What Do George Santos’ Hand Gestures Mean? Suspicions Are Raised

On January 5, photographer Evelyn Hockstein captured a photo of freshman Congressman George Santos making a specific hand gesture during a session, causing social media to lash out (once again) at the Congressman.

Reuters news editor Jim Bourg posted the image to Twitter on Thursday, amassing over 5 million views in a single day. The photo elicited a strong response from left-leaning Twitter users, as many accused Santos of using a hand gesture commonly associated with “white power.”

This is the latest in the saga of the young Congressman, as he is currently embroiled with battling accusations of falsehoods in his resume during his campaign trail. Twitter users didn't let their foot off the gas for Santos' sake, pouncing on him in the replies to Bourg's post.

This witty user is referencing one of Santos' previous quotes and manages to turn it into a comedic and topical tweet:

This particular Twitter user is calling for immediate impeachment and accuses the entire Republican Party of making a mockery of the U.S. government:

Some users are calling a spade a spade, and sandibachom is making her voice heard throughout social media, garnering an impressive amount of likes along the way:

This Twitter user is exhausted just trying to keep up with the many different alleged faces of Congressman Santos:

User MelissaJPeltier points out possible conflicting beliefs that comprise the enigma known as George Santos:

Some users, like TheSnarkTank99, don't believe there was anything malicious about Santos' hand gesture, instead reassuring the internet that the Congressman is, in fact, dancing:

Exasperated Twitter user thelastpinkcar seems at a loss for words, citing possible double standards between powerful politicians and ordinary citizens:

Even the official Blockbuster account got in on the action, although they couldn't confirm or deny the latest George Santos rumors:

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