Get Out Of Debt -Take The Pledge

get out of debt pledge

Are you ready to take charge of your life? Are you ready to be done with debt? Are you ready to stop the cycle of over-spending and remorse?

Are you ready to take action? 

  • Use the SPENDING FAST (or the SPENDING DIET method) to get yourself out of debt once and for all. I recommend doing the Spending Fast since you will see dramatic results in a shorter amount of time. Also by doing a Spending Fast the discretionary spending doesn't come into play like it does with the Spending Diet (Which can actually make it harder).
  • Commit to doing the Spending Fast for 1 year. I recommend a year time-frame so you can get through the tough beginning part (where all of your habits are getting changed) and get to the real-benefits part (debt pay-off).

You can do anything for a year! Suffer a little today for a life of freedom from debt.

By signing your name below you are making a Commitment to finally get yourself out of debt.

This serves as a public declaration of your desire and commitment to become debt-free. While mistakes will happen (we're only human) this is your statement to stand by the process as you work towards debt-removal.

What will you do today that you will be proud of in a year?

A life without debt IS possible! YOU REALLY CAN DO THIS!

Include how much debt you have paid off (any amount- large or small) by using the Spending Fast or Spending Diet on our Collective Savings page. At the beginning of each month our collective savings total at the top of the site will be updated!