What You Need To Know About Gambling in The UK After The Pandemic

It is no secret that COVID-19 has affected the gambling industry. The necessary closure of casinos paired with the accessibility of online gambling has changed the game permanently. If you have enjoyed gambling in the past, you might be coming back to a whole new space, filled with new rules and thrilling opportunities.

Here's everything you need to know before you dive back into the exciting world of gambling in the UK!

Sports Betting

Betting on the outcome of sporting events has actually become more popular post-pandemic, likely because of its ease of accessibility. Many people are already sports fans, so turning to sports betting is second nature!

If you are looking to dive back into the realm of sports betting, you will be excited to note that you can find bookmakers unrestricted by UK's GAMSTOP. Even in the United Kingdom, you can still experience sports betting as you did before the pandemic.

New Controls on Gambling

If you're unfamiliar, GAMSTOP is a new tool for those looking to curb their addiction to online gambling. After you register on their website, GAMSTOP prevents you from gambling in any online casinos licensed in the UK, for a specified time period that you choose – anywhere from a minimum, of six months to up to five years. You will not be able to cancel your self-exclusion until your chosen minimum period has finished. After the minimum time has passed, GAMSTOP automatically renews for the same period of time unless you call to have it removed.

Endorsed by the British government, GAMSTOP is not just about cutting you off entirely. It can also be used to restrict the amount of time and/or money you spend on online gambling sites, without entirely curtailing your fun.

The tool’s website also offers many resources to help people control the amount of time and money they spend online gambling. Support can be especially helpful for those overcoming an addiction, and GAMSTOP is a great place to find that, too.

Has Your Casino Reopened?

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many casinos in the UK, to experience multiple waves of lockdown. Before you head to your old favorite casino, you need to make sure that it has reopened. Nearly three years after the initial outbreak of the pandemic, most casinos have successfully reopened and are providing their services with no major changes.

It is always better to check in advance, rather than show up to a “Closed” sign!

COVID Safe Casinos

If you do go to a reopened casino, make sure that the casino is doing all it can to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19.

This includes wiping down frequently touched surfaces often, providing easily accessible hand sanitizer, and encouraging guests to wear masks and wash their hands frequently. If it bothers you that your favorite casino doesn’t take these measures, it might be time to find a new hang-out spot.

Casinos Have Reached a New Popularity

Naturally, people have been looking for fun ways to get out of the house and find entertainment after periods of extended lockdown. Casinos have been there to provide just that! Post-COVID lockdowns, you will still find all of your favorite games at casinos, such as:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Big Six Wheel
  • Baccarat
  • Poker
  • Slots

And more!

If you have been thinking about heading to your favorite casino, make sure it is COVID-safe and enjoy the entertainment casinos are famous for!

If you still prefer to stay in, an increase in the popularity of online betting thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic means that you can find much of the same entertainment from the comfort of your home.

Whatever option you choose, enjoy the many excitements that betting brings!

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