250+ Best YouTube Gaming Channel Names

Here are more than 250 best YouTube gaming channel names to dive into the world of gaming videos on the platform.

It is always a good time to start creating gaming content on YouTube. The gaming world expands its reach with new titles arriving every day. And you might want to share your experience on a certain title as well. Although creating a YouTube channel is quite simple, you should not forget that your name and content must be unique.

The competition on YouTube is more fierce than ever as there are thousands of other content creators out there. That's why you need to come up with a unique channel name to stand out among others.

Before we focus on that, let's dive in and find out the best YouTube gaming channel names. All of the recommendations below are completely original.

Best Gaming Channel Name Ideas for YouTube

We provided a long list of channel names. Feel free to pick a name for your channel or get inspired by the ones below to come up with your own idea. Here are the best YouTube channel names and also quick guides on the topic.

  1. Top Tier Pixels
  2. The Controller Stronghold
  3. ConsoleCavalry
  4. GamingWallet
  5. YouGamed
  6. The Hardcore Squad
  7. GamingPod
  8. Gamerulers
  9. ThePlayhub
  10. Nerdificated
  11. Gamificated Persona
  12. Gamaholic
  13. Chemical Gaming
  14. The Console Guild
  15. Intergameactic
  16. Happy Pixels Playing
  17. Joystick Nation
  18. The Gaming Chemistry
  19. RaiseController
  20. The Console Den
  21. The Gaming Cave
  22. Your Regular Gaming Videos
  23. GameRising
  24. TheControllerLeague
  25. Officially Partnered Gamers
  26. The Pixel Gauntlet
  27. Volley Gaming
  28. TheConsoleFanatic
  29. GamerExtremist
  30. GamingRiot
  31. League of Controller

Unique YouTube Gaming Channel Names

It is important for your channel to have a different tone. Your audience will get larger if your content has something different to offer. And the name of your gaming channel gives the first impression.

  1. Ad Aspera Gaming
  2. Ad Victoriam Gaming
  3. The Controller Guru
  4. ControllerCavalry
  5. Gaming Without Clues
  6. No Scope Gaming
  7. The Play Strategist
  8. AltZGaming
  9. Another Gaming Channel
  10. The Determined Controller
  11. Let's Play Nation
  12. The Game Crystal
  13. Restart Headquarters
  14. The Gaming County
  15. TheJoyStickArmy
  16. Gaming in Caps
  17. Ad Hominem Gaming
  18. The Ultimate Controller
  19. NerdyConsoleOwner
  20. The Gaming Representatives
  21. Game Sheriff Ultimate
  22. Level Skippers
  23. Leveled Up
  24. Gameriderz
  25. TheBacklogConqueror
  26. The Game Needle
  27. No Fails Gaming
  28. The Gaming Endeavors
  29. The Game Embassy
  30. The Leveled Demeanor
  31. Gaming Surfers

Minecraft Channel Names for YouTube Gaming

minecraft gaming channel names

Here are the best names for block masters who spend hours in the mystical world of Minecraft. There is no doubt that Minecraft is one of the best games ever made. And it seems like it will continue to be around for a long time.

If you want to jump on the ship and start recording Minecraft videos, these are the best YouTube Minecraft gaming channel names:

  1. Duke of Gameland
  2. The FPS Headquarters
  3. Quit Compatible
  4. 10 Min More Gaming
  5. The Zen Crafters
  6. Crafting Unleashed
  7. The Toxic Biome
  8. iCraft Ultimate
  9. Crafty Mineboy
  10. BlockSquadCraft
  11. Armacraft
  12. The Diamond Nugget
  13. Craft Catharsis
  14. Control Militant
  15. The PC Militia
  16. The Play Officers
  17. Moonveil Gaming
  18. Crusher Gaming
  19. Gaming Hub Famiglia
  20. The Gaming Armaments
  21. Let's Play Units
  22. PlayCorpsUltra
  23. TheFPSBrothers
  24. The Gaming Sororitas
  25. Controller Marines
  26. The Console Regiment
  27. Gaming Magnified
  28. GamesStart
  29. ResetPlayB
  30. Game Invite
  31. The Play Disk

Creative Channel Name Ideas for YouTube

Most gaming content creators have similar names. If you want your content to stand out in this massive flow of videos, your channel should have a different and original name. Here are some creative gaming channel name suggestions for you.

  1. Playseiure
  2. Gamely Times
  3. Console Fervor
  4. Console Seizure
  5. FPS Bombard
  6. The Strategame
  7. Right-click Gaming
  8. The Play Fyord
  9. Born into Gaming
  10. Play on Sight
  11. Min Gaming with (your name)
  12. The True Levels
  13. AntiSpeedrun
  14. Behind the Joystick
  15. The ESC Menu
  16. Game Inventory
  17. Unimpressed Gamers
  18. Intro Skippers
  19. Flyhigh Gaming
  20. The Gaming Sommer
  21. R Spammers Online
  22. The Hyped Joystick
  23. 4 GB Gaming
  24. Alphazone Gaming
  25. Roary Gaming
  26. Outcast Controller
  27. Minimum Gigs Gamers
  28. The Gamific Island
  29. Gamer Entertainment News
  30. Absolute Units
  31. The Playing Vault

Pubg YouTube Gaming Channel Names

best pubg gaming channel name list

You might be a keen PUBG player and want to share your skills on the platform. For that, even the title of your channel should reflect your skillset in this popular battle-royale game.

We created a list of recommendations for you to get inspired. You can also choose the one you like the most as your channel's name. Here are the best PUBG gaming channel names for YouTube.

  1. ZeroRemorse Gaming
  2. Max Tempo Gaming
  3. Daring and Playing
  4. High Tempo Gaming
  5. Gamers of Tears
  6. Game-cry
  7. Combatrage Plays
  8. Playistan
  9. Gamevaille
  10. Age of Play
  11. Fast Levelers
  12. The Grind Team
  13. Grinding Squad
  14. Regiment of Gaming
  15. GamePlay Routine
  16. Player Headquarters
  17. Easter Egg Gaming
  18. Sacred Controller
  19. The Controller Heat
  20. Archer Gaming
  21. The Archcontroller
  22. ByBoss Gaming
  23. Empyrean Gamers
  24. Players of the Emperor
  25. The Ruling Joystick
  26. PC Reigns Gamers
  27. The Reign of Play
  28. In Disguise Gamers
  29. NPC Gaming
  30. Rising Levels Players
  31. Unwavering Gamers
  32. The Diligent Playteam
  33. The Tarnished Gamers
  34. The Unbeaten Team
  35. Gamers of the Hold
  36. Panicked Gamers
  37. Playtinum
  38. The PC Gamers Republic
  39. Console Federative
  40. The Xbox Conglomerate
  41. Gaming Federation
  42. Tanked Controller
  43. Frame Rate Watchers
  44. GuidingController
  45. Pixelated Desires
  46. The Playsense
  47. Hyped Controllers
  48. Player Commanders
  49. Command and Reset
  50. Pixelated Senses
  51. Digitalized Leisure
  52. Gamified Time Flow
  53. Flowy Gaming
  54. Isthmus Gaming
  55. Razor Buttons
  56. The Playing Hustle
  57. Quest Artificial
  58. RollD Gaming
  59. Unending Campaign
  60. Backlog Kings
  61. Lord of Backlog
  62. Femmegame
  63. Fatal Players
  64. Elemental Gamers
  65. Frosty Gaming
  66. NotSoChill
  67. Explosive Controller
  68. The Console Ammo
  69. Los Santos Ballas
  70. Grove Street Gaming
  71. Gamer Valley
  72. The Playia
  73. XboxStation
  74. Playboxtation
  75. Ultra Gameolution
  76. The Gamine Field
  77. 8-bit Warriors
  78. The Nostalgame
  79. Console Club
  80. Sweaty Controller Squad
  81. Infinite FPS
  82. The Fixed FPS
  83. Frames per Games
  84. Primegame

Channel Names for Console Gamers

console gaming channel names ideas

If you are a keen console owner and focus on console-exclusive games, the names below should reflect your channel's content category. That's why we wanted the include the world console or controller in the suggestions below:

  1. Leeway Gaming
  2. The Game Beach
  3. The Backloggers
  4. Rage Quitters Online
  5. Raid Waiters Hub
  6. Gaming on Par
  7. The Glamorous Gaming
  8. Gaming Watch
  9. Kingmaker Gamer
  10. Arcade Runners
  11. Must-Try Gamers
  12. Gaming Essentials
  13. The Wishlist Finisher
  14. The Digital Chess
  15. The Game Mountain
  16. The Console Plains
  17. The Ultimate Playspace
  18. Controller Folk
  19. The Console Pros
  20. Non-Toxic Playspace
  21. AFKGaming
  22. Evony Gaming
  23. Truthful Gamers
  24. Mouse Keyboard Nation
  25. Open-World Gaming
  26. Bold Gamers
  27. Elvish Gamers
  28. Gaming Middle-Earth
  29. The Game Tree
  30. Ultimate Console Hitter
  31. The OP Sessions

How To Change YouTube Channel Name?

If you already have a channel on YouTube and want to change its name, the process is quite simple. The platform offers you the chance to change the name of your channel and also its description. Here's how to do it:

  • Click on your channel's picture on the top-right corner of the screen.
how to change youtube channel name
  • Select Your channel.
  • Click on Customize Channel.
youtube change channel name
  • Hit on Basic info in this section and decide on your new name.
youtube channel name change

Decide on the content category you will be focusing on as well. If you are going to upload Let's play videos, try editing the video to offer the most interesting parts of it.

You can also share videos focusing on a single audience of a certain game. Of course, these are mere suggestions, and they are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many other things to remember before creating gaming content on the massive video platform.