Gervonta Davis Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge, Faces Jail Time 

Lightweight boxing champion Gervonta Davis was arrested on Tuesday afternoon on a domestic violence charge of battery causing bodily harm. Davis was in jail till after a court hearing the following day, where he was released on a $1,000 bond. 

According to an account from TMZ, which reported based on Broward County Sheriff's Office records, Davis slapped the mother of his child ‘with a closed hand’, which led to an injury on her upper lip. The woman also claims David attacked her in front of her daughter.  

Gervonta Davis spoke out a few hours after his release the following day, denying the accusations on a lengthy indignant post on Instagram. ‘I’m not a monster, I’ve been quiet for too long,’ he said, adding ‘I have two beautiful who have to grow up someday and see this.’ 

Davis alleges they are only trying to destroy his reputation and extort money from him. The post included a photo of his daughter, for whom he expresses regard for.   He long deleted the post, but @MikeCoppinger posted a screenshot on Twitter that stirred some backlash at the boxing champion.  

User @Kj92155778 thought Gervais had showcased some high level of violence in an unspecified basketball game, and prior to that, was seen laying hands on a woman.  

User @Prof_ADiaz expresses curiosity on the personnel he accuses of attempting to defame him in a tweet: ‘Who exactly is “they?”’ 

Other users insist on the audio proof of the alleged victim’s 911 call, which Davis addressed in his post: ‘They even post a police snippet of a phone call which my child mother was crying on the phone because I wouldn’t give her my truck!’

Davis further claimed gossip blogs were ‘bad for the culture’ and would post true or false news for profits.   

The undefeated boxing champion Davis Gervonta, ranked as the world’s tenth-best boxer, is renowned for his powerful punches and is the proud recipient of multiple world championships. He was preparing for his Jan. 7 fight in Washington, D.C. against Héctor García two days before his arrest when the police caught up with him at Parkland, Florida.  

However, this was not his first run in with the law. In early 2020, a video of him grabbing a woman by her neck, choking her and dragging her out of the crowd at a charity basketball game went viral on the internet.

Despite the video, Davis insists that he never hit her. But a second video that showed him being violent towards his estranged girlfriend made the internet, and he was charged with simple battery and domestic violence – charges which Miami-Dade County dropped two weeks ago. 

And his legal troubles aren’t over yet. On Feb. 16, he is set to appear in Baltimore Circuit Court on account of an alleged involvement in a hit-and-run incident that happened in November 2020. Davis was indicted on fourteen counts in the Circuit Court of Baltimore, Maryland regarding the accident. He was charged with fleeing the scene of the fatal accident, which included four people, and failing to help victims, also comprising a pregnant lady. Fleeing the accident scene is a felony that could have earned him up to five years in prison had the victims suffered more severe injuries.

His recent charges have yet again put him in a negative limelight, with fans and the public brewing, and awaiting further reports from the authorities.   

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