Best SEGA Genesis RPGs

25 Best SEGA Genesis RPGs

You not have realized, but the SEGA Genesis (known as the Mega Drive outside of the United States) has a surprisingly deep library of excellent …

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DS Multiplayer

25 Best Multiplayer Nintendo DS Games

Despite being a handheld console, the Nintendo DS is home to dozens of fantastic multiplayer games. (Yes, multiplayer games require multiple handheld systems, but given …

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N64 & Four Controllers

25 Best 4-Player Nintendo 64 Games

With four controller ports, the Nintendo 64 was specifically designed for amazing multiplayer experiences. And the best four-player Nintendo 64 games cover a wide range …

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Wii Console & Colored Controllers

25 Best 4-Player Nintendo Wii Games

The Nintendo Wii revolutionized gaming with its motion-control titles and its appeal to a more casual gaming audience, but the console isn’t just a collection …

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OG Xbox

25 Best 4-Player Original Xbox Games

Decades after its initial release, the original Xbox is still a fan-favorite console thanks to its library of excellent games. Like the GameCube, Microsoft’s first …

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4 GameCube Controllers

25 Best 4-Player GameCube Games

Despite underperforming in its own time (in terms of sales), the Nintendo GameCube is remembered fondly today thanks to its incredible library of fun games …

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Photo of young handsome careless guy throwing usa money banknotes away wealthy person wear sun specs casual t-shirt isolated bright yellow color background

How Much Is A SNES Worth In 2023?

It doesn’t matter if you find a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in your closet that you want to sell, or if you’re looking to …

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