Top 10 Get Paid to Date Website and Apps you need to Make Money

Get paid to date online using a variety of great apps and web platforms.

Dating for money might seem too good to be true, but you can really get paid to date with other people. Most of the people who pay for such services are not interested in long-term relationships, they just need someone to attend social events with… And YOU get paid to satisfy that need

It is easy to sign up and get started on these dating services. You can get paid to date as a side hustle since you don't need to spend a lot of time on these platforms.

So, do you want to know where to get paid to go on dates and how to get started? Of course, you do. Let's begin right away!

How Paid Dating Works

Paid dating usually requires you to go out with someone and then you get paid for your time. If you're lucky, you can go on dates with rich women or men.  Some platforms have fixed prices which can range from $10 to $300 per hour while some have negotiable prices. Many of the platforms only require you to sign up and you can start earning right away.

You might be wondering if you have to get physically intimate with your date. No, you dont have to, its not an escort service. 

If your partner tries to force you into doing anything against your wishes, you can report them, which usually results in their ban from the platform.

Now that you know how paid dating sites work and why people pay you to go on dates, let's start talking about the best platforms out there.

What Are The Best Get Paid To Date Websites?

There are several websites where you can go on dates and get paid. Websites are great for cross-platform access to these services. They allow you to use their services no matter which gadgets you use. The websites on this list offer some of the best services and are very user-friendly.

1.  Ohlala

Ohlala is one of the more popular dating sites that pay money, especially among the younger population. This platform connects you to single users around you. It is available for both males and females in all parts of the world.


  •  Ohlala allows you to negotiate the conditions of your date with your companion
  • Men create a date invitation and receive applications and inquiries from the women. You can now choose any suitable date from the applicants
  • Women search for date invitations and check male user profiles. They can then send applications to them
  • Ohlala is very straightforward to use
  • Users can send pictures and videos of themselves to others and get paid for it


You get paid based on your agreements. Signing up is free, but clients have to pay a subscription fee from $57.99.

This site is for people who only want dates close to their area. The simplicity of this platform makes it a favorite. 

2.  Miss Travel

As you've probably gathered from the site name, this platform is more focused on connecting travel partners. This site is for both men and women in several countries. The elderly users of this platform are mostly males while the younger population are females, 18 and above, of course. Miss Travel only requires a quick registration and subscription to get started.


  • Miss Travel is a very flexible platform that allows you and your date to agree on terms that favor both parties.
  • You can view other members' profiles to find the right travel companion. If you find someone you fancy, you can move into their DM and negotiate.
  • The platform's interface is very easy to use and similar to most social media platforms.
  • Women tend to get clients more easily than men on this website.
  •  The platform allows users to upload as many pictures as they like.


You get paid depending on your negotiations. You pay a fee of $49.99 for a month's subscription. For longer subscriptions, you can pay $54.99 for three months and $59.99 for 6 months.

Miss Travel is the perfect choice for users who are interested in traveling. If you love traveling and want to get paid to do that, Miss Travel is a great option.

3.  Rent A Date

Rent A Date is one of the largest paid dating platforms. Their main focus is on providing partners for social events. The site is available for both males and females from all around the world, with the age ranging from 18 years to 75 years. With a small membership fee, you can browse through their gallery to choose a date. Your date will call you on the meeting day and you can make your arrangements.


  • Rent A Date has a minimum engagement time of two hours for all dates
  • The company has focus on spending time talking and getting to know each other
  • After the date, the company finds out how the date went from your client.
  • You get paid after the date, your wages are influenced by your client's review


You get paid a minimum of $165 per hour and you pay a small fee to access the website's gallery

Rent A Date is best suited for people who only need a companion to attend social activities with. The clients are mostly rich people who don't have the time to search for social partners. So, if you don't mind going out with people for a fee, Rent A Date is an excellent option.

4.  My Bunny Date

This is another online app to get paid to go on dates. It's an auction-based service—clients bid against each other to choose a date. You simply create a profile and clients can bid against each other, you accept any of the offers and you have a date. Even though the platform is for both men and women, most of the clients are men. So it favors women who want to get paid to go on dates with rich men.


  • Clients can offer any amount for someone they are interested in
  • The client pays the agreed amount after the date
  • You can go on multiple dates with each other, but MyBunnyDate is only involved in the first date
  • Some users are ‘generous members' who reward their dates with huge tips
  • Gorgeous members' are single users who go on dates with the ‘generous members'


You get paid depending on the winning bid.

MyBunnyDate is great for both men and women who need company or just quick money.

5.  Price Point Date

This is a site for women who are willing to date for money. The clients who use this site are mostly generous and successful men who want casual dates. The platform also uses an auction-based method for matchmaking.


  • Price Point Date is a private site that is only available in some selected regions
  • The site is completely free to women who are looking for paid dating
  • You can negotiate the conditions of your date with your client


You get paid depending on the client. Membership is free for women who are planning to become dates.

This site is good for working women who just want a side income.

6.  Rent A Gent

As the name implies, this website is geared towards women in search of men they can go on dates with for a fee. After registration, you can go through suggested gentlemen from around the world. You can easily book any gent through a phone call or online.


  • Women searching for partners pay for a membership subscription
  • If the client does not enjoy the date, they can request a refund
  • There's the choice for specifying such details as hair and eye color, education level, and height
  •  The platform allows you to find your choice easily


You earn at least $100 per hour. Women in search of men pay a subscription fee.

Rent A Gent is an excellent platform for men who want to get paid to date women. It is a favorite in all parts of the world.

7.  RentAFriend

RentAFriend sums up its focus in its name. It is a site for people in search of platonic relationships. You get paid to be a friend. It operates worldwide and supports short-term relationships, usually just a few hours.


  • RentAFriend only accepts people who have no criminal records
  •    The minimum age is 18 years.
  • The platform allows you to search for friends nearby. You can read their profiles, discover their interests and view their pictures
  • You can set your wages if you accept a friend request
  • You can also accept or decline your friend's suggested activities


You can earn from $10-$50 per hour.

This site is great for anyone who just needs someone to hang out with, learn a skill from, and so on. You should definitely check out RentAFriend if you are in search of platonic relationships.

What Are The Best Get Paid To Date Apps?

If you are someone who is usually on the go, apps are better alternatives compared to websites. Apps do not require you to sign in every time you use them. They are usually easier to use since they contain only the necessary functions. Without further ado, let's discover the best paid dating sites.

1.  Her

Her is an app that can get you paid for online dating. It has a wide audience with a correspondingly wide range of sexualities. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.


  • Her alerts you on events around your location
  • The app allows you to sign up using several options
  • You can attend supported activities with your date and get discounts


You earn depending on your agreement. The app is free to download but requires a subscription.

Her is a great app for people who need to get dates as quickly as possible. It is also great for people with varying sexualities.

2.  Tinder

This is one of the most popular dating sites available. It's a great blend of social activities and dating. Through Tinder, you can find short-term and long-term relationships.


  • The app supports messaging, sharing of pictures and videos
  • Very intuitive and simple interface
  • Tinder allows you to find other users around your area
  • You can like or dislike people's profiles
  • Only paid Tinder users can pay you for your services

Tinder is perfect for people who want extra income and are willing to go on casual dates.

3.  OKCupid

OKCupid records over 190 million successful dating matches. The app uses an algorithm to find the right partners for you. It is available for both Android and iOS users.


  • OKCupid requires you to answer some multiple choice questions to choose the right partners
  •  It also matches people who like each other's pictures
  • It has a clean and simple interface
  • You need to tell your date upfront that your date is to be paid for 


You get paid based on your negotiations. Signing up is free.

OKCupid is typically for people who want hookups and other casual relationships.


Going on dates for money is a good source of side income. Now that you know how to get paid to go on dates and you know the platforms where you get paid to date, there are some things to keep in mind. 

It is very important to keep your personal information as private as possible. Do not disclose your personal address, full name, and other delicate information that can be used in tracking you until you meet physically.

Also, protect yourself when going on dates. Meet in public places like restaurants, parks, and malls, not in your homes. Make your whereabouts known to friends and family.