The Garage Squad cast 2023

The Garage Squad cast 2023

There is no new cast list for Garage Squad in 2023, since the show has not yet been renewed beyond its eighth season.

The Garage Squad team mainly focuses on getting incomplete and forgotten projects back up and running and completed.

The most recent season of Garage Squad aired back in 2021, and this means that the season eight cast list is still the most recent one for the show.

What Garage Squad does

There are plenty of car restoration- and custom-build shows on television. But, while most of these shows primarily focus on taking regular old cars and turning them into over-the-top custom builds, the Garage Squad team has a much more singular focus.

The Garage Squad team’s builds may not be as flashy as some of those from other television-specials, but they do help inundated backyard mechanics get their projects up and running, regardless of what state the projects are in when they roll up.

In some ways, this makes the Garage Squad builds all the more personal and impressive.

The Garage Squad cast 2023

One of the main aspects that make Garage Squad’s builds so unique is the fact that the owners do not have to pay for their restorations, but they certainly have to help to get all of the work done.

Of course, the incredibly skilled Garage Squad team also holds up their side of the bargain by sourcing the parts and filling in the gaps that owners may have in their know-how, in order to get the stalled projects moving along as quickly as possible.

The eighth season of Garage Squad ended just under two years ago in December 2021. Unfortunately, there have been no official updates on the show’s standing since then. Even the show’s website has since been taken down.

This means that there is no official cast for the show in 2023. However, the most recent, eighth season’s cast included the following Garage Squad team members:

Cast member Role
Bruno Massel Co-host
Bogi Lateiner Co-host
Joe Zolper Lead Builder
Cy Kellogg Mechanic
Ron Gregurich Mechanic
Jeff King Mechanic

Of course, each and every season of Garage Squad also includes its very own cast of car owners. As well as the friends and family members who submitted their unfinished projects for the show.

All about Garage Squad’s newest cast member

The one member of the Garage Squad team that longtime fans of the show may not be as familiar with as the rest of the cast is the show’s newest female co-host, Bogi Lateiner. Lateiner replaced the previous co-host, Cristy Lee, who replaced Heather Storm before that.

Lateiner joined Garage Squad at the beginning of the eighth season, but she has been around cars pretty much her entire life.

She is a fully qualified repair technician who studied at the Universal Technical Institute and the BMW STEP program before she switched to being in front of the cameras.

Lateiner has always been an advocate for getting more women involved in automotive repairs and some fans might even recognize her from the MotorTrend series, All Girls Garage.

When will the next season of Garage Squad air?

The most recent, eighth season of Garage Squad aired from October 20 to December 22, 2021.

However, since there have been no updates about whether the show has been renewed, it is difficult to say whether Garage Squad will be coming back at all, never mind when this return could be.

Up until the eighth season, Garage Squad kept a pretty tight schedule, airing one new season per year, starting anywhere from August and ending in December of the same year.

So, it is likely that if Garage Squad does return, it will probably only be in the second half of the year.

Where to watch Garage Squad

Since there is really no telling if Garage Squad will ever return for a ninth season, the only real option at this point is to re-watch all of the previous seasons of the show.

Fortunately, the Garage Squad content can be accessed through a very wide range of platforms and you have plenty of options to pick from.

The most obvious option, if you want to stream Garage Squad (and a whole bunch of the other, similar car shows), is the MotorTrend+ streaming platform.

This service has a free account option, which will give you access to limited content completely for free, or you can choose from their monthly ($4.99) or annual ($44.99) subscription plans.

Alternatively, you can also access some of the Garage Squad episode via other platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Vudu, fuboTV, YouTube TV Spectrum and Google Play.