120+ Funny Instagram Comments to Post on Instagram

Are you blanking when trying to come up with a quick, snappy comment to post on Instagram? Here are more than 120 funny Instagram comments to post on your friends' photos on the popular platform. If you are looking for cute compliments and witty remarks, this is the ultimate list.

The massive social media network has more than a billion monthly active users. Those of us on the platform constantly share photos, post comments, and send content to each other. This unstoppable wheel of engagement is full of the same old funny videos, mildly interesting stories, and, worst of all, boring compliments!

But that all changes now with this list of 120 comment ideas. As your social media cavalry, we have charged in to provide you with some fun comments to post when commenting on your friends' photos.

Funny Instagram Comments

best instagram comments
Funny Instagram comments to post on your friends' profiles.

If you are looking for a witty reply to post on your friend's photo, have a look at the list below. These comments will hopefully inspire you to come up with great compliments.

  • You taking a photo here is the best thing that happened to that place.
  • This is why I pay for the internet.
  • We should be paying Instagram for allowing us to see this amazing picture.
  • That phone's camera deserves to be capsulated for all eternity, alongside this amazing photo of yours.
  • Yet another day I find myself obsessing over another photo of yours.
  • I was searching for the best Instagram comments on the internet. Then I decided to just say that I loved this photo.
  • If I had a chance to teleport to some place, it would be right near you.
  • Your beauty makes me feel like there's nothing wrong in this world.
  • There are actually five elements. Fire, water, earth, air, and your beauty.
  • Ya boy's got da heatt.
  • Does Instagram have a technical issue that makes likes disappear? Because this photo needs at least a million more likes.
  • You are the recipe for being cool.
  • I wish that was my shirt.
  • You are the reason why I still haven't uninstalled this app.
  • Your photo is the best thing on my feed.
  • This is my new wallpaper, queen.
  • There are millions of people around the world who will not have the chance to see this photo. That's why I consider myself lucky.

Best Roasts to Post on Instagram

best instagram roasts

Here are the best and funniest Instagram comments to post if you want to roast your friends.

  • There are great things in life. But do try to look at the ones that don't have a reflection.
  • Hey, this is a great photo. Really shows what technology is capable of when it comes to catfishing. Haha, I am joking you look gorgeous (if this is you, of course).
  • Sometimes I wish my phone screen was a bit smaller. Seeing your photo on my feed is definitely one of those occasions.
  • Thanks to the Instagram algorithm for featuring your photo on my feed. Now I am 100% more confident about my physical appearance.
  • I don't know if there is a filter that can salvage this image. But it is my utmost hope that there is.
  • Did Insta remove the “delete photo” option? Because that can be the only reason why you still haven't deleted this pic yet.
  • I am going to create a playlist of the saddest songs in history on Spotify. This pic of yours will be the cover.
  • It is such a shame that phone manufacturers build with these amazing and quite capable cameras, only to see them take a photo of you.
  • Wow, not having to see you for a while clearly has been a blessing.
  • I don't know why you decided to take down the fashion industry. But it is clearly a suicide mission.
  • You're the reason why world hunger is still there. Sorry, was that harsh?
  • UN should create a commission specialized in filtering your photos so that the people around the world don't have to witness this.
  • When you get rid of the things that make you sad and have peace of mind, do open your Instagram profile to see this photo of yours? That should help you get a great depression hit.
  • If this photo was a drink, it would be a wine that has gone bad. It would taste worse than vinegar. Yes, really.
  • You look like you need some mental support.
  • I wish you had to pay for posting photos on Instagram.

Creative Instagram Comments

creative insta comments

If you want to reply to a post of one of your female friends, the list below might inspire you and make them feel better. Unlike the ones above, this list is full of direct compliments.

  • Cause of death: your immense beauty in this pic.
  • You know no boundaries.
  • It is my utmost pleasure to state that thy photograph is the most delightful content I have ever witnessed on this wretched app.
  • You are the angel that I would like to see when I say goodbye to this world.
  • Looking at your photo feels like I am reading an amazing poem.
  • That is one dangerous smile.
  • I am forever grateful for being able to see this photo.
  • I screenshotted this pic ten times.
  • I would love to have an album full of this photo…like hundreds of pages of you.
  • My mortal eyes witness a goddess.
  • Your smile enough makes me unhappy for not taking part in your life more.
  • You are the protagonist of my world.
  • I don't know which stork has brought you to this earth. But I am grateful.
  • Girl, I wish you were the government. I would love it if you spied on me.
  • If I had a chance to relive a day, it would be this one.
  • If the concept of beauty manifests itself in you.
  • Your laughter is just intoxicating.
  • I would like the buy this photo, please.
  • Your lips are meadow, your eyes are wine.
  • This photo makes me feel like you are the main character.
  • Do step on me please, I would be proud of myself.
  • I thought the era of miracles was over.
  • It is always hot girl summer for you.
  • The sun is jealous of you.
  • Does anyone have a map? I think I am lost in this photo.
  • Can we turn this into an NFT, so that I can pay millions of dollars to make it my own?
  • That's one lucky camera right there for taking a photo of you.
  • You are so beautiful that I had to look for something proper to post on this photo.
  • You look like a book that I feel like I wouldn't be able to stop reading.
  • I just can't seem to describe how amazing you look. So I am just going to say that I love this pic.
  • Wish I could copy and paste this pic into my eyelids. That way I would never have to open my eyes again.
  • I have two monitors. You are on both of them. As the wallpaper. Yes.

Best Instagram Comments for Boys

best instagram comments for boys

Here are a few Instagram comments to leave on the photos of your male friends. We tried to come up with fun suggestions that do not sound lame and actually feel genuine.

  • You're just so slick and you just know it.
  • Didn't know you started modeling man.
  • My man is slaying.
  • God exists and your facial bone structure proves that.
  • One man army!
  • I would pay a hefty amount of money to have this photo hanging from a building.
  • I see danger in those eyes man.
  • Real Chad right here.
  • You are my brother from another mother.
  • That's a majestic jawline right there.
  • This photo is so great that I had to search the internet to come up with a decent comment.
  • This is one good headshot.
  • You have the face of and the heart of a chad.
  • You look like a T34 Soviet medium tank, always bombing.
  • It is so lame that I copied this comment from a website. But it shows how much I appreciate this pic.
  • If no girl marries you, I am here for you brother.
  • Three words: charisma, charm, and prestige.
  • You're that bloke to fall in love at the first sight.
  • Even the photo itself shouts “success.”
  • Man, I would love to be your gamepad.
  • You're doing great. I don't know how you do it, but keep it up.
  • Be Luigi to my Mario.
  • You clearly go to gym, mister.
  • That haircut is everything.
  • You're fire, as always.
  • Brother, you simply look amazing. That's the most honest version of me you could get.
  • Prestige.
  • That jawline…I just can't do it man. It is in my dreams.
  • You are the guy that Taylor Swift's looking for.
  • There is nothing you can't achieve in life as long as you have that hair.

Best Instagram Comments for Girls

best instagram comments for girls

If you are looking for some funny and creative replies to post on your “bestie's” photo? You have come to the right place as we've listed the most authentic and heartfelt compliments below.

  • This photo is more than enough to make the cosmetic industry upset.
  • I really need to make this photo my wallpaper.
  • Can I print this out and put it next to my mirror?
  • Everything that is beautiful is probably jealous of you.
  • The sun and all the other stars are not as bright as you.
  • You are the queen of all queens.
  • This image is a pure blessing.
  • You are God's portfolio.
  • Everything you wear just fits you so well.
  • That smile, girl, it just makes me really jealous.
  • I wish I was a tree neutralizing your carbon dioxide.
  • I will look at this photo and listen to sad love songs for a really long time.
  • Everything about you seems interesting and lovely. This photo somehow reflects that beautifully.
  • Seeing your pic on my feed is like finally getting to watch that long-awaited TV episode.
  • If I had to choose a photo to look for hundreds of years, it would be this one.
  • Can you save me from those staggering looks?
  • How can you be so perfect?
  • The subtle smile on those lips, it is just…I can't.
  • Looking at your pic makes me feel like listening to a great song.
  • Seeing your photo makes me feel glad for using Instagram.
  • If I had to describe happiness, I would want them to take a photo of me while looking at you.
  • Filters need you to look great.
  • If you were a song, you would be the one that lovers send to each other.
  • Yes, I did search for the best Instagram comments to come up with a compliment. Why not?
  • Every word that has a lovely connotation probably ends up describing you.
  • Brands, companies, influencers…here's someone worthy of your sponsorship.
  • I would like to stick this pic to my ceiling so that every time I wake up I see your immensely beautiful face.

Here are a couple of lists to get inspired by Instagram comment ideas to post on your friends' profiles. This should help spice up your comments and ensure you leave a strong impression with other users. Enjoy!