Wealth of Geeks’s Ultimate Annual Holiday Gift Guide

It may be unseasonably warm in some parts of the world right now, but in most places, the days are growing shorter and the air is starting to turn crisp, which means the holidays are right around the corner.

We know how hard it can be to shop for some of your friends and loved ones, especially those gift recipients who are already on top of the latest trends and pop culture releases. Rest assured that we have a wealth of geeky goodness to share in this year’s holiday gift guide, as well as a collection of savvy and practical gifts that are sure to be a hit this holiday season—whether you’re traveling to see friends and family or playing it safe.

Wealth of Geeks’s Annual Holiday Gift Guide

The Best Gifts for Geeks

Star Wars Engagement Rings

Star Wars Fine Jewelry Engagment Collection Hero Products
Courtesy of Star Wars Fine Jewelry

December is the most popular time to get engaged and if you are thinking about popping the question to the special geek in your life, then you will want to check out the stunning engagement rings from Star Wars Fine Jewelry. Whether you want to present them with a ring featuring an engraving of the Jedi Order symbol or showcase your shared love for the dark side with a black diamond engagement ring inspired by Darth Vader, you will undoubtedly find the perfect ring to say “I love you.” with.

Starting at $1300 | Star Wars Fine Jewelry

Marvel X Rocklove Eternals Unimind Bracelet

RockLove Eternals
Courtesy of RockLove

If you’re not looking to propose this year or you’re already happily settled in your relationship, you may want to look at a different kind of gift for your geeky giftee. Created in collaboration with Marvel Studios, RockLove has created a durable brass bracelet inspired by the actual prop prominently worn during a pivotal moment in Marvel’s Eternals. It’s a really lovely bangle, that is sure to make a lasting impression on the recipient.

$99 | RockLove

Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse (A Visual History)

Magic: The Gathering: Planes of the Multiverse
Courtesy of Abrams Books

Magic: The Gathering is an extremely popular tabletop card game and it’s safe to say that at least one person on your holiday gift list probably plays the game with friends. Earlier this year, Abrams Books released this beautifully detailed primer that features original artwork, reproduced for the first time outside of card frames. This new collection offers exclusive insight into the art and mythology of the most popular and enduring locations—and all of the characters that inhabit them. This will undoubtedly make someone extremely happy this holiday season.

$17 | Amazon | Full Review

Ascension 10 Year Anniversary

Ascension: 10 Year Anniversary Edition
Courtesy of Stone Blade Entertainment

Speaking of tabletop card games, Ascension had its 10th anniversary this year and in honor of that momentous occasion, Ascension 10 Year Anniversary was released. If you have a fan of the original Ascension board game on your gift list, then you will want to pick up this gorgeously remastered 10 Year Anniversary Edition. Designed by several Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour champs this new-and-improved board game features a premium 10th-anniversary game board and brand-new cart art.

$40 | Amazon | Full Review

The Princess Bride Inigo Montoya Talking Bust

Inigo 1
Courtesy of Running Press

If you have someone on your holiday gift list that is obsessed with The Princess Bride, you may want to pick up this talking bust to add to their collection. This officially licensed product is a truly one-of-a-kind product. And yes, the bust does indeed say: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” In addition to the bust, this gifset is accompanied by a 32-page mini-book that features a behind-the-scenes history of the making of The Princess Bride, alongside still images from the film. A perfect gift for the Princess Buttercup or Wesley in your life.

$14 | Running Press

Mise en Scènt Candles

Mise En Scent
Courtesy of Mise en Scènt

Mise en Scènt candles are the perfect gift for the movie lover on your holiday list. The candles are uniquely styled after everyone’s favorite film genres—from Mystery to Fantasy and French New Wave to Rom-Com. The founder combined her own love for films with her passion for candle-making and has created a must-have holiday gift for the holidays. Whoever you buy this for will love lighting an Old Hollywood candle before settling down to watch their favorite classic film.

$36 | Mise en Scènt

Dr. Squatch Star Wars Soap

dr squatch star wars soap
Courtesy of Dr. Squatch

Earlier this year, Dr. Squatch unveiled a brand new soap collection in collaboration with Disney and Star Wars. This four-bar collection makes the perfect stocking stuffer for a Star Wars lover on your gift list. The collection comes in a gorgeous Star Wars-themed box, with four character-inspired soaps to choose from. From Obi-Wan Kenobi to Darth Vader, these are well-made, beautiful, and clean gifts to give!

$38 | Dr. Squatch | Full Review

The Best Gifts You Can Drink

Neft Vodka

NEFT 750 BLACK white background
Courtesy of NEFT

NEFT Vodka is one of the coolest vodka brands on the market presently. Not only do they make a vodka that's the perfect combination of cool mountain air and bitter citrus, but it comes in one of the most unique containers we've ever seen. Borrowed from the meaning of their name (Neft means “oil” in Russian) the brand's vodka comes in literal barrels, which are highly portable and can be kept cold for up to six hours after they have been chilled.

$37 for 750ML | NEFT Vodka | Full Review

Redemption Rum Cask Whiskey 

Redemption Cask Whiskey
Courtesy of Redemption Whiskey

Redemption Rum Cask Whiskey greets you with a heavy dose of rye spices and, with the rum cask finish, you end up with the delicious body that picks up on the hints of spice, cinnamon, molasses, and brown sugar you come to expect from rum. Redemption Whiskey is a very palatable whiskey and easy to drink, not only in cocktails but on its own nice and neat. This one definitely carries a sweeter edge to it that stands in stark contrast with the next whiskey on our gift guide. If you have a whiskey connoisseur on your gift list, they’re going to love receiving this one with a bow on top.

$45 | Find a Store |

Old Man Liver Whiskey

Old Man Liver 1 e1636908320481
Courtesy of Old Man Liver

If you are looking for a picky whiskey lover, Old Man Liver Whiskey is a must-have purchase this holiday season. Distilled in hand-picked white oak barrels that have been toasted and charred, and made from the highest quality corn, rye, wheat, and barley, Old Man Liver Whiskey has a unique oaky flavor and delicious smoky aftertaste.

$39 for 750ML | Old Man Liver Whiskey | Full Review

Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar
Courtesy of Raising the Bar

Who doesn’t love getting an entire gift set in one parcel? Raising the Bar is a really unique monthly subscription box that caters to anyone looking for alcohol-free beverages. Born out of frustration for limited mocktail options, Raising the Bar also features a one-time box purchase if you want to gift it to someone without buying a full subscription. This is the perfect gift kit to start discovering delicious, zero-proof products with a sophisticated flavor profile.

We highly recommend The Secret Garden kit which is the perfect combination of herbaceous and citrusy, featuring white peaches, bubbly cucumber, and rosemary!

$55 | Raising the Bar

Don Pablo Coffee 

Don Pablo Logo
Courtesy of Don Pablo

If you have a coffee connoisseur on your holiday gift list, look no further than Don Pablo Coffee and their wide variety of delicious blends. The Bourbon Infused beans make for a perfect iced coffee (that hint of bourbon roasted into the beans creates a full-bodied blend with notes of caramel, honey, and butterscotch), or pick up one of their Subtle Earth Organic blends that leave a perfectly sweet aftertaste in their wake.

In addition to coffee, Don Pablo also has Coffee Spice Grinders, which would be a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a co-worker.

$17-$42 | Amazon | Full Review

La Rue 1680 Bridgerton Collection

La Rue 1680 Bridgerton Collection
Courtesy of La Rue 1680

If coffee, cocktails, and mocktails aren’t the right pick for who you’re shopping for, perhaps we can interest you in La Rue 1680’s Bridgerton Collection, which features gorgeously blended teas. The kit features four of their bestselling flavors, inspired by Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix series, including: India Street Vanilla Chai, Italian Cream Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint, and Spring Berry Punch. La Rue 1680 has a variety of other blends, that might be the perfect addition alongside other teatime gifts.

$60 | La Rue 1680


Shaker 33 2
Courtesy of Shaker33

Shaker33 is the perfect gift for someone looking to test their skills as an at-home bartender. The cocktail shaker is designed for smooth pouring, with a leakproof lid that is easy to open. So whether your gift list has a pro bartender or someone just learning how to mix and stir their drinks, Shaker33 is sure to be a real splash.

$30 | Amazon | Full Review

The Best Gifts for Book Lovers

Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Season 1) 

Art of the Mandalorian 1
Courtesy of Abrams Books

The Art of Star Wars books always provides a rare opportunity to look behind the scenes at the developmental processes involved with creating Star Wars. If you missed out on picking up this book last year, it is a must-have gift for Star Wars fans looking for a bounty of storyboard art, gorgeous illustrations, and engaging information about one of their favorite shows. One of the gems of the first season Art of Star Wars book is that you get to see all of the early versions of Baby Yoda—aka Grogu.

$28 | Amazon | Full Review

Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian (Season 2)

Art of the Mandalorian 2
Courtesy of Abrams Books

While we haven’t had the chance to dive into this Art of Star Wars book yet, we are confident that Abram’s Books and Phil Szostak will provide fans with a tremendous amount of insight into the making of season two of The Mandalorian. These books are gorgeous collector’s items that are perfect on your Star Wars bookshelf or as a coffee table book to wow friends with. Make your favorite Star Wars fan’s holiday season a little more special with this addition to their collection.

$28 | Amazon

The Story of Marvel Studios 

Story of Marvel
Courtesy of Abrams Books

If you have a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe on your holiday gift list and a larger budget to spoil them with, then The Story of Marvel Studios is a must-have. This gorgeous—and massive—two-book collection offers a definitive story about how Marvel Studios created the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as told by the studio's creatives and the cast and crew of The Infinity Saga. It’s filled with a few never-before-seen images from the set of many of the films, as well as rare looks behind the veil of one of the largest movie franchises in the world.

$135 | Amazon

The High Republic 

The High Republic
Courtesy of StarWars.com

We would be remiss not to include the most recent wave of High Republic novels. If you have a Star Wars book lover who hasn’t already read these books or perhaps someone who only owns them digitally, then you will want to snag Rising Storm, Race to Crashpoint Tower, and Out of the Shadows. Each novel is aimed at different age ranges: adult, middle grade, and young adult, respectively. Help your favorite Star Wars bookworm prep for the next wave of The High Republic.

Starting at $10 | Amazon

The Bloodright Trilogy 

Bloodright Trilogy
Courtesy of Del Rey Publishing

If you have a sci-fi lover on your gift list who also really loves the most recent Star Wars sequel trilogy, then you will want to pick up the first two novels in The Bloodright Trilogy. While the novel is its entirely own universe, there are some very clear similarities between the main characters and Finn and Poe from Star Wars. These novels are ridiculously fun to read and will surely find a home among any sci-fi lover’s bookshelves.

Starting at $12 | Amazon | Full Review

Love Hypothesis 

Ali Hazelwood's Love Hypothesis, a Reylo-inspired novel.
Courtesy of Berkley

Do you have someone on your holiday gift list that loves romance and is a fan of Star Wars? Then look no further than Love Hypothesis. This novel was originally a delightful fanfiction written about Rey and Kylo and it has morphed into one of the most charming trope-filled romance novels of the past decade. For a debut novel, Ali Hazelwood hit every high note with this one. The romance lover on your Christmas list will be thrilled with this present.

$12 | Amazon | Full Review

Spoiler Alert Series 

Spoiler Alert
Courtesy of Avon Publishing

If someone on your holiday gift list is still reeling from the final season of Game of Thrones and is an ardent lover of feel-good romances, then give them the gift of Spoiler Alert by Olivia Dade. This series playfully rifts on the idea of a high-fantasy television series and the loyal fanbase that supported it, with the additional thrill of a fangirl meeting and falling in love with the heroic lead of the series. It’s such a delightful series and you can’t go wrong with this stocking stuffer.

Starting at $13 | Amazon | Full Review

The Bridgerton Series

Bridgerton Book Series
Courtesy of Piatkus

Lady Whistledown demands that you gift someone the complete Bridgerton series this holiday season. With the highly anticipated second season of Netflix’s critically acclaimed series headed to our screens next year, the winter months are the perfect time to cozy up with a warm cup of hot chocolate, a warm blanket, and the Vitamin String Quartet’s rendition of “Wildest Dreams” playing in the background.

$43 | Amazon

Star Trek: Picard Series

Cristóbal Rios
Courtesy of Simon & Schuster

While we haven’t read the full Picard series yet, we can confidently say that Rogue Elements was a brilliant venture into Cristóbal Rios’ life prior to the television series. It has all of the elements you might expect from a Star Trek book and it’s an extremely fun book to read. If you have a Trekkie on your holiday list, this series may just be the perfect addition to their Star Trek book collection.

Starting at $13 | Amazon | Full Review

How To Survive a Human Attack

How to Survive a Human Attack
Courtesy of Running Press

Do you have a monster lover on your holiday gift list that you’re struggling to find something for? Most monster lovers already have their favorite flicks and books in their possession, from The Shape of Water to Ice Planet Barbarians. But do they have this clever book? How to Survive a Human Attack is a quirky guide to surviving… human attacks, not monster attacks. Did you know human attacks account for a staggering 100% of premature deaths for witches, swamp monsters, cyborgs, and other supernatural, mutant, and exceptionally large beings?

$16 | Running Press

The Best Practical Gifts

Bags + Stella

Bags and Stella
Courtesy of Bags + Stella

Bags + Stella candles have a unique, boho style and they offer a variety of styles and sets to choose from. These range from a petite scent sampler trio to a beautiful candle and cloche set that comes with their large matches. If you aren’t looking for candles for your gift list, Bags + Stella also has bath salts that you can pick up individually or as part of their Spa Set. They also have room sprays, which match the scents of their main candles.

Prices Vary | Bags + Stella | Full Review

Nomadiq Portable Grill

Review: The nomadiQ Portable Grill is the Perfect Summer Grill
Courtesy of Nomadiq

It’s never too early to start thinking about next summer and there’s no better way to start preparing than with a grill. The Nomadiq Portable Grill is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to take with you, so whether you’re shopping for someone who loves grilling that has decided to take up the van life or you need to find a gift for someone living without a backyard, look no further than this portable grill.

$300 | Amazon | Full Review

Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max

Dreo Air Fryer Pro
Courtesy of Dreo

If you have someone on your holiday gift list that managed to make it through the past two years without buying an air fryer, then now is the perfect opportunity to gift them with everyone’s favorite trendy fryer. We love the Dreo Air Fryer Pro Max because it has a compact design that is perfect for someone who doesn’t have space for another big appliance on their countertop. The easy-to-read menu comes with several preset options including fries, poultry, steak, seafood, bacon, and vegetable; in addition to shortcuts for air fry, bake, roast, broil, dehydrate, and preheat. Give some a practical holiday gift this year!

$120 | Amazon | Full Review

Nocs Provisions Binoculars

Nocs Binoculars
Courtesy of Nocs Provisions

Nocs Provisions Binoculars are super comfortable to hold, light enough to carry around with you everywhere, and very high-quality. They are also waterproof, which is extremely convenient for surprise showers or traveling near the water. Whether you have a bird watcher, stargazer, or hiker on your holiday gift list, these binoculars will certainly bring a lot of joy during their next outing.

$95 | Nocs | Full Review 

Nocs Zoom Tube Monocular

Nocs Monocular
Courtesy of Nocs Provisions

If your giftee already has binoculars, perhaps a Zoom Tube Monocular will be a one-of-a-kind gift for them this year. This monocular is designed to easily slide into a pocket, purse, or backpack. Like the binocular, the Nocs Zoom Tube comes in a wide variety of colors.

$75 | Nocs

ADD ON: If you’re picking up a Nocs binocular or monocular for someone this holiday season, consider also purchasing them the Photo Rig Smartphone Adapter for an additional $27. This will make a Nocs gift that much sweeter.


Ombraz 1
Courtesy of Ombraz

Do you have someone on your holiday gift list that loves sunglasses? Or perhaps someone who finds it frustrating that their sunglasses constantly slide down their nose? Then the Ombraz sunglasses are going to be game-changers! These armless sunglasses come in three frame styles, two frame colors, and three lens shades (polarized and non-polarized) and you can even view RX options for the lenses. Ombraz sunglasses are smudge-resistant, scratch-resistant, and you don't have to worry about sidearms breaking off.

$140 | Ombraz

Solo New York Re:Vive Mini Backpack

Solo New York Revive
Courtesy of Solo New York

Not only is Solo New York’s mini backpack an extremely functional size for taking to work with you or site-seeing around the city, but it is also the perfect gift to pack to the brim with must-have on-the-go items this holiday season. Plus, if you’re looking for gifts for an eco-friendly friend, this is the perfect gift!

$25 | Amazon | Full Review

Solo New York Women's Ladies Tote Backpack

Solo New York Tote Backpack
Courtesy of Solo New York

Speaking of the perfect backpack for taking to work with you, Solo New York's Tote Backpack transforms from a tote to a backpack with ease and it can hold a 15.6-inch laptop in its fully padded compartment. Whether you’re shopping for someone going back to school in the new year or someone looking for the perfect backpack for travel.

$58 | Amazon

Solo New York Reade Leather Laptop Backpack

Solo New York Reader Vintage
Courtesy of Solo New York

This gorgeous Solo New York bag is made with genuine leather, which gives it a really elegant and professional look. It has a surprisingly large capacity, with several internal pockets—including a padded compartment perfectly fitted to protect a 15.6-inch laptop and plenty of pockets for valuables like wallets and iPhones. It's a stylish bag that can go from day to night if you don't have time to change after work. This might be the perfect gift to add to your own wish list this holiday season.

$151 | Amazon

Able Carry Stash Pouch

Stash Pouch
Courtesy of Able Carry

The Able Carry Stash Pouch is the perfect gift, in addition to one of Solo New York’s fantastic backpacks. The pouch comes in a wide variety of colors and is the perfect way to store pens, toiletries, and loose knick-knacks on the go. You could even stash a couple of holiday candies in this pouch when you gift it to your friend or loved one!

$20 | Able Carry

NYC Subway Weekender Bag

NYC Subway Weekender Bag
Courtesy of The New York Transit Museum

Not only will you be gifting someone with a gorgeous and unique weekender bag, but you will also be helping the New York Transit Museum this holiday season, after another hard year for museums everywhere. This vegan leather bag comes in three colors (black, beige, or red) and features the NYC subway in all of its retro-flavored glory. It would make the perfect gift for anyone on your gift list.

$46 | New York Transit Museum

Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

FlexiSpot Moddish Desk
Courtesy of FlexiSpot

This is one of the pricier items on our holiday gift guide, so you may want to reserve this one for yourself. Whether you recently found yourself in need of a sweet set-up to stream on Twitch or you are looking to revamp your homework space, the Flexispot Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk will be the perfect addition.

$540 | Flexispot | Full Review

Flexispot sit2go Fitness Chair

FlexiSpot Fitness2Go
Courtesy of FlexiSpot

What standing desk is complete without a fitness chair to go with it? The Flexispot Sit2Go Fitness chair comes with a supportive seat cushion that provides no pressure support, an adjustable seat that allows you to adjust the height with one touch, and you can bike! This is the perfect gift for yourself or for someone you know who is tired of being trapped at a desk, unable to get the kind of exercise they want to because of long work hours or a busy schedule. You can get all the benefits of a professional exercise bike, right from the comfort of your desk!

$280 | Flexispot

Heirloom Video Books

Heirloom Video Book
Courtesy of Heriloom

This is the perfect gift for grandparents, newly married couples, or a college student feeling homesick. Whether you want to upload a video from a baby's first birthday, use it to capture the magic of Christmas morning, or commemorate a special moment from vacation, Heirloom Custom Video Books are there for you. It’s also super easy to use: all you have to do is drag-and-drop up to 10 minutes of video, pick a cover, and send it to someone on your gift list.

$49 | Heirloom

The Best Gifts for Kids

New York Coloring Book

NYC Coloring Book e1636909068706
Courtesy of The New York Transit Museum

This adorable mini New York coloring book allows kids to discover the delights of the city through hand-drawn, beautifully crafted illustrations. Not only are the visuals enchanting, but they’re the perfect base to allow their creativity to run wild. Plus, who doesn’t want to help support a beloved museum during the holiday season?

$8 | New York Transit Museum

A Vader Family Sithmas 

A Vader Family Sithmas
Courtesy of Chronicle Books

A Vader Family Sithmas is the perfect pre-Christmas gift for the special youngling on your gift list. Over the span of 64-colorful and delightful pages, he creates a wholesome picture of Darth Vader as the doting father of Luke and Leia. In this whimsical world, Darth Vader is nothing more than a Sith Lord-clad father who is trying to do his best running the Death Star and dealing with Luke and Leia running around causing Christmas merriment.

$13 | Amazon | Full Review

Star Wars: Life Day Treasury 

Star Wars: Life Day Treasury
Courtesy of Disney Books

Another perfectly suited holiday gift for Star Wars fans is this wonderful collection of short stories that are centered around holidays celebrated in a galaxy far, far away. Cavan Scott and George Mann have perfectly crafted a treasury of tales that must be read this holiday season. Be sure to pick this one up for bedtime stories the week before Christmas.

$15 | Amazon | Full Review

Star Wars Mazes

Star Wars Mazes
Courtesy of Chronicle Books

This is the perfect activity book for Star Wars fans of all ages. Each full-color maze also includes notes about the environment and special hidden bonus elements to find along the way. Star Wars Mazes features over 30 illustrated mazes featuring iconic scenes and locations, from podracing on Tatooine to the glitz and glamor of Canto Bight. Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer for your nieces or nephews or looking to send a special gift to a loved one who loves activity books, you can’t go wrong with this one.

$15 | Amazon | Full Review

Tim Burton’s the Nightmare Before Christmas: 13 Days of Christmas

Nightmare Before Christmas
Courtesy of Disney Books

You might think that Tim Burton’s cult classic film is a bit more of a Halloween tradition, but Christmas is right there in the title! The Nightmare Before Christmas: 13 Days of Christmas is the perfect union of the 13 Days of Halloween and the 12 Days of Christmas. You’ll find Jack Skellington, Sally, and all the fan-favorites of Nightmare Before Christmas as they come together to create a Scary Christmas for all! If you have a kid on your gift list that wants Halloween to be a year-round celebration, pick this up for them!

$11 | Amazon | Full Review

Disney’s 12 Days of Princess 

12 Days
Courtesy of Disney Books

“The 12 Days of Christmas” is one of the most iconic and well-known Christmas songs and Disney has now re-envisioned it with their princesses in mind, just in time for the holiday season. The 12 Days of Princess is a sweet little story that will help parents reimagine a classic song for their little ones this year. If you are looking for an additional gift to go along with this book, the 12 Days of Princess would pair perfectly with Disney’s adorable Tsum Tsum collectibles that are always a hit with the youngest—and oldest—Disney fans.

$12 | Amazon | Full Review

Bermuda Pirates

Bermuda Pirates
Courtesy of Fox Mind

Bermuda Pirates was one of the most unexpectedly fun board games that we tried out this year and we think it should be under the Christmas tree this year for the special kid in your life. Bermuda Pirates is designed for two to four players, and would probably be the most fun with the max number of players pushing their boats around the board.

At the start of each game, the players choose their ship’s color and a corner of the board—decorated like a little dock. The boats aren’t just tokens to play with, they are magnetic boats that react to pieces of metal embedded in the board. It’s a very fun game that you’ll want to play after holiday leftovers have been packed away in the fridge.

$35 | Amazon | Full Review

Trekking the World

Courtesy of Underdog Games

Trekking the World is a very simplistic tabletop game that is secretly educational. It comes with a board game featuring six of the seven continents, several decks of cards for souvenirs, sightseeing, and treks, and brightly colored wooden figures and cubes to play with. Its fast-paced, thought-provoking, and fun design is certain to be a win with any kids in your life this holiday season. They won’t even realize they’re learning while on holiday break!

$50 | Amazon | Full Review


Courtesy of Ultra Pro

Deranged is a very off-beat tabletop game that would likely be a major win with the middle schoolers and high schoolers (not to mention, the child-at-heart) on your holiday gift list. While this game is extremely complex, it’s a lot of fun to go through all of the cards and figure out how the rules work. Deranged is a visually stunning game. Each of the Heroes is beautifully designed, and everything from the double-sided board to the tokens and the various decks of cards has a fully cohesive and engaging aesthetic.

$45 | Amazon | Full Review

Circuitmess’ Nibble

Nibble box no bg scaled 1
Courtesy of Circuitmess

This is a truly geek-tastic gift. If you have a child on your gift list that’s looking to get interested in STEM and learning how to code, it’s never been easier! They can get to know electronics through hands-on activities and learn how to create their own apps and games. Nibble even comes preloaded with four retro games inspired by cult classics: Bonk, Pong, Invaderz, Snake, and SpaceRocks. Instead of buying them the next new gaming system, introduce them to electronics and programming with this DIY game console!

$76 | Circuitmess

The Best Handmade Gifts for Geeks

In addition to sharing a number of geeky gifts from major brands, we thought we should include a handful of geeky merchandise made by fans just like you. From graphic tees to shiny stickers, funky earrings and beautiful pins, wax melts and clever totes, this is a geeky guide to small businesses we love.

Gaze Electric Crew Member

Gaze Electric
Courtesy of Upon a Dream

$23+ | Upon a Dream Images

Croki Sticker

Croki Sticker
Courtesy of Darth Maullie

$3.50 | Darth Maullie

Miss Minutes Bandana

Miss Minutes
Courtesy of Stitch Crvft

$15 | Stitch Crvft

Lake Dress Earrings

Lake Dress Earrings
Courtesy of Creature Cartel

$18 | Creature Cartel

From the Chaos (Thrawn Pin Set)

Thrawn Pins
Courtesy of Outer Space Outpost

$13-$55 | Outer Space Outpost

“The Baron” Wax Melt

The Baron scaled e1636991193700
Courtesy of Nerf Herder Co.

$8 | The Nerf Herder Co.

The Vision Tote

Vision Tote
Courtesy of Far Far Away Factory

$14 | Far Far Away Factory

Dark Saber Tee

Dark Saber Tee
Courtesy of A Fan Of

$28 | A Fan Of

If you still can't find the perfect gift for someone on your holiday gift list, check out our other holiday gift guides

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