood family consists of his grandpa Garp and his dad Dragon. And let us not forget that he also had a cup exchange with Sabo and Ace, resulting in them becoming a sibling. Weirdly, even though most of them have no blood relation at all, yet they shared similar traits (except for maybe Sabo): love to eat, sleeping in the middle of something, and rather straightforward. I mean I have no idea if Dragon has similar traits, but it would be hilarious if he actually does.

19. Nami's haki

One Piece Memes: Nami's haki

Some people consider Nami to be the weakest member of The Straw Hats. But here is a thought of mine: No one dealt the most blow to Luffy compared to Nami. Not Doflamingo, not Rob Lucci, and not even Katakuri. But Nami. The most amazing thing here is that Nami did that when she does not possess armament haki or sort. She does that purely by brute force. Some suspect that Nami actually is the strongest character because he can hit the Rubber Man without using haki. That is a great achievement that almost no one can do.

18. Nami's wrath

One Piece Memes: Nami's wrath

And this leads to our next topic, since she can hit Luffy that hard even without haki, it also means that she can hit other members that hard. Take Franky for example, whose body consists of metal. A really hard one, and she can hit him without getting hurt at all. If she is the weakest member, then there is no way she is able to do so. Nami is arguably the strongest member of The Straw Hats when she is in fury (if you do not realize, this whole topic is a joke. Do not take it seriously).

17. Sanji and the queers

One Piece Memes: Sanji and the queers

It seems like Sanji is not destined to be with a real girl. His marriage with Pudding was an utter failure, and most other women think of him as a creep. The only group of people who can accept him as a person is most definitely the queers. They never get mad at whatever Sanji did to them and accept his flaw no matter what it is. And the best part is that whenever Sanji tries to avoid them, they always appear in the most unexpected place. Like in Fishman Island for example.

16. Sanji and his twin

One Piece Memes: Sanji and his twin

No, not that twin, but THIS twin. His brother from another mother (that sentence is so cringe lmao). I still remember after seeing this revelation I bursted out laughing because I would have never ever thought that person in Sanji's poster would be a real person. And it did not help the matter after seeing Brook laughed out so loud, because that only made me laugh even harder. So hard in fact that I wheezed until my chest hurt kind of bad. But it was worth it seeing that everything is possible in One Piece.

15. Brook and panties

One Piece Memes: Brook and panties

Men love panties (please hear me out before saying anything). But they do not ask women any panties questions because they respect women and know that is inappropriate. If you are a real gentleman then you should refrain yourself from asking such a topic. But if you are Brook however, you can do whatever you like because even if that woman kills you after asking that, you are already dead so you will not feel a thing. It is hilarious in anime, but do not ever do this in real life.

14. Luffy being clueless

One Piece Memes: Luffy being clueless

Luffy is an idiot. We all know this. Hence it comes to no surprise seeing him being clueless in a lot of things. And when I said a lot, I mean A LOT (it happens way too often). Starting from forgetting important figures, having no sense of danger at all, not understanding any explanations, the list goes on and on. I mean I could keep listing it and make it more specific, but boy it would be a tiring one for me, and we still got a lot to talk about. 

13. Luffy's nicknames

One Piece Memes: Luffy's nicknames

And speaking of cluelessness, Luffy forgetting about names is something that also happened a lot because of it. Unless he or she is an important figure, I do not think that Luffy will remember their name. Heck, he even forgot his own allies like Trafalgar, Bartolomeo, and Cavendish. This results him to create stupid nicknames such as Tra-guy for Trafalgar, Crescent Head for Bartolomeo, and Cabbage for Cavendish. Funnily enough, these nicknames are also said by his crews even though they are not as dumb as Luffy and perhaps remember their names. 

12. Skull jokes

One Piece Memes: Skull jokes

Of all the running gags in One Piece, this has to be one of my favorites. It is simple, yet it is always effective. Brook always knows the perfect timing to deliver this stupid yet hilarious joke, even at the most difficult moment, like when The Straw Hats were thrown away by Kuma, his last word in that island was his typical skull jokes. Luffy made a good choice for recruiting Brook because not only he has invited a musician, but also a comedian. A complete package in just one person. 

11. Huh?!

One Piece Memes: Huh?!

As I said, One Piece has the most amazing facial expressions compared to other anime. This one actually is supposed to be included to the shocked face later on, but I separate them from that because one deciding factor: Nico Robin also did that face. Yes, Nico Robin. That Nico Robin. To think that our calm, collected, and cool Robin would actually make this kind of face is something that I would never have thought. This means that what Luffy did was exceptionally surprising to the point where Robin is also shocked.

10. Usopp's lies

One Piece Memes: Usopp's lies

If you have no idea (if you really are then you should watch more One Piece), Usopp lied a lot in the series. He lied that he has thousands of followers, he lied about meeting a giant, he lied by calling a beautiful lady swordsman bringing meat to wake the monster trio up. And who would have thought that his lies would eventually come true. And what do you know, perhaps his other lies will eventually come true. That day will surely bring joy to One Piece fans in general.

9. Marimo

One Piece Memes: Marimo

For those who have no idea, marimo is some sort of a moss ball that can be found mostly in Japan. While a lot of Japanese think that marimo brings luck, Sanji used it to insult Zoro. I mean the resemblance is there. Both have something green in their body. Maybe for some of you guys it is a bit far fetched, but hey, when it works as an insult, then it works. However, I do think it brings some sort of luck, especially in battle because Zoro almost always survives after getting badly wounded.

8. Zoro's sense of direction

One Piece Memes: Zoro's sense of direction

But when it comes to his sense of direction, Zero has no luck. Zoro being lost is one of the longest running gags in One Piece. Whatever situation that involves Zoro, we can expect that he is going to be lost at some point. The best part about it (or the worst, depending on your point of view), is that Zoro will still get lost even though the path is right in front of him. If this continues, perhaps Zoro will be the one who finds Raftel first before others.

7. Usopp being a deity

One Piece Memes: Usopp being a deity

This one… I did not remember that Usopp has lied that he is a God or some sort. Who knows, maybe I forgot. But that Dressrosa arc did Usopp a favor because now he is considered as one of the most dangerous Straw Hats Pirates despite his cowardice. On top of that, he even gained a 200 million berry bounty, surpassing other names like Franky and Nico Robin. He also managed to collect a lot of followers because of it. The future of Usopp seems bright if Oda makes this trend continue.

6. Pica's voice

One Piece Memes: Pica's voice

Back when that monumental episode had not aired yet, manga fans had really high expectations regarding Pica's voice. Can the anime also recreate that hilarious moment in the manga? And the answer is, yes, they did. And they executed it rather brilliantly. I mean, we all know what to expect about his voice, yet we still burst out laughing after hearing such a high-pitched voice. Not going to voice shaming or whatsoever, because real talk that kind of voice did not match his big and muscular body at all.

5. Luffy's impersonation

One Piece Memes: Luffy's impersonation

This thing happened way more often than right now. Back then the series was more lighthearted thus they can have a lot of fun moments together (I am not saying I hate the current series. Do not mix that up). So yeah, as the title suggests Luffy did a lot of impersonation to The Straw Hats. Hell even he did that when he was in the pinch, resulting in him getting a good slap from Nami and Sanji because of him being a clueless captain in such a situation.

4. The will of D

One Piece Memes: The will of D

The will of D is something that is supposed to be mysterious and enigmatic. But since it will take a while before we eventually know what it actually means, it seems like we can make our theory first before Oda eventually tells us. Fans did that by adding a lot of characters' names with letters D. Eustass D. Kid, Buggy D. Clown, Go D. Usopp, even a filler character like Con D. Oriano, you name it. It is stupid but hey, that is the whole point for this meme.

3. Almost every crying face

One Piece Memes: Almost every crying face

Crying in One Piece is not something that uncommon. Every so often (and it is more often than you think) you will see they cry whether it is in the present or in the past when they are being shown in the flashback. It can be the tears of happiness or tears of sorrows. And their faces while crying has become a meme, mostly for sad reactions. And yeah, I think there is not much to say about this particular meme. Their faces have said it all.

2. Almost everyone's laugh

One Piece Memes: Almost everyone's laugh

When I say laugh, it is not their laughing expression, instead it would be their laughing noise. One Piece characters have the most unique (or weird, I guess) laugh in the anime. Like seriously, have you ever heard anyone say in My Hero Academia or Naruto laugh like “Gurarara” or “Zehahaha”. It may sound stupid and ridiculous, but it has become their own trademark. And for me personally, it will never get tiring hearing those laughs from them. Instead it triggers me to laugh alongside them.

1. Almost every shocked face

One Piece Memes: Almost every shocked face

It is not only their laugh that can be considered as unique. The characters' faces when they are shocked is something that is even more noticeable than the laughs. I mean, most of these memes came from their facial expressions, especially when they are in shock. Perona, Enel, Luffy, Usopp, Zoro, and others, their shocked faces should be in your gallery to be used for memes. That is of course if you are a true One Piece fan. Well, if you have not, then start using it. Trust me it is worth trying at least once.