Top 10 Legitimate Sites to Get Paid To Be An Online Friend

Did you know you can earn up to $100/day by being a virtual friend?

Have you ever heard of a way to make money by becoming someone's virtual friend and getting compensated for it? Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

There are a lot of people that get paid to be online friend and make a large amount of money from it. Doing this in today's tech-savvy world is possible and lucrative.

Since everyone is so attached to their phones these days, we might as well make something out of it. It's a terrific way to establish a side hustle and save money by earning money as a virtual companion. 

What Is A Virtual Companion?

As the name implies, a virtual friend offers paid companionship services via the internet. Most of all, it entails other people discovering you and enlisting your services as “virtual friends.” You don't even have to meet them to do this. It's all done online.

Because you may change someone's entire social life by being their virtual companion, it's not just a way to supplement your income.

Additionally, virtual friends are ideal for persons with impairments, the elderly, or those with social anxiety who find it difficult to meet people in person.

How Does get paid to be a virtual friend Work?

You must join an app or website that offers those services to get started on a platform that pays you to be an online friend. You'll need to sign up and make a profile with them.

 You have to have something that makes you stand out. Setting up your profile is important because it's the first thing potential clients will see.

 If you have a talent or skill that makes you stand out, write it down on your profile. That would be a plus if you can speak a foreign language or know a lot about different things.

This online friendship should be purely platonic, which means there shouldn't be anything romantic or illegal about it.

What Services get paid to be an online friend Offer?

As you may have guessed, various methods exist to get paid to be an online friend. When it comes to providing services to your virtual friends, you can pick and choose what you'd like to do.

There are a lot of reasons why people pay for online friends. Online friends can play video games, talk about current events, share their feelings,  or even set up a zoom call or chat so they can talk to each other “face to face.”

Not just that, there are a lot of other things you can do together, such as learning different skills with your online companion including digital marketing, learning a foreign language, etc.

Moreover, you also provide them with mental and emotional support if they are going through a tough time. Remember, one of the most important qualities of a virtual friend is being a good listener and adviser.  

How Much Can You Earn As A Virtual Companion?

The answer varies depending on how much time you devote to becoming an online friend. You can charge based on how much time you 

spend conversing with your online companion. 

Furthermore, depending on the site or your client, you can earn between $15 and $45 each hour. You might earn between $1500 and $2750 each month. And you are paid a lot of money just for being a friend.

How To Become A Virtual Companion?

Step 1. Sign Up/Create a Profile

Once you've determined which website/app you want to utilize to provide virtual companionship services, join and fill out the necessary information.

The next step is to complete your profile details. These details will be published in your ad, so ensure you only include information you want the public to see.

Step 2. Personality Test

You may be asked to complete personality questionnaires or tests to connect with the proper folks. 

Your sort of personality mostly determines compatibility with friends. Depending on the platform, you may be requested to supply additional information that may assist clients in finding you.

Step 3. Introduce Yourself

If a user seeks out for online companionship, they will want to know more about you. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself, your personality traits, and the range of interests and abilities you bring to the table.

If you think you would be a good fit for the position, include a brief bio highlighting any exceptional skills or attributes, such as the ability to give sound advice, humor, or specific expertise.

Step 4. Fill In The Payment Details

You'll need your credit card details if you want to get paid. PayPal and wire transfer are widely accepted payment methods on these sites.

Once you have customers and finish projects, you can expect to be paid weekly or per job completed, depending on how much work you have done.

Step 5. Profile Activation 

The individuals looking for friends will be able to see your profile after it is completed, and you will be ready to go. Friend requests are the only thing left to do now. They have the option to contact you directly if your description appeals to them.

Almost all of the data you enter will be editable. You can do several things to improve your profile on the network, such as looking at the most popular individuals and figuring out why they're so popular.

How To Get Paid To Be A Virtual Friend?

1. Rent a friend

Rent a Friend is a website that connects lonely people with those looking for virtual friends or companionship. 

More than 600,000 people on the site are looking for virtual companionship. This service does not reveal the backgrounds of other users, so be careful and make your relationship platonic.

Although RentaFriend is most popular in the United States and the United Kingdom, it is open to anyone from anywhere in the world. The average hourly rate is $20, but you can establish your own. On the other hand, you can charge up to $50 an hour if you have certain expertise.

2. Rent A local

Despite its name, Rent A Local Friend is one of the best places to get paid to be a friend online. Rent a Local Friend is a great place to advertise virtual friend gigs and earn money.

It's possible to discover gigs for online and local friends on the platform, which mostly concentrates on local buddy gigs. In general, Rent A Local Friend users charge between $20 and $100 per hour, with no set average.

3. Rent A cyber

It's similar to Rent a Buddy in that you can get paid to be an online friend, but Rent a Cyber Friend focuses solely on the “get paid to be a virtual friend” part.

You'll be able to put your gigs up for sale to those in the market. You can also establish your own hourly cost, often between $15 and $50. 

You can sign up for the site for free, but there are also paid options that start at $29.99 per month and go up to $99.99 per year. The higher options provide faster matchups and greater visibility.

4. Fiver Friendship

This company's Fiverr friendship component allows you to sell virtual companionship for money, and it's called that.

You can then set up gigs in which you give friendship. You may have never heard of Fiverr's ability to set a gig price between $5 and $49. Initially, it is best to keep a $5 to $10 per gig range to attract more clients.

5. Friend PC

With FriendPC, you can get paid for companionship. You may chat, call, and text your friends using this platform. The majority of persons that sign up or request friendship are looking for assistance, whether it be personal or professional.

With this service, you may set your fees and arrange calls or contact with your friend client as agreed upon. From $165 to $200 an hour is typical. You may even be compensated on the same day.

6. Freelancer

On Freelancer, you can get paid to be a friend online. Sending online messages, chatting, talking, and completing activities for others might earn money.

As a newbie, Freelancer gives you eight free bids. Eight services or chores for others, including online friends, are now available for your bids.

Become a paying member once you use up your free eight bids, and you'll have access to even more bid possibilities. Working as a virtual friend for Freelancer might get you up to $100 in a single day.

7. College Pirates

Tutoring college students for money is possible through the site College Pirates

Each appointment costs about $80 and consists of advising college students on various difficulties or providing general information. You can chat or video-chat with students who match your profile on this site.

8. PenPal World

Unlike the other platforms mentioned, Penpal World is a free website that does not allow you to earn money directly. People from all around the world use it to meet new people and create new relationships.

Penpal World's free account allows you to communicate with up to three people for 24 hours. Additionally, VIP memberships can be purchased for as little as $ 0.10 a day, allowing you to communicate with as many as 50 people daily.

9. Seeking Arrangement

It's a little trickier to utilize than any other option because individuals can provide services other than “friendship” on this website. On the other hand, friendship may be the site's least common offering.

The best thing about this website is that the users are all background checked and typically wealthy, so that you can charge much more than other platforms on this list.

10. Premium Chat

You can get paid to be a companion by chatting with clients on Premium Chat as a virtual buddy and subject matter expert.

This platform makes it easier to monetize your social network accounts and make money from them by charging for voice calls, texts, and video chats. You can either bill by the minute or by the hour, with hourly rates beginning at $25.

Your Safety First 

When you get paid to be someone’s friend, there's no expectation that you'll meet up in person. Even yet, employ common judgment when revealing too much information about yourself online. 

The people you choose to work with are entirely up to you. For this reason, it's okay to walk away from any conversation, even after you've accepted the other person's offer of friendship.

You can take a few precautions to ensure your safety, such as:

  • Reading the user’s profile
  • Avoid Physical Meetings
  • Be upfront in what you can provide
  • Never share personal information


1. Is it legal to get paid to be an online friend?

Getting paid to be a companion is perfectly legal. For some, it's a chance to work as a freelancer.

2. Can you get paid to listen to someone's problem?

Paying to be a virtual buddy is a way for you to earn money by listening to people's concerns. You'll get paid for it if you're a nice buddy and chat with people!


Almost anyone gets paid to be an online friend without worrying about your location. An outgoing nature and the ability to easily make new friends can help you succeed in this field.

Compassion, dedication, and patience are required to be a good virtual companion. If you're a good friend to someone, they'll feel better about themselves and their lives.