Get Paid To Be An Online Friend And Talk To Lonely People

Get paid to be an online friend, seriously is that a joke

I discussed before how you can get paid to walk although it is bizarre but acceptable

Now you tell me to get paid to be a friend with a stranger for a temporary period like couple of hours

Bear with me, I will discuss below the reality of getting paid to act as a friend

There are few affiliate links, if you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you

get paid to be an online friend

And why I want you to see it as a nice thing to do it with first good impression

Is it true that you get paid to talk to lonely people

Short answer is yes

We live nowadays in a society where technology completely possessed us

And made it difficult to interact with people

I remember I attended a family gathering last year there was a condition to put our mobiles on silent and not touch it during the stay

Anyway this means if you want to make money to help people break their loneliness

Don't abuse those who are in desperate need for a friend

Most of the get paid to be an online friend websites do their best to guarantee a safe experience for you

They encourage you to write more about your personality to make it easy for those who want to pay for hiring you

Good news is that there are always a big demand and opportunity for everyone to make some cash

You can move permanently to a new state or province and if single you would definitely need to speak to someone and seek his/her friendship

It is a hard feeling to be alone and if you can, it cannot be for long period of time

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Can you make real friends online

It all depends on your personality – I cannot speak whether you will make real friends online or not

The fact that you get paid to be an online friend does not mean you have to pretend you like this friend

You have the option to accept or reject the friendship request from the beginning

Sometimes you will be paid for the activity that you accept to share with this friend

Giving an example, you will attend the movie your friend chooses and same thing for the meal or the drink

If you are reluctant to accept because you are picky about which movie to watch or which meal to eat – you have the right to ask before you accept

What are the steps to get paid to be an online friend

You have to sign up for the below suggested friendship sites

Create your own profile

You have answer specific questions honestly

Because still uploading a picture of your profile would not be enough

Like you gender, height, color of eyes, background..etc

Write details that makes you stand out from other – be yourself

There is no catch all fish scenario here

You cannot be introvert and extrovert personality at the same time to get more people to engage you for an online friendship

But you can write everything about yourself in details

This is good for you for those who choose you

As you expect to spend good time with someone similar to you also make money too

Remember people choose online friends that feel they are similar to them

Add your financial information

While some sites lets the friend who hires you pay cash

But there are other websites that make the transaction occur online to your PayPal or through wire transfer to your bank account

Wait for online friends to reach out to you

You have to wait and see if you receive a friend request

There are safety rules which I recommend for your safety

Just be cautious by meeting in public and carrying a cell phone with you

Sites that you get paid to be a virtual friend

I list below few sites that offer looking for a friendship for free

You will not earn money to meet a friend – it is free

I added them to the end of the list so let me start with

Rent A Friend

rent a friend logo - get paid to be an online friend
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend And Talk To Lonely People 8

Rent a Friend is a bare bone website for renting an online friend to meet in person

They suggest to list in details what you intend to do as activity

Then you reach to an online friend where this friend has the right to accept or reject

For example, you can select an activity like attending a movie together then eating Sushi

You have to specify how long will it take and what you will be paying for

Keep in mind, it is completely a platonic non-sexual non physical friendship

You meet a friend to spend time with and nothing more beyond that

I highly recommend to meet in public for your safety

I say that if you plan to get paid for a companionship

Rent A Cyber Friend

rent a cyber friend logo - get paid to be an online friend
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend And Talk To Lonely People 9

Rent a cyber friend is an online friendship site similar to Rent a friend

What is different here is that the more period you pay for the less you pay

For example, if you select one month you pay $29.99

For 3 months you pay $49.99

Where 6 months you pay $79.99

1 year you pay $99.99

Friend PC

Friend PC is free to sign up and depending on whatever service you would like to offer, you will be charged a fee

I noticed that the website is not secured so I am not sure if it is safe to deal with

Rent A Local Friend

Rent a local friend logo - get paid to be an online friend
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend And Talk To Lonely People 10

Rent a local friend is another online friendship site similar to all of the above

To sign up you have to pay a one time membership fee of $80


freelancer logo
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend And Talk To Lonely People 11

Freelancer is an online pay for a freelancer resource to do any job for you

Users there tweaked to add this type of service to be a virtual friend

Although I see that it is not for online companionship purpose

But some users hire online friends


fiverr logo
Get Paid To Be An Online Friend And Talk To Lonely People 12

Fiverr is similar to freelancer initially started as a $5 service for anything you can think about

Resources started to think about more out of the box services

Then Fiverr changed its price levels to open the ceiling of the $5

This helped to accommodate more reasonable tasks that it is nearly impossible to fit within the $5 range

After users started to add the virtual friendship service

Hey Vina is a free mobile app only for women

It helps connects women together for a friendship and girls night out

Bumble BFF is a free mobile app service which combines 3 different purpose for meeting

You can select to meet for a date or friendship or business

Just make sure you select the right type for your expectation

How much to make to be an online friend for someone?

It depends how much you charge for your service

I found the lowest is $15 an hour while most users charge $25 per hour

Some sites have reviews from users who claim to accept clients on weekend only and still earn between $300 – $500 per month

Not bad for a side hustle and helping talk to lonely people

Rules to know before working as an online friend

There are recommendations that you have to abide to for your safety like

Meeting in public

This is for your safety

Think about it how you would feel to see someone for the first time at his/her home or apartment

That's why all online friendship sites recommend to always meet in public with a cell phone handy

Platonic – non sexual – non physical

All friendship websites announce the fact that they offer paid friendship and they want you to keep that on mind

Don't think about any other thing otherwise you would seek dating sites

Secure payments only

Although Rent a friend allows cash but also clients can pay through online friendship websites

Even not for your safety but think about it this way

You want to meet someone who wants to talk to you – you don't want to ruin this experience by asking for a cash at the end of the meeting

Final thoughts on getting paid to be an online friend

You can make good money if you are kind and meek f

But also keep in mind that those who are lonely rely on you to cheer them up

They pay for companionship but I bet you that they don't think about it as a paid companionship

Think about money as a secondary motivation for accepting friendship for those who are in need for your companionship

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