5 Games That Will Use Unreal Engine 5

Epic Games is one of the biggest and most important companies in the video game industry. Most people probably know of Epic Games from their PC storefront or, more likely, by being the developer behind the mega-popular battle royale game, Fortnite. However, in the video game industry itself, Epic Games is best known for something even more important than a storefront or video game.

The company is the mind and developer behind one of, if not, the most used video games engine, Unreal Engine. In the over 20 years that the Unreal Engine has been around, many different types of games have been able to be developed using it from a variety of developers. WIth Epic Games releasing the newest version, Unreal Engine 5, earlier this week, we’re going to look into the future at 5 games that will take advantage of Unreal Engine 5.

the Next Witcher Game

new witcher title 1
Courtesy of CD Projekt RED

Back in 2015, CD Projekt RED exploded into the mainstream with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game was met with massive amounts of critical and commercial success in the years since with many considering it one of the best open-world RPGs and video games of all time. CD Projekt RED carried that momentum into their next game, Cyberpunk 2077, but that game suffered from multiple issues at launch, especially on older consoles, that hindered its reception from fans and critics alike despite achieving commercial success. However, with the current-gen update for Cyberpunk 2077 now released, CD Projekt RED is looking to the future and have announced their next project.

Last month, the studio announced that they were working on the next game in The Witcher series. While we know very little about this game, CD Projekt RED teased that it will be a new saga in the series. The bigger news of the announcement, and why it appears on the list, is that the studio is moving away from their proprietary REDengine in favor of developing on Unreal Engine 5.  This all seemed in part due to the time and difficulty of advancing and iterating the REDengine when compared to Unreal. With the switch to this new engine, the next Witcher game is set to be in good hands whenever it may release.

the Next Tomb Raider Game

Rise of the Tomb Raider
Courtesy of Eidos Montreal

Tomb Raider and its protagonist Lara Croft are one of the most iconic series and characters in video games. The next game in the series was announced during the recent State of Unreal live stream and it was announced that the game would be running on Unreal Engine 5. The game is still very early in development, but we do know that Crystal Dynamics is returning to the series following handing off the development of the last game to Eidos Montreal while they worked on and released Marvel’s Avengers instead. The new game will also see former Sony Bend mainstay Jeff Ross join the studio as Design Director of the game.

Unfortunately for those excited, it will most likely be a long while before this new game releases. Crystal Dynamics is still supporting Marvel’s Avengers’ live service content. The studio is also currently helping Microsoft studio The Initiative develop the new Perfect Dark game. Thus, any news on the next Tomb Raider will probably be held off until after the release of Perfect Dark.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

Hellblade II
Courtesy of Ninja Theory

The first game was announced for the Xbox Series of consoles which happened to be announced alongside the Xbox Series X at The Game Awards in 2019. The first game caught many people off guard with its great visuals and intense take on handling mental illness. When Microsoft acquired developer Ninja Theory, many wondered what the studio could do with a bigger budget. Well, we got an answer, though we still haven’t seen much of the game yet.

We first saw the gameplay of Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II during The Game Awards last year, and the game looks absolutely stunning and seems to be taking full advantage of Unreal Engine 5. The game also seems to go in a new direction with Senua now being a leader of a small group of travelers and encountering mythical beings such as giants during their trek across the land. It’s still unknown when we’ll finally get Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, but it should be worth the wait whenever it may come.

the Next Gears of War Game

gears of war scaled
Courtesy of Epic Games

Gears of War is one of Microsoft’s biggest franchises they own. While the development of the games is currently handled by internal studio The Coalition, the series first started under the helm of Epic Games themselves during the original trilogy of games before Microsoft acquired the series outright. The series has always been known as a showpiece of what Unreal Engine could do since the original game was released back in 2006 on Xbox 360.

We are currently in the longest stretch of no new mainline game in the series announced or released as the games have usually been on a 2-3 year development cycle. Ths delay in announcement or release could have been due to The Coalition wanting to develop the game on Unreal Engine 5 and make it a showpiece like other entries in the series have in the past. With Gears 5 having the biggest launch of Microsoft’s first-party studios at the time of its release, it’s no doubt that the next game in the series will be just as big whenever it is finally announced and released.

Black Myth: Wukong

Courtesy of Game Science

To end the list is a game coming from Chinese indie developer Game Science. Titled Black Myth: Wukong, the game has been described as a Soulslike game and is based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West. The game has a stunning visual style and action-based combat. Since the game was first announced in 2020, it has exploded in popularity on YouTube with the trailers achieving multiple millions of views which is absolutely incredible for a game coming from an indie team from China.

Last summer, Game Science announced that they had moved the development of Black Myth: Wukong to Unreal Engine 5. This was in part due to Unreal Engine allowing the studio to target 4k resolution and 60 frames per second which will allow the game to run optimally on PCs and the new consoles. Game Science is targeting 2023 as the release window for Black Myth: Wukong, so it’s not much further away.

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