15 Geek Gifts (And More!) For Father’s Day

The Mandalorian might be vying for the title of The World's Best Dad in the eyes of The Child, but I bet your dad is pretty cool too.

With Father's Day being less than a month away, so we've decided to help you find the perfect gift for your favorite Starfleet Captain, Bounty Hunter, and superhero.

15 Geek Gifts for Father's Day

Darth Vader Kitchen Set ($70)


William Sonoma has made gift-giving easier with this Darth Vader themed kitchen set. If your father hasn't gone to the Dark Side, you can also choose between sets themed around everyone's favorite astromech droids BB-8 and R2D2.

Fallout 76 Ballcap ($10)

Fallout 76 Baseball Cap | GameStop

Is your dad as obsessed with Fallout 76 as the rest of us? Then it's time to leave the shelter and buy him this ballcap that matches Vault Boy!

Autobot & Decepticon Cuff Links ($12)


These cuff links are sure to transform any suit.

Firefly Yahtzee ($50)

USO 04635

Is your father a Browncoat who is still cursing Fox for prematurely canceling Joss Whedon's Firefly. Then he might enjoy playing Yahtzee!


The Office Inspirational Quotes ($30)

The Office tv show Print Set Michael Scott Jim Halpert Pam image 0

If your father isn't into beets, bears, or Battlestar Galactica, then maybe he'll enjoy some new wall art courtesy of The Office. The set of silhouettes and quotes come in five different sizes, and they're sure to help him win a Dundie Award.

Chateau Picard Star Trek Wine Set ($65)

StarTrek ChateauPicard Travel Bundle

Maybe your father hasn't retired into life as a former Starfleet Captain turned winemaker, but he can certainly pretend he has with this Chateau Picard winery setting.

Mandalorian Bookends ($60)

Gentle Giant Star Wars Mandalorian Logo Bookends - 15cm ...

With everyone showing off their bookcases during Zoom conferences, maybe your father is looking to geekify his bookshelves. Help him show off his Star Wars love with this Bounty Hunter iconic insignia.

Game of Thrones Single Malt Scotch Whisky ($40)

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Winter is coming… just kidding, summer is right around the corner! But there's no bad time to enjoy a little Game of ThronesHelp your dad kick back and relax with a bottle of Dalwhinnie single malt scotch whiskey.


Iron Man Mini Fridge ($70)

Amazon.com: Marvel Ironman Thermo-Electric Mini Fridge Cooler, Red ...

If your father is more Tony Stark rather than Ned Stark, here's a great gift to help tell him, “I love you 3000.”

Superman Desk Ornament ($20)

Superman™ Desk Accessory

Is your dad a superhero? Wait, don't tell us! Keep his secret identity a secret! But if he is, why don't you buy him this Superman desk ornament? It's the perfect size for any desk, whether he works from home or has a cubicle or office.

1989 Batmobile Lego Kit ($250)

Brickfinder - LEGO 1989 Batmobile Limited Edition (40433) First Look!

If your father loves Batman more than Superman, then this Lego kit might be the perfect gift for him! With just over 3300 pieces, it's bound to keep him busy!

Iron Man Themed Drone ($130)

Front Zoom. Ryze Tech - Tello Iron Man Edition Drone - Red.

This drone is sure to make your father feel like Tony Stark.

U.S.S. Enterprise Model ($70)

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Has your father been catching up with Star Trek: Discovery? There are several different models of the U.S.S. Enterprise, but this model is from the newest Star Trek series on CBS. It's the perfect model to show off on a bookcase or desk.

Spider-Man Silk Tie ($60)

Spider-Man Silk Tie for Adults

This Spider-Man tie might not be made from webbing, but it is 100% silk. The subtle Spidey design makes it perfect for even the most serious business meetings.

Mickey Mouse Wrist Watch ($100)

Mickey Mouse Two-Tone Watch – Adults

Did you get your love for Disney from your father? Well, now's the time to show your appreciation from one Disnerd to the other! Get it? Time.



Gekko Face Mask ($25)


Is your father a fan of The Mandalorian and Star Wars? Is he looking for a creative mask to wear due to COVID-19?

Then perhaps he'd enjoy this Gekko face mask created by actor Dominic Pace.

Ragnar's Bone Dice ($25+)


Is your father a fan of playing D&D? Then you might want to check out this campaign. Misty Mountain Gaming is crowdfunding for their new line Ragnar's Bone Dice. Depending on your pledge, you can choose between a single D20, full 7pcs polyhedral set, and D6 6pcs and 12pcs sets!

The Bottom Line

Back in the day, nerdy gifts were few and far between, but that isn't the case anymore. With the click of a button, you can find practical gifts from nearly every franchise out there. Hopefully, this list helped you find the perfect geeky gift to purchase for Father's Day!

Maggie Lovitt is a writer at Wealth of Geeks where she covers her favorite topics: Star Wars and pop culture nerdery.

In her free time, she is also a novelist, screenwriter, actor, and member of the Screen Actors Guild.