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10 Best Game Boy Advance JRPGs

When it comes to classic Japanese role-playing games on the go, there is arguably no console better than the Game Boy Advance (GBA). The best …

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15 Best Wii JRPGs

The Nintendo Wii might be most famous for its motion-controlled experiences, but the console has its fair share of core gaming titles as well – …

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10 Best NES RPGs

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) might not be known for having a sprawling catalog of role-playing games, but the console actually has more than a …

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GameCube JRPGs

15 Best GameCube JRPGs

The Nintendo GameCube wasn’t necessarily a sales juggernaut back in the day, but it is generally looked back on fondly by gamers thanks to its …

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Super Mario 64

10 Best Nintendo 64 Platformers

As gaming transitioned from 2D to 3D, the Nintendo 64 was at the forefront of revolutionary new platforming titles. But the best platforming games on …

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Dreamcast RPGs

10 Best SEGA Dreamcast RPGs

The SEGA Dreamcast might not be known for its library of role-playing games outside of Japan, but the console has its fair share of quality …

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Game Boy Color RPGs

15 Best Game Boy Color RPGs

Like the original Game Boy, the Game Boy Color is a great console for long-form RPGs. In general, handheld consoles are great for pick-up-and-go gaming, …

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Game Boy RPGs

15 Best Game Boy RPGs

The original Game Boy might not be the first console you think of when it comes to RPGs, but it is quietly a great system …

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