New Study Shows Highest Earning Gaming Youtuber Making Over $50,000 per Video

What was once considered anti-social activity and a waste of time, gaming is now a way of mental exercise that enhances cognitive abilities. Thanks to the top gaming YouTubers, more people embrace the industry.

Based on the estimated earnings per video, the study shows that the ten high-earning gaming YouTubers earn approximately 17 million USD to 63 million USD.

Top Earning Gaming Youtuber

The results are out, and the earnings are shocking!

Casinoscores conducted a study that ranked the top-earning gaming YouTubers based on their estimated earnings per video. The study also includes YouTubers' influence based on YouTube and Google search data.

# 1 A4

Belarusian YouTube Channel A4 is the highest-earning gaming channel, making over $53,000 per video. The Gaming and lifestyle YouTuber started the Channel in 2014 that has grown to over 39 million followers in eight years with just 596 videos. The Channel is currently the third most followed YouTube gaming channel, following PewDiePie (111 million) and Fernanfloo (44.9 million).

According to the study, the Channel also had the highest subscriber growth at +1.44 million in the past 90 days, followed by American gaming YouTubers Mikecrack (+1.01 million) and Fernanfloo, (+408,090 subscribers).

# 2 Fernanfloo

With a subscriber growth of +408,090 over the past 90 days, Latin American YouTuber Fernanfloo is the second most-paid gaming channel, earning an estimated $42,092 per video. The Salvadoran gaming and comedy YouTuber has 45 million subscribers. The Channel currently has 541 videos uploaded, amassing over 9 billion views.

#3 Fgteev

FGTeeV stays in the top three with an estimated per video earnings of $27,336. The American YouTube gaming family also had an impressive subscriber growth rate over the past three months, gaining 299,590 subscribers to the Channel.

Vincent Carter, who runs the YouTube channel FGTeeV, is a social media celebrity and has over 20 million fans following his YouTube Channel. FGTeeV is the second most searched gaming YouTube Channel in the United States with an average search volume of 200,000, following SSSniperwolf with a 709,000 average search volume. Vincent started the Channel in 2013. It currently has 1600 videos.

 # 4 VanossGaming

With a 90-day growth of 3,170 subscribers, VanossGaming is the fourth-highest earner amongst gaming YouTubers, making around $19,324 per video. Even with the slowest 90-day subscriber growth, the Channel managed to stay in the top five highest-earning gaming YouTube channels.

Starting at the age of 19 years, Evan Fong, who is behind the YouTube Channel VanossGaming, is a talented Canadian gamer and content creator. He has uploaded over 1,500 videos and amassed 25.6 million subscribers.

# 5 Mikecrack

MikeCrack is number 5 on the list earning $16,400 per video. The 29-year-old Spanish gaming YouTuber Miguel Bernal Montes created the Channel in 2015. He uploads videos related to Minecraft, music parodies, and animations.

The Channel has had a staggering +1.01 million new subscribers over the past 90 days bringing its total YouTube followers to 31.6 million. MikeCrack has the second-highest 90 days of subscriber growth amongst the top 10 Gaming YouTube earners.

Other High Earning Youtubers

PewDiePie, Lazarbeam, SSSniperwolf, DanTDM, and SSundee are the other gamers on YouTube making high estimated earnings per video on the top 10 list. These channels' per video earnings range from $7,806 to $14,177.

Despite being the most-followed YouTuber, PewDiePie is sixth in the ranking, earning an average of $14,177 per video. SSSniperwolf is the most searched gaming channel on YouTube in the US but still didn't make it to the top 5 list. Therefore, higher search volume and subscriber numbers do not correlate to higher earnings.

Similarly, all YouTubers ranked from 6 to 10 based on estimated earnings per video have over 1000 videos, while YouTubers ranking numbers 1 and 2 contain less than 600 videos.

According to results, the top 10 highest earning gaming YouTubers are:

  1. A4 earning $53,036 per video
  2. Fernanfloo earning $ 42,092 per video
  3. FGTeeV earning $27,336 per video
  4. VanossGaming earning $19,324 per video
  5. Mikecrack earning $16,400 per video
  6. PewDiePie earring $14,177 per video
  7. Lazarbeam earning $13,776 per video
  8. SSSniperwolf earning $12,799 per video
  9. DanTDM earning $10,389 per video and
  10. SSundee earning $7,806 per video

It is impressive how each high-earning gaming YouTuber achieved subscriber growth in the last 90 days. The total three months subscriber growth from all 10 YouTubers approximately equals the population size of Kentucky. The total combined subscribers of these gaming YouTubers is higher than the US population.

“These figures demonstrate that watching video gamers on YouTube is as natural as watching Netflix or Disney+ for millions of people. The content creators have built up massive followings and are bringing together a huge community worldwide. As gaming grows in popularity, these YouTubers will likely accumulate even more followers.” A spokesperson from CasinoScores commented on the findings.

The Bottom Line

The successful gamers on YouTube are already earning higher than any CEO of a giant corporation, yet it is just a fraction of their total earning potential. Besides YouTube Ads, content creators can make money through Brand affiliation, channel memberships, and merchandise sales.

The gaming industry has proven to be very lucrative and has changed the whole system of making money. The search volumes and followership demonstrates the growing interest in gaming YouTubers. Of course, it's not easy to get to a high-earning level, but building a profitable gaming YouTube Channel is possible.

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