5 House of the Dragon YouTube Channels for Weekly Episode Breakdowns

As House of the Dragon (HotD) fires up, the Game of Thrones (GoT) punditry on YouTube is springing into action once more. HBO's viewership is already flying sky high, with roughly 10 million viewers tuning in to watch the first episode live on television, the largest premiere in the network's history.

YouTubers will be riding the wave too, and over the coming months, numerous channels will cover significant developments of this prequel series. GoT content on YouTube runs the gamut from episode reviews, psychological analyses of key characters, plot predictions, spoiler alerts, cast gossip, and other fandom fun.

Check out these five top YouTube channels that will deliver weekly content that follows the series.

Alt Shift X

Alt Shift X has been doing GoT videos for a long time now – eight years. With over 150 videos, it has attracted an incredible 1.5 million subscribers.

Using video essay format, Alt Shift X gives nuanced commentary of each episode, dissecting sub-plots as they emerge and reading deeply into the intricate relationships and the character arcs that drive the story. Some videos also delve into the lore of Westeros (the story's fantasy realm). While this may be too detailed for some viewers, fans who enjoy the series' mythological, magical, or spiritual aspects can't get enough of it.

This channel will do a post-show live stream discussion every Sunday evening straight after each episode at around 10:15 pm Eastern Standard Time. A polished video that recaps and analyzes that week's episode will be released in the following days.

This YouTuber also has a podcast that publishes the audio version of every video.

Talking Thrones

As this channel's name suggests, it is devoted to discussing GoT news and, by extension, HotD too. Talking Thrones tends to focus on forward-looking reporting on the development of the show itself rather than deep dives into the themes of episodes. Updates about the show's casting, budget, or other production factors are commonly discussed. There is also plenty of videos covering press leaks about the happenings of creator George R. R. Martin, the writer of the book series.

The channel also analyzes the ‘Week's Ahead Trailers' that HBO releases. This gives viewers a heads-up about what is likely to happen in the coming episodes. You may want to avoid these videos if you hate even the hint of a spoiler and prefer to know as little about what's around the corner.


In a soft-spoken tone, whycreate's host narrates each video, discussing interesting aspects of the latest television episodes and book material. The channel often compares the differences between the show and the books, musing upon why the screenwriters may have left certain elements out.

Whycreate also has a playlist dedicated to relatively minor characters' backstories. It uses excerpts from the books, timelines, and family trees to discuss their lesser-known journeys for those curious about such details. Like Alt Shift X, whycreate will also deliver weekly breakdowns after each episode.


Glidus does GoT content with a bit of a twist. Want to watch harsh, sarcasm-laden critiques of the show? Glidus has a playlist named “Pisstake” with videos that tear down specific episodes, just for the laughs. Here, Glidus grills the writers for as many plot inconsistencies as he can find.

Follow him down the rabbit hole of layered alternative plot hypotheticals, and you may soon find yourself questioning the logic of entire scenes. (Don't stress, it's all part of the fun!) Glidus will do weekly reviews of each HotD episode, live stream discussions, and collaborate with other channels.

Alt Shift X and Glidus have done several live discussions together already, so if you enjoy Alt Shift X's content, you may want to follow Glidus too.

David Lightbringer

Unlike the above YouTubers, David Lightbringer gets in front of the camera in his videos. Adorning handcrafted jewelry and tinted glasses, he fills the screen with his big personality while bookshelves with an array of cultural curios and Game of Thrones titles sit in the background.

During his live streams, his pink pet galah ‘Cleo' sometimes appears on his shoulder. Lightbringer likes to draw parallels between the stories of the folklore of the books and the legends of various human cultures.

David declares in the About section of his channel that “George (Martin's) is a master of symbolism and metaphor, and is well-steeped in world mythology. His books are part of the larger literary tradition of esoteric, symbolic writing, and as a result, analysis of A Song of Ice and Fire benefits tremendously when viewed inside that larger context… and that's what we do here.”

David does a live stream with his community every Sunday at 3 pm Pacific time and sometimes on Wednesdays too.

Regardless of what GoT YouTube channel you check out, there will be plenty of great content on the platform to satisfy your hunger for content between episodes. There may be three or four seasons for the total House of the Dragon series, making for lots of compelling action and exciting developments going forward.

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